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Scandalous movie stars who met on set

Updated on July 5, 2014

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart possess a connection practically as forbidden as with their on-screen vampire/human relationship throughout The Twilight series. Kristin adores his bashful, floppy-haired self-deprecation, he adores the fact that she never ceased beaming with joy.

In total Robert and Kristen have starred together in a 5 movies spanning from 2008 through 2012. I have a strong feeling that their real-life relationship played a huge part in the continuing growth of The Twilight Saga!

Unlike in Twilight though, it appears this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Just recently Robert and Kristin have been making headlines as he has been seen dating her friends. Unlike Hollywood, real life doesn’t always have happy endings…

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

I see a pattern developing with Kristen Stewart! One of the most significant movie star rumors of 2012 erupted when it was uncovered that Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders, the movie director of her motion picture Snow White and The Huntsman, happened to be having an affair. Stewart promptly unveiled that sincere public apology to sweetheart Robert Pattinson but ended up being scandalized by portions of the media. This even with the reality that Sanders was a wedded 41 year old dad of two. And was actually her boss. Exactly who is the culprit here?

See a list of all the actors Kristen Stewart has worked with multiple times. And let’s see if in a few years she will be making this list again!

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Already good friends, Weisz and Craig brought their romance one step further while shooting Jim Sheridan's psychological chiller Dream House. Sadly it wasn't just the movie that met with displeasure as she was still hitched to movie director Darren Aronofsky and he was engaged to his significant other of seven years, Satsuki Mitchell.

This has been Daniel and Rachel’s only movie together. Perhaps they will plan more in the future.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

The fanboy panel remains to be out regarding Spider-Man's true love is girl-next-door Mary Jane Watson or fellow student Gwen Stacy. However immediately after depicting the latter in the 2012 superhero reboot, it was Stone who took the heart involving her friendly neighborhood co star. The following is the way he revealed things to Teen Vogue: "Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting. I couldn't help but try to stay with her, keep pace with her, and not let her get away. Like an animal preying on a smaller animal, but a wily smaller animal." Adorable. And yet somewhat creepy.

So far Andrew and Emma have starred together in 2 movies (both Spider-man). I have a feeling we will see these two together on screen again and outside of the Spider-man world!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

You would be hard press to leave out these two when mentioning couples meeting on set.

Despite the flying ammunition of an all-action shoot fest, a universal organization ended up being conceptualized. Their name is Brangelina and not just did it end the marriage involving Brad and Jennifer Aniston, then again this also kickstarted an excellent Hollywood trend of embracing African orphans and made everyday life more comfortable for a zillion showbiz journalists with an unlimited number of might they/won't they/are they/aren't they non-stories? At the very least the flick ended up being enjoyable, with spark and incredibly hot chemistry to complement their supposed off-screen shenanigans.

What I find most incredible is that this is Brad and Angelina’s only movie together! They do have an untitled project planned, but it currently has no date and no details. We must continue to wait and see.

Looking for more?

I hope you enjoyed our top 5 couples who met on site.

The data is courtesy of Deja Scene where you can search for actors and actresses and see a list of people they have worked with multiple times!


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