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Scamps, Scoundrels & Scallywags

Updated on September 1, 2013

Welcome to the World of Scamps, Scoundrels & Scallywags

Let's face it, what would the world be without a few ripsnorting rascals, root n' toot n' rogues, and red-faced reprobates? ...a pretty dull place that's what!

Without them, there would be no vain villains on TV, no dastardly dudes in the movies, and no raucous rakes in political office.

So, why not pay tribute to this rich treasury of renegades, ruffians, and roustabouts by using a collection of surprising synonyms to describe these colorful characters.


Image Credit: Scoundrel illustration -

A big thank you to the folks from Squidoo for this Purple Star Award!

A big thank you to the folks from Squidoo for this Purple Star Award!
A big thank you to the folks from Squidoo for this Purple Star Award!

THE HO HO HO HOLIDAY HOODLUMS - The ho ho ho lineup included the usual suspects, "Swilling" Santa, "Rip-Off" Rabbit, and "Cruella" (Queen of Counterfeit Currenc

""On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time."


Image Credit: posted 2008-08 in

Quote Credit: George Orwell

YO BRO... - How are you going to celebrate 2012 The Year of the Dragon?

"Scorch", a saw-toothed, scatterbrained, skittish dragon was arrested for lighting too many fires under the backsides of lazy politicians; his only regret was not giving them an old-fashioned rump kicking as well.


Image Credit: Slaying the Sky Dragon illustration -

PECULIAR PERSON OF INTEREST: - Last seen wearing a dashing yet dastardly pair of duds.

I may sing off-key in the shower but that doesn't make me that pathetic "Pirate from Penzance"!


Image Credit: Joe

"Always say PLEASE when you tell somebody to shut-up!" (Image Credit:

"Always say PLEASE when you tell somebody to shut-up!" (Image Credit:
"Always say PLEASE when you tell somebody to shut-up!" (Image Credit:

"Women love scallywags, but some marry them and then try to make them wear a blazer."

Aloysius "Nosey" Parker: Clumsy Cat-Burgler! (Illustration: Bill

Aloysius "Nosey" Parker: Clumsy Cat-Burgler! (Illustration: Bill
Aloysius "Nosey" Parker: Clumsy Cat-Burgler! (Illustration: Bill

"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues."


-- Abraham Lincoln --

Surprising Synonyms from A-C

For Naughty Men and Women

The English language has a rich selection of nouns to describe a dishonest, disreputable, or mischievous soul.

So, take your pick, see which one best describes the number one "nemesis" in your life:

A: abram man, abductor, abbey-lubber, absconder, accomplice, Admiral of the Narrow Seas, agitator, alecan, ale knight, ape, apple-polisher, Apollyon, appropriator, arch dell, arch doxy, Arch-fiend, arch roque, ark ruffian, arse, arsonist, asp, artist, ass, assassin, artful dodger, Athanasian wench, autem diver

B: baboon, bacchanalian, backbiter, backgammon player, back-jumper, back-scratcher, bad actor, bad apple, badass, bad egg, bad halfpenny, bad hat, badman, bad penny, bafber, bah humbug, baloneyer, ball-buster, bamboozler, bandit, bang-pitcher, bangster, banshee, barbarian, barfly, barnacle, bastard, baster, bat-fowler, battle-axe, battler, bawd, bawdstrop, beach-comber, beard splitter, beast, beat, bedswerver, beer barrel, beer-chewer, beggar, beguiler, Belial, bellswagger, belly-paunch, belly-gut, belly bumper, bene fearer, Bess O'Bedlam, Betty Boop, bib-all-night, big ass, big brains, big dog, bilker, bimbo, bingo mort, bird-dog, bird-duffer, bird-lime, bird of passage, bitch, bitch booby, bite, black artist, blackguard, blackleg, Black Knight, blackmailer, black sheep, blaster, bleater, blob-tail, blond bombshell, blowgun, blowhard, blubberguts, bludger, blue pigeon, bluff artist, bobtail, boor, bootlegger, bootlicker, booze artist, borrachio, botcher, bouncer, bounder, brandy-face, brandy-shunter, brangler, brass man, brawler, breedbate, brewer's horse, briber, brigand, brimstone, bronstrop, brother of the gusset, brown noser, bruiser, brute, bubber, bubbler, buccaneer, buck fitch, budge, bufe nabber, buffer, bully, bum, bunco artist, bungler, bungnipper, burglar, burr, bushel bubby, buttock broker

