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Say it aint so Bieber, say it aint so

Updated on April 1, 2011

Justin's new haircut


I must confess I am not a Justin Bieber fan. I don’t dislike him; I’m just not a fan. I am however fascinated by the level of devotion his fans have for him. One of his biggest fans happens to be my 13year old niece. She totally ditched the High School Musical boys last year for Bieber. After this shocking turn of events, I started asking the question, why are teenage girls obsessed with Bieber? I mean sure he’s a cute kid, and is talented, but what sets him apart from all the other “Teen heart throbs”.  After listening to my niece chatter for an hour about Bieber, I’ve discovered the main attraction is his hair. Yep, Bieber’s aversion to scissors is the very thing that melts the heart of tweens around the world. This is why I had some sympathy for his fans when Bieber did the unthinkable. He cut his hair!!

But before I talk about the hair, I’d like to share some history I’ve gathered on Justin.


Justin was born March 1, 1994 in Ontario, Canada. His parents’ names are Patty and Jeremy. Bieber was a musically gifted child. In addition to singing, he plays the piano, guitar, and drums. Before his big break Justin was a star on But before I talk about the hair, I’d like to share some history I’ve gathered on Justin.

YouTube. Bieber later left his native land to make it big in Atlanta, Georgia. He was discovered by Scooter, Braun, and was later signed to Island Def Jam Records. His debut single “Baby” hit number 5 on the “Billboard Hot 100” list.


Justin is 5”6’ tall. He is left handed. Justin speaks French fluently. His nickname is “Beebs” His favorite color is purple.

The Haircut

Now that I’ve educated you on the “Beebs” let’s talk about that new haircut. I remember that day like it was the back of my hand (not really). February 21, 2011 was the day Bieber finally cut that hair. The sound of millions of teen girls sobbing over Bieber’s lost locks could be heard around the world. Don’t cry ladies, it will grow back. It’s just hair right?

My Opinion

I’m just a little person in this vast world. I know others would disagree, but I think this was a much needed haircut. If he didn’t get a haircut soon his bangs would hide his precious face. He wouldn’t be able to see and his vision would be obstructed Like this this guy below


So I give the new hair two thumbs up. It’s a great change for 2011, much love Beebs


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