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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Updated on August 18, 2016

It's time to earn you zombie-killing badge children.

'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' is the best zombie film I have seen in decades, funnier than both 'Shaun of the Dead' (2004) and 'Zombieland' (2009) and comically gorier than anything in recent years.

'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' is a stone cold macabre, satirical, pop-culture masterpiece.

'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' does not try to compete or replicate the themes of more mainstream zombie movies, and thankfully it sticks to its guns and goes for gold.
This was clearly a labor of love from everyone involved, with solid direction from Christopher Landon who obviously has a love for the genre, and surprised me relentlessly with this film as I was not expecting much from the guy who brought that joke of a movie 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' (2014) to the screen.
Albeit if I had to pick my favourite out of the bleated 'Paranormal Activity' films 'The Marked Ones' would have to be my top choice.

'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' is fun and exciting with plenty of action and gore to satisfy fans of the genre.
The cast is great, with a strong group dynamic and you warm to their charms very easily.

If you mixed both 'The Goonies' and 'Return of the Living Dead' (1985) together you would get 'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse', and that is a film I have wanted to see in years.
'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' captures the charm and nostalgia of our modern day perfectly, and mixes both comedy and horror superbly tilting more in the comedy direction creating the perfect balance.

People are saying this film is not scary… Zombies have not been scary since the godfather of gore 'Gorge A Romero' made 'Night of the Living Dead' (1968)… Even 'The Walking Dead' TV show is not scary; it's an action romp with compelling character-driven drama, zombies in the 21st century are not scary, disgusting and nasty maybe, but not scary.
Zombie Apocalypse movies should be a fantasy, an escapist reality where you can do anything you want and kill without mercy, but with the utmost creativity, and 'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' does just that, it gives you the creativity and the fantasy tenfold, without being shy to splatter the screen with bloody delight.

I hear people saying "but it's not funny"… Did we not see the same film!!!
I will admit the humour is offensive, it is sexist, it is politically incorrect and most of all its totally bad taste, and I love it.
Now people will say it's sexist to women, but they overlook the fact it's also sexist to men as well, so it is an even balance in my opinion.
The humour is clever and full of modern-day pop cultural references, which will most likely be outdated in a decade if not less, but is that not why we love them classic zombie movies of the 1980s.
However in saying that, as long as we have teenagers this type of comedy horror will never fully be outdated.
In the future I want to go to my DVD shelf, pick up a film and watch it, and not come away feeling that it was cynical and cold. NO, I want to feel nostalgic and entertained in the future re-watching these films, and I already know 'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' will give me that feeling.

'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' is a fresh new take on the teen comedy horror made popular in the 80's. This is a pure fun entertaining movie that never leaves you with a boring moment.
The gore is fantastic, the zombies are fun and quirky, and finally zombie animals… Yes, that’s a right ZOMBIE animal… finally ZOMBIE ANIMALS.
My only complaint with this film is the love story subplot; I wanted Ben (Tyler Sheridan) to end up with Denise (Sarah Dumont) but apart from that, for me, the film was awesome in every other aspect.

'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' Is true and honest to its genre, not pretending to be something it is not.
I give 'Scouts Gide to the Zombie Apocalypse' a solid 4 out of 5 stars
A must see for any zombie movie fan.
A must see for any comedy fan.
A must see for any horror movie fan.
How this film only got a 44% on Rotten Tomatoes is beyond me, because in my honest opinion this is going into my TOP TEN best zombie movies of all time.

"Thrill Me"
Detective Cameron
Night of the Creeps (1986)


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