C: cacafuego, cad, cadger, caitiff, call-girl, Calamity Jane, calumniator, camel-swallower, canary bird, canter, Captain Hackum, Captain Huff, Captain Sharp, cardshark, cardsharp, carpetbagger, carpet knight, carouser, Casanova, cat in the pan, cat burglar, cat's-paw, charlatan, charmer, check artist, cheapskate, cheat, cheater, chickabiddy, chiseler, chizzer, choir bird, clam, clank-knapper, clapperclawer, clapperdogeon, clip artist, clipster, cloak twitcher, clowe, cloy, cloyer, clutch-fist, cock-a-hooper, cock bawd, come-on, con artist, concubine, coneroo, con man, contrabandist, conveyance, convict, copper nose, copper's nark, coquette, corrupt, corrupter, corsair, counterfeiter, courtesan, Countess of Puddle-dock, Covent Garden Nun, covey, cozener, crab biter, crackpot crone, cracksman, crapper, crazy coot, cribbing cove, criminal, crop-lifter, crook, cross-biting cully, cross-chap, cruiser, crumpet, crusty gripes, culprit, cunning man, cutpurse, cutter, cumberworld, cupman, cur, curtails, curtezan,



Saucy Synonyms from D-G

For Naughty Men and Women

D: Darth Vader, debauchee, debaucher, defamer, defaulter, deflourist, defrauder, delinquent, dell, demon, depredator, depraved, desperado, deserter, despoiler, devil, devil puss, dangler, dicer, diddler, dimber damber, ding boy, dinger, dingo, dipper, dipping bloke, dipsomaniac, dirty old man, dirty puzzle, dishclout, diver, dobin rig, dock-walloper, dirty dog, dog, dog in a doublet, dog buffer, doggess, dog's nose, dommerer, Don Juan, doormat thief, double-dealer, double-plated blowhard, dowfar, doxy, drab, Dr. Draw-fart, draggle-tail, draw-latch, dress-lodger, dromedary, dropout, drossel, drummer, duffart, dry boots, drunkard, Duchess of Puddle-dock, dubber, dudder, duelist, duffer, dummkopf, dwelling dancer

E: earwig, easy game, eel, ear-biter, efter, elbow shaker, embezzler, ensign bearer, eriff, errorist, evesdropper, evil-doer, ex-lex, extortionist, eye-biter,

F: fakir, falsifier, faffler, fake, faker, fanny merchant, felon, fence, fencing cully, ferret, fibber, fidlam ben, fiddler, file, file cloy, filly, fire-eater, fire prigger, fire-tail, flash-kiddy, flash-man, flat-catcher, flaybottomist, flea-bitten tramp, flerder, fleecer, flibustier, flicher, filching cove, finger, finger-smith, fink, flapdoodler, flash cove/coves, flesh broker, flesh-merchant, flesh-peddler, fleshpot, flimflammer, flimper, flirt, flogging cove, flogging cully, Florence, flower fancier, fly-by-night, fly-man, flying porter, fobber, fogram, four-flusher, fogorner, fool-monger, fool trap, footpad, footy despicable, forager, forge, fortune hunter, frigbeard, frig pig, Foul Fiend, foyster, fox, freebooter, fret-kidney, fubbist, fubsey, flunky, fribbler, fuddlecap, furioso

