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Updated on October 24, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

The Debates For Horror Movies In The Modern Age - Jeepers Creepers 3 Has to Be The Top Anticipated Horror Movie For the Past Decade - The Ring Reboot Rings Has to Have Been the Biggest Disappointment For The Past Decade (Horror Genre)...
The Debates For Horror Movies In The Modern Age - Jeepers Creepers 3 Has to Be The Top Anticipated Horror Movie For the Past Decade - The Ring Reboot Rings Has to Have Been the Biggest Disappointment For The Past Decade (Horror Genre)...

A Forum For The Scary Movie Fans To Come Together - Here's the Hoping That Discussions Are Formed Down In the Comments Section

Scary Movies Have Impacted Multiple Generations

  • Jeepers Creepers 3 - Conundrum - It Has Actually Officially Launched Its Theatrical Debut in the US - But, Where Is the Release Info For The UK

Jeepers Creepers was a cult classic horror movie from way back in 2001. Not too long after and there would be a sequel, Jeepers Creepers 3, released in 2003. The production value for these movies was easily reaching the status quo, and would have been the perfect opportunity from rounding the duo horror series into a fully made trilogy. Only, the movie for Jeepers Creepers 3 fell into the odd-bandwagon for production hell projects. The same director, the same producers, similar script writers; but when a movie falls off the grid and there is no reassurance of a sequel anytime soon the project begins to lose inside support. This project, realistically should have fallen neat in line for a 2005-at-latest-2006 theatrical release, but the director and producers were adamant in keeping the production value at the status quo to ensure a theatrical debut - instead of direct to video crap. The director remains the same, Victor Salva, and the acting crew remains strong - with some reoccurring performances from past actor/characters in the third instalment.

Forget 2005/2006, as it would take all the way up until 2013 until there would be any word at all for a Jeepers Creepers 3 sequel return, and not too long after there were script writing problems (as it appeared certain elements fell under copyright infringement), and again, the movie had to be put on hold. Then, two years later - in 2015, there was more word on the long lost (nearly forgotten) Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral, as it was announced to be titled. To cut the story short, the movie was not releasing at any time around 2015.

Again, and finally, in 2017 the Jeepers Creepers 3 movie reappeared and has released its theatrical debut on September 26th for the US. There has been no UK announcements as of yet. However, in the UK, the DVD/Blu-Ray release date has been announced on Amazon ( for release on January 1st, 2018. The movie has received mixed responses from audiences, with many showing dismay for the overuse of green screen technology, and limiting the open space environment - commonly used for the first and second Jeepers Creepers movies. Was this is a rushed release, compromising on cinematography and special effects to hit tight budgets? Maybe, but I’ll keep my responses on the hush till I have seen the movie with my own two eyes.

  • Jigsaw - Potential for a New Spin-Off Series for the “Saw” Franchise

The original Saw movies stretched over the progression of 6 instalments, total. That is some kind of achievement for a horror series to captivate audiences for so long with overly-disturbing torture tactics and tic-tac-toe games of dismemberment from the mind of a notorious FBI’s most wanted serial killer, known as Jigsaw.

Quite frankly, “Jigsaw”, the title for the next spin-off Saw movie looks even more horrifying than its predecessors, and that is saying something. These movies would put a starving man in a war camp off food for a week after watching one of the Saw movie instalments. There is something about the way that Jigsaw organises his torture games that makes people wonder… what if this was possible?… what if this actually happened?… And, so the mind games begin.

In the set-up for “Jigsaw”, the serial killer with cancer who went by the name, Jigsaw, has returned 10 years after his death to restart what his act of judgement on a fresh group of mismatched individuals. There is always a sense of unknowing what these seemingly normal people might do to one another to avoid a fate worse than death; and that is of course, human torture, and human sacrifice. These people have been picked for the torturous Jigsaw game because they have all in some way wronger others; stealing through the justice system; let murderers walk free in the court rooms; and there is always one person who has done things right their entire lives - and now they are the chosen one to take their revenge in a game with Jigsaw.

