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Scary Halloween movies

Updated on September 30, 2013

The festivities of Halloween cannot be complete without a session of scary movies. You can enjoy a scary movie marathon on the night before Halloween and get in the right mood for a spooky and fun-filled celebration the next day. You can watch the scary movies on your own, or with family and friends.

There are many different kinds of horror movies that can be enjoyed during Halloween. However, choose only those kinds of movies that will chill you to your very bones. If a scary movie only ends up in you laughing your guts out, then there can be nothing worse than that! A scary movie for Halloween should be such that you will dread going to sleep and remain at your wits end for at least a few days!

Some of the best scary Halloween movies are listed below.

  • Saw: The ‘Saw’ movie franchise is one of the most popular scary movie series to have played in cinemas. You should definitely opt for any one of the ‘Saw’ movies, or all of them, to get truly scared during Halloween. The movies are scary partly due to the ample gore and carnage, as well as the mystery element which makes you think about what you would do and how far you would go to survive. The movies usually begin with two people chained and locked up in a rundown basement. The serial killer, well-known as Jigsaw, will then play a set of games with the chained individuals which results in lots of bloodshed. Are you scared yet?

  • World War Z: It is one of the biggest hits of 2013. The movie stars Brad Pitt and a host of other characters. The film is about the spread of the zombie disease which consumes a majority of the world’s population, bringing it to the point of complete decimation and total annihilation. Brad Pitt, is a retired United Nations employee. He has to go on a tour of different places in the world to find a cure for the zombie disease. He comes out of retirement and goes on this mission to save his family. The movie is fairly gruesome and the mayhem created by zombies will keep you scared till the end. World War Z is a novel take on the zombie movies phenomenon. It is indeed a great Halloween movie!

  • The Strangers: It is one of the top movies to be watched during Halloween. This psychological horror movie stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, and comes with limited bloodshed, violence, and gore. It is a story about a couple who are vacationing in a remote holiday home, trying to rekindle the romance in their relationship. During their stay at the house, they are haunted and tormented by 3 strangers, who have their faces covered in masks. The movie will keep you at the edge of your seats during its entire duration, and keep you guessing about the next violent move of the strangers. The terror is relentless and will keep you looking over your shoulder for some days to come.

  • The Conjuring: This is another horror movie that released in theaters in 2013. It had a good run at the theaters and has become quite a rage with the movie-going public. The film stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as a couple who help detect and hunt down ghostly presence in homes and other places. They make use of varied scientific methods to isolate supernatural occurrences from other usual causes. Vera is also gifted with the sense of perceiving the presence of paranormal beings. A family who recently purchased a home in the country are haunted by several unnatural experiences and hence seek the assistance of this couple. What follows is a series of events that will ensure that you have many sleepless nights for many days to come! A bloodcurdling shriek, banging on the doors, clapping hands appearing out of nowhere, and a ubiquitous ethereal presence will keep you rooted to your spot.

  • Paranormal Activity: This movie vowed the audiences with its extreme spookiness and eeriness and ended up becoming one of the popular movies of this genre. There are two other movies in this ‘paranormal series’ which were made after 2009. Paranormal Activity is a good watch during Halloween because it will keep you enthralled during the entire movie. Your mind and sub-consciousness are also likely to get shocked, because you will not only keep wondering about the activities of the varied characters in the movie, but will also get scared about the activities of those that you can’t see. You will jump up from your seats when the doors suddenly bang shut. You will see Katie, the primary character, walking, talking, and behaving oddly and keep you waiting in anticipation about what she will do next. The events that eventually occur will definitely send tremors down your spine! Enjoy the Halloween horror movie fest.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i sure am NOT going to watch any of these. Gonna have nightmares!


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