G: gabble-grinder, gaberlunzie-man, gagger, gallows bird, gambler, gangster, gamine, gap stopper, garreteer, gas-bag, gasser, getabit, gazelle, gazlon, gentleman's master, gentleman of three ins, gentleman of three outs, gigolo, gilflurt, gilt, gimcrack, gin-bottle, glamour-puss, glazier, gleaner, glimjack, glimmerer, glumpot, gobble p-k, gold finder, goldbrick(er), gold-digger, go-between, Goldie Locks, gombean-man/woman, good-for-nothing, goon, goose shearer, gorby-guts, gorilla, gospel-slinger, gospel-whanger, Goth, gouger, gowk, grabber, grafter, grasshopper, greaser, greasy-tongue, greedy guts, grifter, gripe-fist, gripe-penny, gripper, grizzle, groper, grouse, grubber, grumbletonian, grunter, gullgroper, gulley-raker, gully-gut, gumboot, gumshoer, gundyguts, gunpowder, gutter prowler, guzzle guts, guzzler, gyp artist, gyp moll, gypsy, gyrovague


Image Credit: Scallywag Swill -

Not-Your-Average Nouns from H-L

For Naughty Men and Women

H: haggarsnash, haimsucker, hair-monger, hard ticket, harlot, harridan, hash hound, hatchet man, haw-haw toff, hawk, head cully of the pass, heat-packer, heaver, heavy hitter, heavy man, Hector, hedge-creeper, hedge-whore, hellcat, hell hound, high-roller, high-topper, highwayman, hippospadian, hit-man, hog grubber, hoity-toity, hold-up artist, holy friar, holy lamb, holy terror, hooch-hound, hoodlum, hoodwinker, hook, hooker, hooligan, honeyfoogler, horder, hornet, horse chaunter, horse thief, hosteler, house-breaker, hurrion, huff-muff, huff-nose, huff-snuff, huffty-tufty, Hugh Prowler, Hun, hussy, hustler, hypocrite

I: iceman, idler, impostor, impost taker, impure, in-and-out man, incubus, indorser, inebriate, infidel, ingrate, interloper, intruder, inveigler, Irish toyle, Ishmael

J: Jack Bragger, Jack Gentleman, jack in a box, jack in an office, jackman, jailbird, janizary, jarkman, jeff artist, Jeremy Diddler, jerry wag, jilt, jimcrack, jobbernowl, jockey, jockum cloy, Johnny bum, jolly dog, joy rider, juice-man, jumper

K: keelie, keeping cully, kencracker, Ken Miller, kiddey, kidnapper, killbuck, killcow, kimbawer, King of the Gypsies, Kit-Cat Club member, knave, knifer, knight and barrow pig, knight of the blade, knight of the carpet, knight of the elbow, knight of the post, knight of the road, knight of the scran-bag, knight of the trencher, knockabout man, knuck

L: laced mutton, ladies' tailor, lady of assignation, lady of easy virture, lady of the night, land shark, land loper, land pirate, land lubber, larcenist, latrunculus, lazyboots, lazy-legs, leg of beef, lecher, lewd woman, liar, libeler, libertine, libidinist, lick-penny, lickspigot, lickspittle, lickdish, light-fingers, lifter, link-boy, lirrikin, little snakesman, lizard, loafer, lobby sneak, lock picker, lollop, lolpoop, long-bow man, Lothario, loudmouth, lounge lizard, louser, love-pot, lug-biter, lully trigger, lurkman, lush, lusty-lugs, Lusty Lawrence, lyrebird, lyncher


Image Credit: Naughty Wine label "Quickie" from S. Australia -

No Thieves, Fakirs, Rogues, or Tinkers! No Skulking Loafers or Flea-Bitten Tramps!!

No Thieves, Fakirs, Rogues, or Tinkers! No Skulking Loafers or Flea-Bitten Tramps!!
No Thieves, Fakirs, Rogues, or Tinkers! No Skulking Loafers or Flea-Bitten Tramps!!

"No great scoundrel is ever uninteresting."


