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Gore and Ganja: High Ranking Horror Review

Updated on May 31, 2016
Official Movie Poster
Official Movie Poster | Source

Bong of the Dead (2011)

During the Zombie Apocalypse, a couple of best buds discover an unexpected benefit from concentrated zombie brain makes a killer fertilizer for growing weed! When the duo run out of the formidable fertilizer, they venture off to kill some more zombies and run into their leader who happens to look alot like a zombified Freddy Krueger. Will the best buds survive or fall victim to the zombie army?

Official Trailer

Official Movie Poster
Official Movie Poster | Source

Evil Bong (I, II, & III)

Nothing makes a better stoner horror film than a movie starring the pot god himself, Tommy Chong and even better--when it's directed by Charles Band (Puppet Master, Gingerdead Man, Demonic Toys). The Evil Bong series is all about a bunch of stoners who come across an antique bong that is possessed by an ancient demon of rastafarian descent. When these stoners take a toke from the bong the demon transports their souls. one by one, to the seductively evil strip club inside.

Another great B-Movie by Full Moon Productions, the Evil Bong trilogy is a must watch for any fan of Charles Band, Tommy Chong and Full Moon. Packed with horror, comedy, and gratuitous nudity "Evil Bong" will get you high on horror.

Starring Tommy Chong

Official Trailer

Official Movie Poster
Official Movie Poster | Source

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked (2013)

Gretel's boyfriend scores a killer new strain called Black Forest and when he goes to score some more he becomes a tasty snack for the witch who is growing this magical weed. Gretel goes looking for him and discovers the truth about the Gingerbread house. Only Hanzel is left to save his stoner sister and put an end to the witches ring of hash and horror.

Spawned from the classic story of two siblings lost in Germany's Black Forest, "Hanzel and Gretel Get Baked" is actually not as cheesey of a movie as it sounds. Full of horror, gore, and stonified excitement, "Hanzel and Gretel Get Baked" by Tribeca Films is definitely one of the better stoner-horror films out there. It's a good watch even if you aren't a toker.

Bread crumbs anyone?

Official Trailer

Shrooms official movie poster
Shrooms official movie poster | Source

Shrooms (2007)

A group of adventurous college students set out on a journey with an old friend in search of spiritual enlightenment and a killer buzz. A legendary psychedelic mushroom is only a "trip" away and these poor souls will soon find out what a "killer" buzz really is.

All alone in a dense forest with no way to contact anyone for help, their minds bend and the hallucinations of horror come to life and contribute to their eventual demise. Will anyone survive the insanity of the Deathcap Mushroom? The ending reveals a bizarre and unexpected twist as imagination and hallucination becomes all more the real.

Shrooms On my Pizza!

Official "Shrooms" Trailer


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