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Saw 3D

Updated on December 25, 2012

Would You Like To Play A Game?

Jigsaw is back to terrorize more victims, but this time it's in 3-D. That's right folks. Now instead of just seeing blood and guts splattered everywhere, you can see it happen in 3-D. Where the severed blood and guts will literally pop out of the screen at you. Oh boy, won't that be fun? For those wondering about the final chapter, and what exactly Jigsaw's grand scheme was, then don't hold your breath. If anything, the epic promoted climax, the ads for this film promised, is misleading. Not only does the ending make little to no sense, it's not even that scary at all.

If anything, this film seems to be inherent rip off of everything they did in the last movie, with the notable exception it's in 3-D. Seriously, is this what our society has come to? Don't get me wrong, I loved it when "Avatar" made 3-D popular, as it seemed like a ingenuous way to make a story come alive even more on the big screen. However, it seems rather sad that it also opened up the doorway for movie companies to also use it as a damn gimmick to try and make people pay more money to see a movie. God, I hate capitalism sometimes. Sure, 3-D works great when we're talking about bringing to life such great fantasy and science fiction films like "Avatar" and "Alice In Wonderland." However, when it comes to crap like this, in a petty attempt to revitalize a diminishing franchise, it just makes me sick.

Sure, the visuals were great, as well as the cinematography. But does it actually do anything to help the story? The short answer to that is no. If anything, it adds nothing to the story, as it should be plainly obvious to anyone that this is a cheap gimmick to breath life back into the franchise, after "Saw VI" bombed last year in theaters. Unfortunately, from looking at the box office results, it seemed to have worked, as "Saw 3D" was a proverbial hit in theaters. Oh well, I guess it must have helped, since this was the only horror movie premiering on Halloween weekend. Of course, "Paranormal Activity 2" was still out, so I can't help but why didn't the majority of America go out and see a good movie like that versus this crap.

I could understand if this film was good and if any of the main characters were remotely interesting, but that wasn't even the case. If anything, all the characters were tasteless and bland, with each character having their own agenda to hide, as everyone is out for themselves in this movie. Thus, it kind of made it hard for me to actually root for any of these characters, as most of them came off as nothing more than a bunch of selfish jerks. If anything, I was glad to see some of these selfish people, that deserved to die, die. As the Jigsaw's continuing reign punishing those that are selfish and corrupt in his eyes, and putting them through life threatening games where they're forced to choose between their own lives or to sacrifice their own so another can live. Or in this movie's case, mutilate yourself or watch your friends and loved ones die in front of you.

The only thing that was good about this movie, as far as I was concerned was the phony Jigsaw survivor, who made a lot of money off of Jigsaw's exploits, by claiming to be a survivor. Of course, this prompts our serial killer to actually make this guy play one of his games. Unfortunately, it's predictable. Hell, you'd have to be a complete imbecile or never seen a horror film in your life, in order to not see some of these traps coming from a mile away, and how they end. Seriously, as Jigsaw set up each elaborate trap for his victims, I was easily able to devise precisely how it was going to end before the trap even begun. Of course, this also didn't help that the victims were all straight up jerks and phonies, it made it very hard to be scared for their lives. Call me crazy, but I always found horror movies work best, when you actually care about the safety of the character(s) in danger. That's just me, personally, but I guess according to the director and writers of this movie, it doesn't matter. As long as they make money, they could care less about telling a great story.

Hell, they don't even give this movie a real title. They just call it, "Saw 3D." What the f***? Personally, I wish Jigsaw was real, so that way he would make the producers and everyone involved, in these movies, suffer for making more of these sadistic mindless garbage such as these films. Why this movie was a hit in theaters last weekend, I'll never know. All I can say is, unless your that curious how the series comes to end, then see it. Otherwise, wait until the DVD comes out or watch it on basic cable. Trust me, this movie isn't worth seeing in 3-D. The ending literally just plain sucks, and makes little sense. Sure, I get the whole philosophy on how Jigsaw's point is to punish those that are selfish and greedy, while in fact punishing his own accomplice for allowing the power to punish others go to his head. I get that part. However, the way it ended just freaking stinks, and offers very little closure while leaving it open for even more questions.

Oh well, I guess that's the writers' way of leaving it open for a sequel. After all, in horror movies, there's no such thing as a last movie. No, no, no, they just say that to sell tickets. The reality is no matter how horrendously bad a horror movie series gets, they'll just make sequel after sequel after sequel. And if that fails, then there's remakes. Just refer back to the "Halloween", "Nightmare on Elm Street", and "Friday the 13th" movies for perfect examples of this. Therefore, I doubt seriously this is going to be the last movie. Sure, they say that now, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that "Saw VIII" or whatever will be lurking around the corner soon. As far as what I'd give this movie, I'd give it a one out of four. Good visuals, but lousy story. Not worth your time if your looking to be scared.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 7 years ago

      Thanks Andy. I appreciate the compliment. Yeah, after watching and thinking about how the film ended, I somehow doubt this is the final movie, as they claim it is. Especially since they left it open quite a bit for a sequel if they choose to go that route again. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. It's sad to see that the art of making people care about the victim(s) in slasher horror films is becoming a lost art in these days if you ask me.

    • Andy Webb profile image

      Andy Webb 7 years ago

      After the first couple of Saw movies I made a decision I would only watch them when they becamse seriously cheap on DVD. As such I still havent watched part VI and it will be some time before I watch ths supposedly final instalment. But you raise a very important point and that is the need to care for the victims or at least know something about them. It's one of the reasons why Saw V stunk. Nice review.