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Things That Irritate Steve Serra issue #1

Updated on May 31, 2011

I'm thinking of making this a weekly thing, but we'll see where I want to take this (I might just get high and forget I wrote this blog.).

I'm from New York city. Uhh-blah, I'm hip.
I'm from New York city. Uhh-blah, I'm hip.

New York City Hipster's

I wear skinny jeans. I have dunks for sneakers. My shirts are tight and slim and I love them like that. I have 3 tattoo's one is the Beatles Yellow Submarine ( I wanted you guys to know I have 3 tattoos and I LOVE the Beatles). I guess I would say I'm like the J.V. of hipster? I don't know, but when I'm in New York City doing a show, open mic, or just being awesome. I pass by some hipsters and I'm like, " Geez, that is too hip for my blood." Just like when a gay guy passes another gay guy who's too gay for him and says, (gay voice) "What a flamer!" ( I think they think that). They're wearing poke-a-dot rain boots with pink Converse's in them. A tank top with a picture of somebody from a Fascist or Communist party (make it a neon green tank top). Leggings. Gloves with their fingers showing and a cowboy hat. Did I mention this is a guy? Don't get me wrong I love hipster girls, but even some girls it's like, " OK, listen Nylon magazine isn't going to knock on your door sweetie. You can put your sunglasses that are the size of a mini cooper away. Plus, it's 3 A.M.".

If you were to cut me on this line...I'd probably shank you.  Prison style.
If you were to cut me on this line...I'd probably shank you. Prison style.

People Trying To Cut The Line

We all remember when we were little.  The popular girls in front of us in the lunch line talking with their friends.  Me contemplating about what they sounded like back then, sounds like chickens making noise and me shaking my pocket that's full of change.  Just utter noise.  Then the one friend would come over and as if 50 plus people weren't behind her, she just joins in and makes chicken and pocket change noise with them. I'm writing this and it's annoying me.  When your at 7-11 or at the gas station trying to get a dutch (my friend just got married...cough) with a line of 5 people.  Suddenly,  this person walks in and tries to cut you.  Then, your team of 5 people go, " Excuse me...Lines back there." (point to the back of the line.).  At that point,  the person says, " oh, this is the line?".  No jackass.  We're on a field trip.  I'm going to show everyone how to buy a dutch.  For. My. Friend...he's engaged.  Shut up!  Pots better then heroine.  I'll have fun playing video games, eat, and sleep.  Not tweek for 4 days and wake up in Vancouver with a scarf and a chewbacca mask, FUN!!!!


People Driving And Looking At Me As They Pass By

I'm driving. Hands 9 and 3 o'clock (usually just one hand on 6). I see the car passing by my right side with my peripheral vision (stunning for when I know a girl is checking me out.). I look. All of a sudden, I notice this person is looking at me and he/she turns their head super fast to face the road again. Why must you look at me while you drive by? Do you work for the secret service? Am I suspect? Better yet. Are you a serial killer and your driving on the parkway to find out who your next victim is? There is no reason for you to be looking at me. If I honk, then you look and I'm giving you the finger because I find it freaky you just want to stare at a random 25 year old male. Fine, look all you want. If not eyes on the road! Or one hand on 6. It's more relaxing and just way more bad-ass.


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