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Seaquest Knight of Shadows Halloween episode

Updated on October 3, 2012


I don't like really scary movies, I am a bit of a wimp. But there are some shows that I watch every year around Halloween and this is one of them. It is just scary enough to be satisfying but not bloody or gross.

Seaquest is a series from the 1990's starring Roy Scheider as Captain Nathan Bridger. The Seaquest, which Bridger designed, is the most advanced submarine in the world. The nations of the world have started fighting over the sea's mineral wealth and building underground colonies.

The Seaquest serves two purposes; it patrols the ocean to keep the peace and it also has a large number of scientists aboard, let by Dr. Westphalen, played by Stephanie Beachum.

Seaquest has a crew of well over one hundred people and they are a combination of civilians and members of the military. The only one on the ship with no official status is Lucas Wolenczak. who is a teenage genius. Lucas is played by Jonathan Brandis and the character has a sort of father/son relationship with Bridger.



Bridger is reading in his cabin one evening, when his communicator starts repeating the same location over and over. Bridger calls Lucas to fix the machine and in the meantime looks the location up in one of his charts.

A ghostly woman reaches out to Bridger from the communicator and then a man reaches through the communicator and throws Bridger across the room.

The next day he directs the crew to go to the location that the ghost mentioned.




Bridger and some of the crew go to explore The George, which has air pockets throughout the ship. The air is breathable but the doctor is worried about nitrogen narcosis, which can make people act oddly.

Dr Westphalen quickly starts acting oddly, changing into a ball gown and acting like she is possessed. More odd things happen, a doorknob is freezing cold then on fire. A door starts bleeding.

This episode isn't scary like a horror movie, but it is plenty scary for me. It made me afraid to look at video that is frozen, in case just part of it starts moving.

This series is sort of forgotten, but I really enjoyed it. Not so much the second season, which was pretty dumb, but the first season which was pretty realistic and the third season which had Michael Ironside starring as the new captain. I will watch him in anything.


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