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Sean Paul Song She Doesn't Mind

Updated on March 29, 2012

Review Of She Doesn't Mind By Sean Paul

Sean Paul She Doesn't Mind

Sean Paul She Doesn't Mind is a song that seems to be extremely popular worldwide. Is the song really that good though? Read this review of this Sean Paul song and find out for yourself if the song is any good or not.

The Beat

The beat and rhythm of She Doesn't Mind by Sean Paul is very cool and has a unique sound to it. The beat is quite upbeat, energetic and is easy on the ears. The overall beat is good and it seems that a lot of people enjoy it. The song is definitely a good song to dance to.

The Video

The music video for Sean Paul She Doesn't Mind is one of the best music videos that Sean Paul has done in quite some time. Sean Paul usually does great music videos but this particular video takes the cake on quite a few levels. The creativity of this video is amazing. The concept of the music video is sensational. The video to this song is just very good.


The lyrics to Sean Paul She Doesn't Mind are not heartfelt lyrics or anything of that nature. The lyrics may seem a bit cliche but they do work with this type of song. The lyrics are not breathtaking but they are catchy and easy to get stuck into your head.

Final Verdict

She Doesn't Mind is a great song. The lyrics, music video and beat are all decent. Sean Paul made a good decision to do this song because as mentioned before it really is one of his best songs to date. It is a good song to dance to while out clubbing or at a house party. It is one of those songs that take a long time to get out of your head.


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