  • Chucky - A Continuing Franchise in 2017

Chucky is the possessed children’s doll that has the life force of a psychopathic murderer living inside of the seemingly friendly children’s play toy. Chucky first appeared in Child’s Play, a movie released in 1988, and the psychopath was dealing in dark voodoo magic when he accidentally puts his soul into the lifeless force of a children’s play doll. A mother buys the Chucky doll from a strange man lurking down a dark alley outside of her place of work, and she purchases the Chucky doll to give to her young son. You see, Chucky may be possessed by a homicidal psychopathic lunatic, but he knows how to keep out the business of the real world long enough to make the doll look like a normal children’s doll. Only, the boy is quick to notice Chucky’s odd movements and private conversations, and after angering Chucky his first victim is the babysitter watching the young boy. Chucky is angry with everyone, and wants to take his revenge out on anyone that gets in his way.

Child’s Play went on to receive two sequels, Child’s Play 2 (in 1990), and Child’s Play 3 (in 1991). Neither of these sequels was a substantial improvement on the original, and so the series was put on hold. Only, when the series returned in 1998 they found a friend for the possessed (seemingly normal) Chucky doll, and so this would become the “Bride of Chucky”, as the movie is cleverly titled. The spin-off sequel, "Seed of Chucky” released in 2004, and had the story premise where Chucky and his bride had a baby doll. Personally, the spin-off series was a dud, and didn’t offer enough in terms of interest to keep original fans of “Child’s Play’s” intrigued with the progression forward. In fact, Seed of Chucky was downright creepy and disturbing, and not in the slightest bit interesting, so this was a failure.

It would take until 2013, for the producers to rally the bravery to make another attempt at doing another Chucky spin-off movie, titled “Curse of Chucky”. Chucky has a new home, and he is eager to manipulate for his own amusement, but he also has a psychopathic rage problem, so watch out lead characters. Again, the movie did not peak substantial interest, but it has received a sequel in 2017, in another Chucky spin-off movie titled “Cult of Chucky”, and now the possessed Chucky doll is loose in an asylum, and he knows his victims almost as well as they know him. This is yet another attempt at getting the Chucky psychopath to reel in the mass audiences, but there is the feeling as though the producers are just taking stabs in the dark with this tiring spin-off horror series.

  • Scream - The End of a Decade Horror Slasher Changer Franchise

Would it disturb audiences for the Scream franchise to know that Harvey Weinstein (the fiend in current news unravellings) was a producer for the Scream series? Perhaps, but it may be best to cut ties completely with this man on the subject for the Scream franchise, as we are sure the production company (once backing him) has also taken steps to do the same.

Personally, since witnessing the crossover from the big-screen to the Netflix Original series’ scene, Scream has somewhat lost its lust for a life bigger than TV shows. The Scream Netflix Original TV show was not bad, and so there is likely a large enough fan base out there to defend the show adamantly, but there is no arguing that this franchise belongs on the silver screen - not the small screen, even though there are those adamant that the best screen is the home television screen.

It seems Scream, when making the transition over to home television entertainment, decided that the design and make-up work for the original movie Ghostface was something that needed to be sketched out of the screen time altogether. There is no arguing that this was the best decision, if not the only decision that could be made in turning the franchise into an over-bloated TV show on Netflix. Yeah, blah blah blah, people love Netflix, but come on young generation people, this is a franchise that woke up the 90s teenage scene to the potential for a witty, yet drama maintained, horror slasher series that everyone could love. Plus, the addition of the Scream movie within the Scream (2, 3, and 4) was ingenious, even the inner title, “Stab" - so amazing.

  • No More Slasher Remakes Until October, 2018

There is a sincere lacking of horror slashes in 2017, and there has been the recent release of “Cult of Chucky”, but there would never be enough people to watch the movie for it to have a dramatic impact on the young generation - the key influences for the new century of internet zombified thinkers.

Scream, now a trash set-up to reel in younger viewers on the Netflix Original series library is a joke. They completely killed Ghostface, and have led the movies villain down a path of utter joking and laughter. Ghostface could be witty, but he/she was never downright laughable, so this is something that severely reflects the new age audiences of young influential horror movie audiences in 2017.

