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Horror is lacking in "A Haunting at Silver Falls".

Updated on July 28, 2013

After a long day at work, I wanted to relax and watch something scary. I browsed Netflix and came across this movie called "A Haunting At Silver Falls". I had never heard of it so I figured it must be a straight to DVD movie. I am not saying that straight to DVD movies are bad, sometimes you can find some very good movies that way. I selected the movie and relaxed in my bed with my Bud Light and started watching.

I was a little confused at the beginning as the movie starts with a young girl running in the woods. She eventually gets caught and you see her get dragged off with only her hand remaining. I did not think about it at the time but there was a ring on that hand. The movie jumps to 20 years later as high school student Jordan is copping with the lose of her father and her recent move to Silver Falls. She moves in with her Aunt and Uncle she hardly knows. Her mother had passed away when she was five and her twin sister is who Jordan is staying with. In the two weeks she has been living in Silver Falls from Los Angeles she has started dating smart kid Larry Parrish. This surprised me as kids usually take some time to get to know everyone when they move somewhere new.

Jordan attends a party in the woods with a bunch of other kids, as she and Larry are snuggling up to each other the police arrive and kids scatter everywhere. She gets separated from everyone and is slowly walking around lost in the woods she spots something shinny. She reaches down and picks up a ring and puts it on. She would be surprised by bad boy Robbie who gives her a ride home. As Jordan starts cleaning up she realizes she can't get the ring off. Not thinking of it she goes to sleep. What she didn't realize was that the girl from twenty years earlier wanted her ring back. Strange things started happening like doors opening and pictures getting turned over.

I will stop there with the spoiler stuff. My problem was up to that point you are already a third of the way done with the movie. Great Horror movies do not make their fans wait to long for action. This movie follows the pattern of today's horror movies, as it is more of a mind trip horror movie.

Alex Elizabeth Gitter

One of the Ramsey Twins


Alex Elizabeth Gitter plays Jordan and she does a great job to me. Compared to everyone else who seems to be trying to hard to play their role. She is the daughter of singer/actress Kelly Lynn Gitter who you might remember from the 1987 movie "The All Nighter". This is Alex's first full length movie as she has been in numerous TV movies and TV series.

James Calvo plays Larry Jordan's boyfriend

Steve Bacic plays Kevin Sanders Jordan's Uncle

Tara Westwood plays Anne Sanders Jordan's Aunt(Twin Sister is Jordan's Mom)

Also playing key roles in movie are Erick Avari, Tadhg Kelly and Jade & Nikita Ramsey.

The movie was directed by Brett Donowho who directed the movies "No Tell Motel" and "The Scared". I think he could have done maybe a little better with this movie. The hard thing to know is what type of budget he had. That can cause a lot of bad shots making it into the film.


Okay, I don't wanna beat around the bush. The movie was bad. Not throw it away never let it see the light of day bad but it was bad. Of course this is just my opinion so i encourage everyone to watch it and make your own decisions. The lack of violence was a turn off for me. I like blood and guts in my movies. I don't care for movies that are pardon my french a mind fuck. "A Haunting at Silver Falls." tries to play on your mind and makes you wonder why all this happening. The problem was it lacked the scariness to keep you into it.

Overall as a movie 3 out of 10

As a horror movie 2 out of 10

Buy meter A simply No

Rent meter If you have Netflix or find it a Redbox I would give it a chance. Every person is different and has their own taste.

I will close with this. I liked the story that was trying to be told. I think so much more could have been done with it if their was money to do it. With that said the end result that we see is not good. Actors overacting and lack of chills will turn me off every time.


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