For Naughty Men and Women (M-Q)

M: mab, mace-gloak, mackerel, mad dog, madam, madam van, Mad Tom, magsman, malefactor, malfeasor, malingerer, malingeror, maligner, malversationist, man of the town, man trapper, Master of Misrule, Master of Misrepresentation, Master of Novelties, Master of the Wardrobe, mastiogophorer, marauder, meat-monger, meddling duchess, medlar, mendicant, mercenary, merrybegotten, merryman, miller, misbegotten, mischief-maker, miscreant, misdoer, miser, misleader, misogynist, miss, mistress, Miss Van-Neck, mollynogger, mongrel, monkey sucker, moocher, moon curser, moonshiner, Mother of the Maids, mountebank, mouth almighty, Mr. Hyde, muck-snipe, muckworm, mud lark, mumper, mundivagant, mutineer, mutton monger, muzzler

N: nabcheat, nadger, na'er-do-well, nabber, napper of naps, natty lad, nazy nab, needle point, neversweat, no load, Newgate bird, nibbling cull, nibs, nicker, nickpot, niggard, niggler, nip, nipper, non-con, nosebag, noser, nosey bob, nosey-parker, note-shaver, nugger, nun, nut

O: offender, ogre, old codger, old flint, Old fogey, old geezer, old goat, Old Harry, old huddle, Old Nick, Old One, old ram, old moustache, old palaver, Old Roger, Old Scratch, Old Serpent, old soaker, old toast, old twang, Old Witch, open arse, ophidian, opportunist, outcumlin, outfangtheefe, outlander, outlaw, outs, outparamour

P: packpaunch, pad borrowers, pailliard, pander, parasite, parlour-jumper, parnel, passage bank, pater cove, patrico, paumer, peculator, peculiar, Peeping Tom, pelfer, Peter Grievance, Peter Grievous, pervert, petticoat pensioner, pettifogger, petty robber, philanderer, Philistine, phony, picaroon, picker of locks, pickpocket, pick-purse, pickthank, pick-up artist, piece, piece of work, piker, pilferer, pillager, pimp, pimp whiskin, pincher, pinch-fart, pinch-fist, pinch-gloak, pinch-penny, pinker, pintle-ranger, pin-up girl, pirate, piss-maker, pitch-fingers, plaigerist, playgirl, playboy, plunderer, poacher, polone, pomeller, poser, possum, post-knight pretender, pot hunter, potvaliant, preternuptual person, prevaricator, prig, prigster, prick, prigger, Prince of Darkness, Prince Prig, privateer, procurer, prodigal, profligate, prosser, prostitute, prowler, puckfist, puckfoist, pully hawlyer, pump-thunder, purse-bouncer, purting glumpot, pseudologer, pub-crawler, puggard, pugilist, pumpkinificator, punk, pure, purest pure, purloiner

Q: quack, empiric quack, quack doctor, quacktail, quail, quarrel picker, quasher, quean, queer bird, queer bluffer, queer checker, queer cole fencer, queer cole maker, queer cove, queer plunger, quibbler, quiffer, quire, quire bird, quisby, quodlibetarian


Image Credit: Scary Godmother illustration -

If a 'Scamp' could talk it might say:

"Look buster, I'm no fifth wheel or hot quit bugging me about the extended warranty!"



"miscreant" - n. A person of the highest degree of unworth. Etymologically, the word means unbeliever, and its present signification may be regarded as theology's noblest contribution to the development of our language.


Credit: Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary


Delightful Descriptions from R-Z

For Naughty Men and Women

R: racketeer, radical, rake, rakehell, rakeshame, ranger, rank rider, rantipole, rapscallion, rascal, rat, ratter, rattle-pate, rattling mumper, recreant, reeler, render, renegade, reprobate, retailer of love, reveler, ribald, riff-raff, rifler, right croaker, rigmutton, ring-pigger, rinse pitcher, rioter, rip-off artist, roamer, roaring boy, robber, Robert's man, Robin Hood, rogue, rolling kiddy, roisterer, romp, rook, rotten egg, rotten sheep, roué, rough, rounder, router, rorter, rover, rowdy, royal foot scamp, royal scamp, royal stag, royster, rubber-outer, rudesby, ruffian, ruffler, rum bite, rum blower, rum bluffer, rum bubber, rum diver, rum dubber, rum duke, rum glymmer, rum guttler, rumhead, rum-hound, rum-kiddy, rummarian, rummer, rummy, rum-dum, rum-pot, rum-splitter, runcy, runner, running smobbler, rusher, rustler, rustyguts, rutterkin