Back in 2009, there was the amazing Friday the 13th remake/reboot, and no one cared enough to watch the movie over some Twilight rubbish, and look at what has happened to the horror slasher sub-genre in 2017 - it has become a laughable joke for the new age internet thinkers in the current day/week/month/year until an innovative, truly remarkable producer/movie director/or script writer does something about it.

  • Paranormal Activity - The Cult Horror Following Formed in the 2000s Horror Genre

Paranormal Activity was the horror home-made (style) movie that cemented a place for similar movie-making visionaries in the 2000s horror genre, but it was never going to last. People only watched these movies because so few achieved commercial acknowledgement for their home-made horror directorial style, and audiences were utterly lost in the excitement of it all. Home-cameras dotted around a house that has some kind of possessed spiritual entity inside, and everyone bought it, as everything seemed so cool and fresh - in that no other horror movie had ever successfully done this.

Only, in the 2010’s we are still getting Paranormal Activity movies - and they are complete and utter trash. There is no original movie-making thinking, so in the end there is just that same rehashed formula that they used for the first Paranormal Activity movie, only now they can afford to hire well-known (even, somewhat) actors/actresses, and they completely ruin the feelings of this actually happening. The mind jumps to the movies these people have been in (Disney, Nickelodeon, whatever backgrounds), and there is absolutely no fear felt as strange and creepy things start to happen around the house.

  • James Wan’s Horror Fiction - Insidious, The Conjuring and Annabelle

James Wan is still perhaps entirely unknown to a mass amount of audiences, but he is the director responsible for the Hollywood movie makings of Insidious, Insidious - Chapter 2, The Conjuring, and The Conjuring 2.

Insidious was a complete surprise to mass audiences when everyone was talking about the horror movie in 2010. The movie was based purely in two homes, and every scene was stack-filled to the highest level of suspense and agitating fear for the unknown. Clearly, these are spirits from a different dimension, but there is creepy screaming, talking, and shadows of people all around the family home. None of it can be explained, and then one day the son Dalton goes into a coma. The doctors are having a tough time explaining what caused the coma, that is until the family seek out the churches help, and a professional/reliable psychic tells the family that the unexplained seeings/whispers/otherworldly torments are because Dalton is a body shifter. This is a rare gift that allows Dalton to leave his human body whilst he sleeps, and when he wonders too far into the nether - it is up to his father (also has the gift) to get Dalton back from the evil place where he is being kept prisoner.

  • The Ring Franchise Reboot - Failure

The Ring (Japanese original movie, Ringu, Hollywood movie adaptation remake), released in 2002, starring Naomi Watts (as Rachel Keller), David Dorfman (as young son, Aidan Keller) and Martin Henderson (as Noah Clay - Rachel’s ex and shared son, Aidan). This was a gripping horror/thriller, directed by Gore Verbinski (director of Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,3), that leads investigative journalist Rachel down a dark path of discovery over the origins of a cursed tape. The tale has it that those who watch the cursed tape will die exactly 7 days from the time when the tape finishes and the call is received from a ghostly girl voice, saying; “you’re going to die in 7 days”. Rachel and Noah must figure out the origins of the tape before both of their death sentences are up, as both of the two (and their son) have seen the cursed tape. The young girl, Samara, behind the events of the cursed tape is a young girl who died after drowning in a well near to a field where she was playing. The Ring was the perfect set-up for a western telling of the Samara cursed tape video story.

The reboot, Rings, was a dreadful attempt at starting a reboot for The Ring franchise, aiming to go down a different route for the storytelling. In the end, it was too complicated of a digital loop to honestly be brought into the entanglement of the digital age. That is the story ruined, and the acting was beyond terrible, and it seemed like everyone turned up to work, said their lines, and then went home at the end of the day - so, are we supposed to pat them on the back and say well done? Simply, not excusable, and made the entire movie a waste of time, and use of a good, original story premise.

