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Science Fiction Movie Suggestions

Updated on June 3, 2017

Movies, as we all know, have been the trend in the current media and entertainment culture and lately they have been produced in great numbers especially in the genres of romance, musical, and in science fiction. Science fiction, particularly, has brought interesting concepts that had inspired different scientists and left awe and mixed reactions with the mass audience. As one of the fans myself, these movies has left me in deep thoughts. And as to give you an opinion and a suggestion, I have presented movie plots that came into my mind when I hear the word ‘science fiction’.

1. ISS

Astronaut Outside The International Space Station
Astronaut Outside The International Space Station | Source

Will International Space Station survive the epidemic?

A manned flight has been made to the International Space Station. The flight has been in perfect shape, carrying a few edible and medical supplies and a new crew named Francis. As the spacecraft landed on the scheduled time, Francis was welcomed by the six crews of the station and was guided by one of the crew members, Irene. Irene explained a few things to Francis including his schedule and rule inside the space station. Later that night, all the crew performed a small welcoming party for Francis, which end up to them happily joking around and talking half of the night.

The next day, the crew performed all their scheduled tasks. Everything was completely normal except for the frequent sneezing of Irene. As one of the persons to notice this, Francis recommended Irene to take a break and rest on her bed of which Irene politely refused telling him she was fine.

Astronaut on a Mission
Astronaut on a Mission | Source

The day afterwards, however, Irene, who has now a cough aside from sneezing, was scheduled to fix a damaged system out of the station. And as she was fixing the damaged hardware while communicating with one of the crew, she began seizing together with rapid eye movements. After having lost communication with Irene, crew members decided to pull her out as she slowly was floating in space. Francis led the team and after facing a few obstacles managed to retrieve the floating body Irene. As they landed on the dock, Francis immediately went inside safely and took care of Irene. Unfortunately, Francis and the other crew members were shocked to see Irene’s blue face with her mouth covered in blood. Irene was announced dead and the medically oriented crews conducted their own investigation.

After a series of tests, the members found that Irene was infected by a new strain of pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, they suspected that the station might have been contaminated. All the crew then made several theories to the cause which resulted to the high suspicions on Francis as the cause of the contamination and the death of Irene. Thus, Francis was isolated from other crew members on another space capsule. And hours later, another crew member started showing the same symptoms of frequent sneezing which resulted to a hysteria of the group and paranoia of the victim.

2. Slumber

Sleeping Woman
Sleeping Woman | Source

Will sleep take on Elaine and her daughter?

Elaine, a single mother, was in a tight schedule. She had to take care of her three-year-old daughter at the same time is currently working on an ad company. For now, she is running late due to her daughter suddenly running a fever. As she drove quickly, she busily explains her excuse to her boss on a phone call. Out of sudden, she heard a loud crash. The crash, as thought to be, was from a truck driver and a car colliding. Elaine, who was in a middle of her explanation, excused herself. She was about to go out of her car to look around the incident and inquire what happened when another crash rang in the area. The crash this time was louder and screams of panic and help were heard from afar. Waiting safely amidst life and death situation, Elaine crouched down nervously pleading for everything to stop. The crash continued but after a few minutes, no human voiced was heard.

Still inside her car, Elaine looked around her surroundings and saw people lying on the road. Attempting to safely evacuate herself, she, on the second time, tried to get out of the car but stop midway upon witnessing a woman getting out and collapsing right after. With a paled face and a ragged breathing, Elaine immediately locked the door and the window, and after cried softly.

Car Crash
Car Crash | Source

As she finally regained her calm, she looked around through the window and found that rather than dead, the people on the ground were merely sleeping. She hereafter turned on the radio hoping to get some news and explanation of the incident. Unfortunately, most of the contexts of the news were merely the car crashes.

An hour after, medics starts to come but likewise with the other people ended up on the ground sleeping. The incident regarding the medics collapsing had grabbed the attention of several authorities. An investigation was conducted to give some explanations to the phenomena and was revealed that an airborne virus was responsible for inducing a coma state for the ‘sleeping patients.’ Fearing that this was an epidemic or a terrorist attack, they immediately quarantined the area. The news of the quarantine had been broadcast nationwide.

Upon hearing the broadcast, Elaine fears the safety of herself and her daughter.

3. Dance Macabre

Scary Night
Scary Night | Source

Will Stan dance to his death?

Stan, who has just arrived from his business trip, slept like a log when he arrived home. It was a good night sleep until he was awakened by a loud sound of metal clanging. He stood up while groaning and looks up the clock: midnight. Angrily, he made his way to his bedroom’s window and only to find, as he had initially thought, a drank man dancing his way through the street but only to crash on a metal can and sometime later a car. Thinking it was nothing, Stan went back to sleep.

The next day, Stan was again awakened by a loud bang in his courtyard. Thinking that it was a thief, he hurriedly went to take a gun and make his way towards the area. However, there wasn’t any thief and much to his surprise, he found several crowds dancing. Surprised, he observed and found several people lying on the ground while the people dancing have never mind them. Hereafter, he immediately called the ambulance in order to secure the safety of the people lying on the ground,but only to be revealed on the call that there has been an outbreak in the area.

And that ends the movie suggestions. I hope that you like how my mind crafted the plot summaries and I hope as well that I have inspired you in creating science-fiction themed stories.

Which of the three movies do you like best?

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