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SciFi Lover

Updated on December 14, 2010

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Which of these shows was better?

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Do you ever find yourself sitting alone in a room in the dark of the night watching a flickering box and getting entranced by the stories being told?

Being taken away to different worlds and different lives and just letting your imagination roam. Seeing what happens to your favorite characters and how they change and grow (or not) ... imagining what could happen and what does and just letting your mind roam throughout the universe.

I am a SciFi geek and fanatic of the nth order ... I watch almost anything that comes on that has a hint of SciFi in it (From SG-1 and SGA to SG-U ,from Star Trek to SNG, DS9 & Voyager, Farscape & Warehouse 13, Babylon 5 and BSG ... the list goes on!) and although I have found some excellent shows that are both mainstream (X-Files, BSG) and non (Farscape) ... I have also found some really (really) bad ones!

I feel that Science Fiction is just that ... it is a precusor to what could be ... it allows mankind to think about their limits and also how to move past them. Hopefully one simple TV show could one day inspire someone to take that next "one small step" or even allow us to think how we would react if we ever did meet someon else "out there".

TV SciFi Then & Now

As time goes on and effects continually push the boundaries ... what would be considered movie budget only video effects has been seen more and more on Television. Shows like Babylon 5 were obviously CGI whereas only a few short years later Battlestar Galactica was able to portray those same effects in a completely different and more believable manner.

The quality of the acting itself has also improved ... as iconic as Captain Kirk is ... unfortunately - William Shatner is not, what one would consider the best actor in the world! Added to this is the writing and the fact that some of the better and more interesting shows have actually realized that they are telling a story ... this means it should have a beginning ... a middle and an END!

Where do we go from here?

Is there really an end or have we come close to telling all the stories?  The best thing about Science Fiction - good Science Fiction is it is based on Science!  Until humanity loses its curiosity and verve for life learning and growth will only continue.  As we continue to advance as a species the boundaries of what we know and can do will only continue to grow also (I know there is a whole other conversation to be had about Humanities emotional growth and whether we will actually ever be "old" enough to play with the toys we've already built for ourselves - but that's another great thing about SciFi ... not only does it show you the worst possibilities, but it also shows you the positives!  One day maybe a Chekov can work with a Kirk and it will not seem abnormal).

I guess in a nutshell ... we only go UP, UP and UP!!!!  The Universe is waiting and I only hope that I get to see a small part of it.

Best SciFi Shows on now

What is the best SciFi show on TV right now?

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    • My SciFi Life profile imageAUTHOR

      My SciFi Life 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      yeah definitely agree with you on that one ... was a lot of fun to see and the storyline was quite good too. Its a pity - there are a lot of good shows out there that have died too early a death (Firefly), but its good to see that some writers are learning from this and building story arcs that are self contained and complete (B5 and BSG). Thanks for reading!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Space: Above and Beyond was a great show that got axed way before it should have. Good read.


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