  • Zombies Movies - Conundrum

Zombie movies have been a living nightmare throughout the 2000s age of horror movies, and perhaps worse-so in the 2010s age of horror movies. In the 2000s, the zombie movies that succeeded, succeeded once; including such titles as Dawn of the Dead (2004, a remake/reboot), 28 Days Later (2002, British directed movie), 28 Weeks Later (2007, British directed movie), Zombieland (2009), and even Land of the Dead (2005) was quite a seeable movie.

In the 2010’s, we got zombie movies like World War Z (highest grossing zombie movie - making more than $500 million at the global box office) in 2013, the final Milla Jovovich Resident Evil movie - “The Final Chapter” (2016), and even the off-beat horror remake/reboot, The Crazies (in 2010).

There are some great movies listed here, but they are far apart and few in-between, which has made this somewhat of a disappointing state for the horror-zombie sub-genre of movies in 2017. Even Zombieland, a far too under-appraised comedy/horror zombie movie missed out on receiving a sequel because the box-office takings were not lucrative enough to warrant the green-light for a sequel to the greatest comedy/horror zombie movie that the modern age has ever seen.

  • Stephen King Movie Adaptations - It All Starts With 2017’s It

Stephen King’s horror novels have been getting the book to silver screen movie treatment as far back as the 70s, but this page is focusing on the modern age of horror movie making, and so it made best sense to start with the overwhelming critical and commercial success of the 2017 Stephen King movie adaptation and movie remake/reboot for It, the horror movie starring Pennywise the Dancing Clown as the horror villain. Pennywise has been stalking a group of preadolescents who are a part of the losers club at their school in Derry, Maine, and he wants to steal their souls and feed on their fear before he must go away for another 26 years. Pennywise can shape shift and appear as any monster that a child is afraid of, but for the most part of the 2017 It movie he appears on screen as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. To create suspense there is often a red balloon floating in midair, and this is a sign that Pennywise is nearby, and even the group of violent bullies who target a loner child at the school are not immune to the powers of Pennywise’s evil manipulation and violence. The seven children, including the bullied loner child, are the lead characters throughout the It movie, as they are trying to find the younger brother of one of the friends who went missing some months ago.

2017’s It has been confirmed to be Part I, and that means that in It - Part II, the seven loser kids are going to return to Derry, Maine 26 years after the events of Part I to once again face the evil dancing clown, Pennywise, when he remerges from his hell to prevent further loss of lives through the clowns evil, demented shapeshifting.

  • Video-Game Horror Genre Movie Adaptions

Resident Evil started something special back in 2002 with the release of the Resident Evil video-game to movie adaptation of the same title starring Milla Jovovich, playing the films lead character, Alice. A deep underground science-testing facility becomes overrun by the t-virus, something that was in its testing phase for population destabilisation. An elite military unit is sent down into the hive (the underground science facility) to investigate the systems automatic shut-down. What they find is Alice (at the mansion, an undercover entrance to the hive), a professional looking gentlemen, and another gentlemen; all located around the entrance down to the hive. The military unit brings these individuals (all working for the Umbrella Corp.) with them down to the hive, and everywhere is still on automatic shutdown. The science facility, after becoming exposed to the t-virus in the ventilation system, automatically shuts all main doors and elevators, and then the sprinklers turn on forcing the hundreds of scientists in the hive to drown. The military unit gets the power put back on manually, but there is a serious problem, as the t-virus has turned the hundreds of scientists into flesh eating zombies after dying. The military unit comes under attack from the flesh eating zombies, and they are led on a survival mission to safely get back out of the underground hive facility.

This was a pinnacle video-game to movie adaptation for the horror genre, and his since gone on to receive 5 sequels, all directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, and all follow the events of the zombie outbreak around the globe, and the events unravel whilst following the survival life of Alice, a t-virus experiment of Umbrella Corp.’s that has gone rogue. The movies retain a video-game like appeal, but in an action/horror movie series that feels kick-ass from the first (2002) to the last (2016) from the original Resident Evil series.

