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Scariest Movie Monster: Top 5 Scariest Movie Monsters, Action Horror Monsters

Updated on May 10, 2014

Freddy Krueger the dream killer

Image of Freddy Krueger the dream killer and sycophant
Image of Freddy Krueger the dream killer and sycophant | Source

Physical appearance

Freddy Krueger’s appearance remain consistent through the many film adaptations, Fredericks face appear burnt, rutting and disfigured, he favors a stripped sweater sometimes turtle neck with red and dark green stripes. He wears either loose black trousers or stretch leather pants and has on a green or black hat.

His most striking feature is his gloved hand with each finger ending in menacing deadly looking talons which is his kill weapon. In the dream world Freddy Krueger is in-distructable.but when lured into reality he becomes an ordinary human is vulnerable and easy to kill.

His protagonists and victims include Nancy Thompson, Jesse Kristin and Alice while the fictional character of Freddy Kruger was played by Robert Englund and James Harley in different films. The vengeful spirit also had spinoff movies like the epic battle between Jason vs. Freddy.

The scream award gave Freddy Krueger the award for one of the vilest villains.

Number five (5) The Mass murdering dream killer

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is a nightmare waiting to happen; he is fictional character that depicts a mass murdering psychopath that stalks innocent teens in their dreams with a view to kill. If the nightmare bladed gloved man monster kills his victims in the dream, they die in reality.

The character was first introduced in A Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise which spun five other movie interpretations featuring the resuscitating hard to kill man. The film also had television adaptations fashioned around Freddy’s Nightmare series, stories of horror similar to armchair horror series.

Introduction of the deranged psychopath Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger was born in an asylum was but put for adoption, went through several foster parents, as he grew into manhood developed fierce hatred for other innocent children. He was later caught for murder and later indicted by the police, without adequate evidence he was freed on a technicality, which didn’t go down well with parents and the community of Springwood.

The parents formed a lynch mob, trapped Frederick Charles aka Freddy Krueger in his boiler room were he allegedly killed his victims. They set fire to the entire structure killing Charles in the inferno, and then the Freddy Krueger horror began.

He became a vengeful spirit that stalks and kills innocent teens in their sleep, being killed in the sleep became reality and the victim dies in reality. Most of the victims he targeted were children of the parents that burnt him in his hide out in the town of springwood.

Freddy Krueger

Image of freddy Krueger, dead buried yet alive
Image of freddy Krueger, dead buried yet alive | Source

The predators Weaponry

Most predators stand over seven feet and adorn body suits, they use active camouflage to outwit adversaries making themselves invisible as they blend with the environment. Their helmet helps them see in different spectrum's from low infra red to higher ultra violet, even x-ray and even electromagnetic spectrum.

They can detect ambient heat and distinguish objects from organic life forms and they also use three point laser finder to pinpoint target. Predators also have a wide range of gun like weapons, lance blades and spears made out of acid resistant material including muscular physic which gives them immense strength akin to seven men.

On their shoulder is a very effective heat seeking laser firing weapon that can revolve almost 360 degrees.

The Predators weapon

One of the Predators weapons
One of the Predators weapons | Source

Number Four (4) The Intergalactic Trophy Hunter

The Predator

The predator comes in as my number two most scary monsters because despite the creatures intelligence and notion between right and wrong makes it a very dangerous adversary. Predators was first portrayed in the film predator staring

The film which had a budget of about $15m made over $90m in box office and had other sequels like predator 2 featuring Danny Glover, Alien versus Predator, Alien versus Predator requiem and Predators which revealed the existence of to feuding tribes of predators one infinitely larger and more vicious that the earth visiting cousins.

The predator is a trophy hunting extraterrestrial being that engages dangerous species in battle; they do this through advanced technology, incredible strength, agility, and intelligence. They are sentient humanoid aliens that have proper understanding of their adversary’s potential using experience knowledge and creativity to out smart the target.

The predator in the first film virtually eliminated two batches of Special Forces in the Central Africa Jungle and in predator2 eliminated heavily armed Columbia drug cartel but was eventually outsmarted and killed by the mission’s leader in the first and a New York cop in the second film.


