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Searching for the Perfect Teen Drama/Series : Thoughts on Sex Education

Updated on April 26, 2020
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I was fascinated by this Netflix original series when i first watched it and i wanted to share it with others

Searching For The Perfect Teen Drama/series is a set of articles in which I'm going to review multiple teen series, and then I'll give my opinion on how close it is to being the perfect show.
Today, I'm going to start with one I've recently finished watching: Sex Education. (Feel free to give me any other suggestions in the comments below)

Sex Education is a British comedy-drama web television series created by Laurie Nunn (A Netflix original). As its name suggests, its main topic is sex amongst teenagers. So, if you're uncomfortable seeing naked genitals or sex scenes and references, this show isn't meant for you.


Sex Education follows the life of 16-year-old Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) who lives with his mother Jean (Gillian Anderson), a sex therapist who's constantly embarrassing him in front of his friends when she openly talks about, well, her specialty, or who's always trying to involve herself in his intimate life. Long story short, Otis seems to have inherited his mother's skills and Maeve Wiley (Emma Makey), who's first introduced as a rogue girl with very ill fame, notices that and teams up with him to start a secret business in their school where they'd give sex advise to students and charge them for money. Although it does feel sometimes like things are exaggerated since everyone talks about sexual relationships, I wouldn't have this show made any other way. I believe they chose to embark on a very serious, common, and kind of taboo topic and I give Netflix so much credit for that. Unfortunately, that's pretty much what's happening in many high schools around the world. Some teens are struggling with their sexualities which puts them in many awkward situations while others just want to exit the virgin zone just to 'catch-up' with their peers. Another thing I enjoyed while watching the show is the way they would introduce new characters each episode, each having their own problem and how Otis helps them overcome it while also learning new things as well, considering he's never really been in any relationship.

Otis and his mother
Otis and his mother
Otis with Maeve
Otis with Maeve
Otis giving one of his many therapy sessions
Otis giving one of his many therapy sessions

Season 2's Ending (SPOILER ALERT!)

I was very hesitant before I started watching Season 2's final episode for many reasons: mostly because I didn't want to finish the show, and waiting for at least another year for the new season sounded out of the question. Also, I was a little nervous about the fate of some of my beloved characters and I have to admit: I wasn't disappointed at all. Most of the characters got fair closures: Amy finally got over her 'bus fears' thanks to the new girls' alliance we saw in the previous episode (I'm genuinely happy for her), Jackson and Viv made up and we can definitely see something blossoming between the two of them, and, of course, I can't forget about Adam and Eric. That scene was romantic in every sense of the word; after hearing much-needed advice from his mother, Adam literally runs to the school and interrupts the musical just to declare his love for Eric in front of everyone. That finally proved, to Eric and us the viewers, that he changed for good and that he was proud of himself and no longer ashamed of his bisexuality. The couple might've had a happy ending, yet I do have a hunch that they'll be going through a lot of trouble and challenges.

Amy finally getting in the bus with her 'new' friends
Amy finally getting in the bus with her 'new' friends
Adam's act during the play
Adam's act during the play

However, not everyone got what they deserve. That's right, I'm talking about our favorite star-crossed lovers Otis and Maeve. To be honest, the ending wouldn't be exciting at all if everything was delightful, Netflix has to throw in some complications to keep things spiced up and to have us eager for the next season. Still, that really hurt me: things were going so well for them and the message Otis sent would have melt Maeve's heart if she heard it. But unfortunately, Isaac's jealousy destroyed that chance Otis had. Isaac is probably my most detested character: since he showed up, he's been ruining Maeve's life: first, he turned her against her mother, and then he blew her opportunity with Otis! That's irritating and selfish and I can't wait to see what else does he have in store and how Maeve reacts. Overall the ending was flawless and I honestly think there's nothing shoddy about it. Netflix knows how to keep you interested in their productions.

Isaac following Maeve
Isaac following Maeve

Comedy Aspect

I wouldn't say it's hilarious and obviously, the main goal of this show isn't comedy. You wouldn't find much comedy in the show, just some funny lines, controversies, and probably some clumsy moves all accompanied by some light and joyful tunes. However, the atmosphere was comedy-friendly meaning that: colors were bright and the screen didn't have that dark, grim feeling that you'd see in more serious shows. I have to admit that some scenes made me laugh (and it's really hard to get me laughing) while some other scenes were meant to be funny but they didn't succeed and they were even a little disastrous. My favorite scene is the final one from season 1 episode 5 when multiple students rose in an act of solidarity and said:" It's my vagina !". What made this funny is that Mr. Groff was overwhelmed by all these students saying it was their vagina (even boys were included) and his desperate attempt to silence them was in vain. Also, the final episode with the idea of sexualizing Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliete and turning it into a musical is jaunty

Dancers from Romeo and Juliete play
Dancers from Romeo and Juliete play


In the end, I would definitely recommend this Netflix series whether you're a teenager or an adult. I'm more than sure you'll like it: It's funny, catchy, heartbreaking... just everything you need if you want to pass some time during this quarantine. My personal rating is 9.1/10

I think this show is 90% close of being the perfect teen series: it portrays normal, realistic teenagers with common issues and the characters are varied, each with his unique aspect, story, and addition to the plot. I would say this IS the perfect teen show, but their only flaw is that they talk just about sex and that isn't a teenager's only issue. So please let me know if you watched the show and what do you think about it and stay tuned for a deeper character overview coming shortly.


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