The only other prominent video-game to movie adaptation that comes to mind in the horror genre is Silent Hill, a movie that I have recently spoken about in earlier works. Silent Hill was originally one of the top horror video-games on the PlayStation 2 alongside Resident Evil, only Silent Hill’s movie adaption to the silver screen wanted to bring mass audiences into the ghost town of the ghostly origins town, Silent Hill. The actual origins for the ghost town, Silent Hill - in the 2006 movie titled “Silent Hill”, takes an adopted mother for a young child (daughter), who has been having grim nightmares that have led her on sleepwalks to near a nearby cliff off a highway. The young child was having nightmares relating to a creepy, abandoned US ghost town once known as Silent Hill. As soon as the mother and adopted daughter enter the confines of the old town, they suddenly experience a car crash - upon awakening to a nightmare place of sinister hell where they have become ghosts in a post-apocalyptic version of the ghost town, Silent Hill. The adopted daughter is missing after the mother awakens from the abrupt car crash; there are ashes falling from a strong misty fog blinding open vision. The mother must find her daughter in the town, and as they are now ghosts (not technically meant to be to your knowledge) in a hellish form of Silent Hill there are dangers awaiting around every corner that cannot be described in any godly bible on earth today.

The most recent video-game from the horror genre to find its way onto the fast track for Hollywood movie adaptation is Slender, an adaptation of a super-popular independent video-game titled Slender. The movie is to be titled Slender Man, and is set for release in sometime in 2018, and since there is still no other plot there has not been much discussion for as to how this movie may turn out.

On top of all the recent news for future up and coming horror genre video-games to be adapted into fully fledged horror movies is Resident Evil; and before you ask, no, not the already discussed Resident Evil Hollywood movie series that first previewed back in 2002 starring Milla Jovovich, but an entirely new rebooted Resident Evil series.

Thoughts on the Resident Evil reboot (likely set for a 2019, or later release): Not much has been officially announced regarding the much-anticipated Resident Evil movie franchise reboot, only that it is a possibility.

This leaves much speculation to be had amongst fans of the Resident Evil video-game series and the (now finished) Milla Jovovich starring Resident Evil theatrical movie series. Perhaps Leon is finally going to get the leading movie that he so truly deserves, as to my own knowledge the Resident Evil 4 game was a fan favourite. Does anyone remember how cool Leon; the leading character in Resident Evil 4, and how he looked. The perfectly combed locks, the body mass of an intense athlete, and the clothing style of a true zombie apocalypse human hero. The world wants Leon to have his story told, and perhaps the movie could base the majority of the movie in woodlands where the lead characters (clearly, the survivors of the zombie world infestation) are making their best efforts to avoid the zombie crowds.

Since thinking more about zombies there may have been the impression that there were more video-game to movie adaptations for other horror games, but besides Resident Evil it seems to have only gone in the opposite direction. Clearly, horror producers feel they are original enough not to need the assistance of video-game makers to work the world of horror movie creations.

Horror Fandom!

What is it that appeals to you most about the horror genre in 2017?

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    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from British Empire

      Thanks BNHook,

      I was super-pumped for the Jeepers Creepers 3 movie release in 2017, but admittedly it took until after the post was written to realise that the movie had already launched in US theatres and had available official trailers on YouTube.

      James Wan is the director nobody thinks to talk about. You know, everyone was talking about John Carpenter, Wes Craven and George A. Romero in their heydays as horror movie-makers changing the mindsets of horror audiences from around the world. Sure, people are talking about the Insidious (due to have a fourth instalment release this year) franchise, and The Conjuring series, but there should be more emphasis put on the director behind the masterpieces, James Wan.

    • BNHook profile image

      Brian Newhook 

      2 years ago from Ashland, Ma

      Jeepers Creepers 3 could have been a successful franchise but to your point, they cheaped out. While I was initially excited about the Paranormal Activity franchise, I started sniffing glue after the first one. However, the beacon of light remains in James Won’s Conjuring and Insidious universes. As a horror movie fanatic, I can’t wait to see what talent reveals itself.

      Great read, thanks!


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