Predators are about seven feet tall, face has anthropoid mandibles, long dreadlocks like hair, are resilient to damage and gun shots, are skilled climbers and their blood is luminescent green color. On their forehead are tribal ornamentation's, they make snarl, growl, click sounds and seem to understand human language.

Predators are intelligent interstellar travelers with a culture of engaging dangerous species through hunting stealth, courage and confrontation; they boast impressive intelligence and high technology. Making them number four on my top scariest movie monsters.

Image of the Predator

Image of the Predator
Image of the Predator | Source

Predators 2010 trailer

Harry Potter graphics
Harry Potter graphics

Voldemort image

Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort | Source
Voldemort image
Voldemort image | Source

Number three (3) The Wizard lord


In one of the most successful film series ever, you would encounter one of the scariest humanoid monster characters ever portrayed. The Harry Potter franchise by J.K Rowling is a fantasy book that was later adapted into film, that have spun seven films namely Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone, Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Other in the billion dollar films are Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half blood prince and the seventh one Harry Potter and the Death Hallows were Lord Voldemort met his end. The film is a mystery thriller set in the magic realm a place only wizard and witches can enter a world parallel with the known world.

Harry Potter chronicles the adventures of a group of students that enroll into the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, initially it was all learning fun and games until very dark magic started to manifest curtsey Voldemort.

The fictional character Voldemort first appearance was in the philosopher, he who must not be named as they called him was born Tom Riddle on December 3 1926. As a kid in wools orphanage he later went to Hogwarts School of wizardry and excelled as a wizard.

The boy’s outward appearance of polite, and friendly but he hid a very sinister personality that borders on cruelty, evil, manipulation and psychopathic tendencies. Lord Voldermort is known by many names in the Harry Potter series such as Dark lord, lord Voldermort, the lordship, chief death eater and Heir to Slytherin.

Ironically Voldermort who himself is a half blood wizards main purpose was to rid the muggles and non pure blood from the wizard world. His archenemy is Harry Potter because of a prophecy, Voldermort after an encounter and because of lily Potters sacrifice had his body destroyed.

But later resurrected and formed a league of evil called the death eaters, they are wizards and witches that show absolute loyalty to Voldermort. Apart from his impressive wizardry and dark powers Voldermort has the death eaters and other dark creatures at his beck and call.

The Death Eaters

The death eaters images
The death eaters images | Source

Voldemort s mission

Voldemort mission include Ridding the world of all non magical heritage, he strongly believes in only pure bloods, and a need to achieve pure blood dominance and to conquer both worlds.

Death eaters

The death eaters were a group of witches and wizards with the sole purpose of preservation of pure blood and total dedication to lord Voldemort, they also wanted to dominate the magic world and put Voldemort as the undisputed leader. But they faced great opposition from Harry Potter, order of the Phoenix, the ministry of magic, muggles and other wizards and witches that do not believe in their ideology.

The battle

Voldemort and his entire force waged a final battle with non true bloods but faced resistance from Hogwarts students and teachers, order of phoenix and other wizards. During the battle Voldermort was eventually eliminated but the question is will he not resurrect once again to continue his evil?

Film monsters, weapons and films

Freddy Krueger
Clawed glove
Nightmare on Elms street
Alien creature
Acid blood, sharp teeth
dangerous bite
Vampire films
Predator creature
technology, strenght
dark magic
Harry Potter

Image of three vampires

Image of three vampires
Image of three vampires | Source

Listed bellows are the top ten vampire films

1 Dracula

2 Twilight

3 Twilight saga

4 Interview with the vampire

5 Eclipse

6 Blade

7 Daybreakers

8 Bram Stokers Dracula

9 Underworld

10 Near dark

Number two (2) The deadly blood suckers vampires

Vampire films run into several thousands and each film has a little spin on the creature’s ability and characteristics, because of this I have decided to group vampires collectively as number two .I would not go into legend, myth or mythology but would only concentrate on cinematic facts about the beast.