S: salt eel, Satan, satyr, saunterer, savage, scab, scadger, scalawag, scaly fish, scallywag, scammer, scamp, scapegallows, scapegrace, schemer, schism monger, scourer, screwman, Scrooge, scruncher, scum, scuttler, sea-rover, sea-robber, second-story man, seducer, seizer, sensualist, serpent, shabbaroon, shagger, sham leggers, sham saint, shark, sharper, sharpshooter, shill, shaver, sheep-shearer, she napper, sherker, shif-man, shimshanker, shit-stirrer, shoplifter, shoot-finger, shoot-flier, sh-t sack, shoulder sham, shooler, short-heeled wench, shuffler, Shylock, shyster, side pocket, side-slipper, silk snatcher, silver fox, silvertail, sinner, skanker, skater, skin-merchant, skinflint, skiver, skulking loafer, skullduggerist, skunk, sky farmer, slacker, slag, slamkin, slanderer, slasher, slayer, slencher, slicker, slim-dilly, slipgibbet, slippery fellow, slippy tit, slockster, sloth, slouch, slousher, slubberdegullion, slug, slush bucket, slut, sly boots, smasher, smellsmock, smell-feast, smooth operator, smuggler, snabbler, snaffler, snake, snake charmer, snake in the grass, snapper, snatch cly, sneak, sneaking budge, sneaksby, snelt, snib, snick fadger, snilcher, sninny, snitch, snitcher, snollygoster, snoodger, snorter, snubber, snuffer, snudge, sodomist, soldier of fortune, soss brangle, sot, sourpuss, souse, spit-cat, spit fire, spit-frog, splodger, spoiler, sponger, spousebreak, sprig, spunk-gullet, squab, squire of Alsatia, St. Gile's breed, St. Peter's son, stabber, stag, stair-dancer, stallion, stammel, stibber-gubber, stiff-quean, stiff-rump, sting-bum, stodgier, stool pigeon, strammel, strayer, streetman, streetwalker, striker, stripper, stroller, strong man, strumpet, strumphusher, sturdy beggar, suaviloquist, succubus, surly-boots, surveyor of the highways, sutler, swaddler, swaggerer, swankpot, swigger, swashbuckler, sweet-lips, swelled head, swell-mobsman, swigman, swiller, swill but, swindler, swinger

T: tag-rag, tail drawers, taildraft, taker, tale-bearer, Tangerine, taradiddler, tarleather, tart, tatmonger, tatterdemalion, tattler, tavern fox, tea-hound, tea and sugar bandit, tearcat, tenant in jail, ten in the hundred, tenterbelly, the Tempter, temptress, termagant, thief, thief takers, thigger, thingumbob, thirty-pound knight, thorny wire, thorough good-natured wench, three-penny upright, thug, thugette, thumper, thunderguts, thwacker, tickle pitcher, tickle-tail, tickle-toby, tiddlywinker, tiefin tief, tiger, tinhorn, tinker, tippler, tirliry-puffkin, titivil, titter, tittle-tattler, toad, toad-eater, toady, toliban rig, Tom of Bedlam, Tom Pepper, tomrig, tom-turd-man, tongue pad,Tooley Street tailor, top diver, toper, totty, tough, toy boy, traducer, trafficker, tramp, transgressor, trapes, trespasser, trickster, tricky dick, tripe-hound, troglodyte, trollop, trouble-maker, trouble-mirth, trull, tuft-hunter, turncoat, twibill, two-faced person, twicer, twin-coat, twin-mouth, two inches beyond upright, Tyburn-blossom

U: ullagist, uncouth, unfortunate woman, unlicked cub, upright man, upright sneak, userer

V: vagabond, vamp, vilifier, vixen, varlet, varmint, vile wretch, villain, vinegar pisser, viper, virago, vooterist

