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Sean the Sheep

Updated on October 23, 2009
Sean is in the middle on the haybale
Sean is in the middle on the haybale

A fairly new animated TV show, coming out of England, is Sean the Sheep. The show features one sheep, Sean, who is the smartest in the flock. He specializes in unique solutions to farmyard issues. The rest of the flock, including an overweight sheep, a toddler sheep, and a mama sheep complete with curlers in her hair, follow Sean's lead.

The flock is guarded by a dog who inevitably gets caught up in the sheep's adventures and hijinx. He reports, complete with doggy salute, to the balding farmer. The farmer is quite clueless about the goings-on at his farm. Occassionally, he must bear the results of the sheep's activities.

Sean's enemies are three pigs who occupy a pen next to the sheep's grazing field. Whenever possible, the pigs interfere with Sean's plans, using any chance they find to attack Sean, but Sean generally finds a way to comne out on top of the situation.

Each episode is 3-5 minutes. A catchy tune opens the show, quickly drawing kids into the fun. This animated show is geared toward children, although most adults who see it enjoy it as well.


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    • profile image

      Ali 5 years ago

      Yes it is very interesting for the adults as well as the kidsand children of any age. I believe if the producer does not run out of the written texts for the episodes, it will keep running through many generations just as Tom & jerry did. I wonder what is the date of the first episode?