They are portrayed as undead creature formally human with a taste for blood which incidentally is the way they feed. They can be killed if exposed to sunlight except day walkers like the half bread blade or the death dealer in underworld.

They are allergic to garlic and holy water some can be killed through a stake in the heart, some fly other can only jump really well, they prefer dark places, and have two large canine teeth. They exhibit great strength, intelligence, speed, agility, conning and might use weapons like whips, knives, swords our modified guns.

The deadly bloodsucker is characterized as being able to live hundreds of years, have no pulse and in some films have the ability to shape shift into wolves, crows, and bats.

Choosing the vampire character was easy because they have shocked thrilled and frightened us since the early sixties when Christopher lee acted the iconic role as Dracula.

Earliest Dracula image by Christopher lee

The iconic count Dracula
The iconic count Dracula | Source

Deadly jaws of the Alien creature

The deadly teeth of the Alien creature
The deadly teeth of the Alien creature | Source


The creature can use its head as a battering ram, use the acid by deliberately causing a wound and spraying the liquid, and the retractable tongue can pierce steel. Other impressive arsenals are sharp teeth, primeval intelligence, a quick learner, uses environment for camouflage and stealth attacks.

It is believed to have collective memory, can use muscular tail as weapon, deploys tactics when necessary, and is very ferocious and brutal.

Alien makes my number one list because every stage of its development and life cycle is characterized by excruciating death and carnage, the adult creatures entire body is built for the kill. It seeks out prey tirelessly using ferociousness, intelligence and stealth making it the scariest movie monster.


Which of these do you think is the scariest

See results

Number one (1) The Alien killing raptor Xenomorph

The Alien otherwise called xenomorph is a verified killer with an insatiable appetite for meat; the extraterrestrial monster is without contest the most vicious predator in the universe. The Alien predator is an endo-parasitic extraterrestrial species that destroys any life form that is unfortunate to encounter the monster.

The fictional character first made its debut in Alien then subsequent films such as Aliens, Alien resurrection, Alien versus Predator and Alien versus predator the requiem. The creature’s origin is unknown but speculations are hinged on the hypothesis that the raptors are biological weapons created by intelligent life forms.

Other theories are that they evolved through genetic manipulations or might have existed millions of years killing anything in their path. The Alien killers have a single fertile female who lays the eggs and the rest verified soldiers with only one purpose propagation, feeding and death.

The Aliens life cycle

Every aspect of the creature is death, from the innocent looking eggs that hatches in the presence of hosts, which could be human or otherwise. As long as it’s biological and a living life form it is game time for the creature’s offspring’s, the eggs hatch reveling a deadly octopus like looking creature.

The creature is very mobile and fast leaping into the air to attach itself to any host available; it holds on in a death grip and impregnates the host with a worm like parasite. The parasite (parasitic larvae) then eats the host from within busting through the chest cavity when it’s done, emerging as a very fast growing monster.

Within a very short while running into several days the fully grown alien is ready to kill and continue the same cycle. Aliens stand at about seven and a half feet tall (7.5f) and the queen fifteen feet tall (15ft). The aliens are so vicious that in the absence of prey they would turn on themselves with deadly consequences.

Appearance and features

The beast has a very hard oblong head, retractable tongue attached to deadly teeth, the primary mouth with very sharp rows of teeth. The Alien has a thick strong muscular tail, long sharp claws and a tough exoskeleton, and the creature’s blood is acidic.

The female Alien

The single female Alien
The single female Alien | Source


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    • tony55 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Nigeria

      Hackslap and Alphadogg16 thanks for the comments, i also find older horror flicks more entertaining because of the storyline and great detail. I did not include Evil dead which was very frightening.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      4 years ago from Texas

      This was a great list tony55. I think the older movies were a lot more scarier than the modern day movies. Modern day are really more gory than scary. The Predator is one of my all time favorite movies. Thumbs up on your hub.

    • Hackslap profile image


      4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Immediately read this hub considering I love my horror movies.. . THe scariest monster out of this lot would be the Alien Xenomorph ... The scene from the original film in '79 where it grows and escapes out of John Hurt's stomach can scare anyone even today...


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