W: wag, waghalter, wagtail, walking mort, wallydraigle, wanker, wastrel, wasp, waterman, waterpad, weasel, wedbreaker, welcher, wench, Wicked One, whacker, wheadle, wheedle, whiffinger, whip jack, whipster, whisker splitter, whispering dudder, whore, whoremaster, whoremonger, whore's bird, wicked witch, wife in water colours, wild rogue, wind-sucker, windy wallets, wino, wiper drawer, witling, wolf, wolfshead, woman of ill fame, woman of pleasure, woman of the town, womanizer, word grubber, woofer, worm, wrong-doer, wretch

X: Xantippe

Y: Yahoo, yarn-slinger, Yarra banker, yegg, yenta, yentzer, yes-man, yisser, Yorkshire bite

Z: zipper pockets, zouch



Naughty Nooks & Crannies Poll

Which town has the most mischievous munchkins or naughty stools?

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Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year and spends very little on office supplies."

-- Woody Allen --



-- "Every man over forty is a scoundrel." -- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), Irish literary critic, playwright, and essayist.

-- "Thank you for calling Weasel Works, my name is Ken. How may I help you today?" -- A Weasel greeting from a customer service agent of course!

-- "That lowdown scoundrel deserves to be kicked to death by a jackass, and I'm just the one to do it." -- A Congressional Candidate in Texas

-- "I think Spinoza would be proud to know that his life's work boiled down to creating a God for weasels." -- Scott Adams, creator of comic strip "Dilbert".

-- "What contempible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch? -- W.C. Fields (1880-1946), American juggler, comedian, and actor.

-- "Eagles may soar high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines." -- David Brent, comic character on BBC.

-- "As Daniels sees it, the Prince of Carpetbaggers was part scoundrel and part scapegoat and, as such, an apt symbol of the moral ambiguity of the Reconstruction period." -- reference to the "Prince of Carpetbaggers" by Jonathan Daniels.

-- "To err is human, to cover up is weasel." From "Dilbert And The Way of the Weasel" by Scott Adams.


Image Credit: bad dude illustration by Bill



-- George Bernard Shaw, (1856-1950), Irish literary critic, playwright, and essayist --




Ambrose Bierce, 20th century American author of the "The Devil's Dictionary", an "irreverent word book of cynical and sardonic wit has much to say about "bad boys" and "loose ladies".

Ass, n. A public singer with a good voice but no ear.

Devil, n. The author of all our woes and proprietor of all the good things of this world. He was made by the Almighty, but brought into the world by a woman.

Felon, n. A person of greater enterprise than discretion, who embracing an opportunity has formed an unfortunate attachment.

Liar, n. An attorney with a roving profession. A journalist of any occupation, trade or calling. See preacher.

Infidel, n. In New York, one who does not believe in the Christian religion; in Constantiople, one who does. A kind of scoundrel imperfectly reverent of, and niggardly contributory to, divines, ecclesiastics, popes, parsons, monks, mollahs, voodoos, prebyters, hierophants, prelates, obeah-men, abbes, nuns, missionaries, exhorters, deacons, friars, hadjis, high-priests, muezzons, Brahmins, medicine-men, confessors, eminences, elders, primates, prebendaries, pilgrims, prophets, imaums, beneficiaries, clerks, vicars-choral, archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, preachers, padres, abbotesses, caloyers, palmers, curates, patriarchs, bonezs, santons, beadsmen, canonesses, residentiaries, diocesans, deans, subdeans, rural deans, abdals, charm-sellers, archdeacons, hierarchs, classleaders, incumbents, capitulars, sheikhs, talapoins, postulants, scribes, gurus, precentors, beadles, fakirs, sextons, reverences, revivalists, cenobites, perpetual curates, chaplains, sacristans, vergers, dervises, lectors, church wardens, cardinals, prioresses, suffragans, acolytes, rectors, cures, sophis, mutifs and pumpums.

Prevaricator, n. A liar in the caterpillar state.

Rascal, n. A fool considered under another aspect.

Robber, n. Vulgar name for one who is successful in obtaining the property of others.

Rogue,, n. A species of vermin which is always plentiful where there is a good crop of fools, on which plant it feeds.


Image Credit: devil illustration by




"Rogues strike the balance between the high court gentlemen and the low caste cad. We walk the fine line between courtliness and coarseness. -- from - Todd Massey aka Phillip McAvery (Rogue #283), "If wenches were rum I would have tasted them all" - John Hardy aka John Broadfoot (Rogue #470) who keeps the fine art of letter writing alive.


School For Scoundrels
School For Scoundrels

A great come-uppance college for those who want to know how to climb the corporate ladder to success!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

A few tricks of the trade from the "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"!

School for Scoundrels (Unrated Widescreen Edition)
School for Scoundrels (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

A remake of the original classified as a "ball-buster" edition!

Scoundrel Time
Scoundrel Time

Who says all is fair in love and war?

Thelma & Louise
Thelma & Louise

A cult classic involving a funny pair of female fugitives.




Giving seaports and wharves a bad name since 1626.

The Perfect Plonk for Petty Pilferers - Brought to you by "Big house Wines"!


Image Credit:


Who is the greatest scoundrel in arts and literature?

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Scoundrels and Scallywags
Scoundrels and Scallywags

That's why they call them "Crazy Canucks"!

The Villain's Guide to Better Living
The Villain's Guide to Better Living

A fiendish find for ways to lead life in the fast lane!

Saints & Scoundrels of the Bible: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Dastardly
Saints & Scoundrels of the Bible: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Dastardly

Who wouldn't want to know about these dastardly devils and holy terrors?



What kind of music do they play at the "Pitchfork Music Festival"? "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" ringtones for cellphones ...that's what!

-- "Dirty Rotten Number" ringtone for your Blackberry phone!

-- "Ruffhousin' Mit Shuffhausen" ringtone for your iPod phone!

-- "What Was A Woman To Do?" ringtone for your sparkly speakerphone!

And, if you can't abide another raucous ringtone, then pick up the "Dirty-Rotten Scoundrels" original Broadway cast recording available on CD!

Scamps, Scoundrels, Scallywags, and Scrooges Share One Thing In Common - A Surly Source of Seasonal Suds!


Image Credit: Bah Humbug Christmas Ale label -




Albert Finney does a superb job with Scrooge!

A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol

A marvellous miserly interpretation of Scrooge by George C. Scott.


For those who prefer a more silly Scrooge...there's always Bill Murray!

A Christmas Carol (Blu-ray / DVD Combo)
A Christmas Carol (Blu-ray / DVD Combo)

Alistair Sim is unforgettable in this classic Christmas tale!

The Muppet Christmas Carol
The Muppet Christmas Carol

A great way to enjoy a merry muppet kissmus!


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      6 years ago

      Ah, what fun! Since the last 6 years of Squidoo-ing, I sure have met a fair shake of scamps, scoundrels, and scallywags oh my!

    • FunkyJewelleryUK profile image


      7 years ago

      Some amazing illustrations on here! I love the holiday scoundrels :)

    • EmmaCooper LM profile image

      EmmaCooper LM 

      8 years ago

      Cool lens :)

    • Risa28 profile image


      9 years ago

      Scrappy and scheming good lens. I want a vamp suit! 5*s

    • dahlia369 profile image


      10 years ago

      Goodness... you could publish a dictionary...LOL

      Great lens, excellent collection & thank you for joining my group. BTW, every approved lens is also added to my Technorati favorites! 5* faves for you

    • gmarlett lm profile image

      gmarlett lm 

      10 years ago

      Excellent and very funny lens! I believe you missed "malcontent" and "poser"? Ah, the possibilities are endless! Welcome, as always, to the Parody and Satire Group.

    • drawfantasyart profile image

      Wayne Tully 

      10 years ago from UK

      Certainly an original lens ya got here!

      I never knew there were so many different names for a scoundrel of the highest order, some of them are laughably retro that I just have to use them in my everyday vocabulary....fubbist and gaberlunzie sound a hoot!!


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