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Season 5 Mad Men Posters!

Updated on November 23, 2013
The latest Season 5 Poster for Mad Men!
The latest Season 5 Poster for Mad Men! | Source

Mad Men Season 5 is only a month away! The award winning show on AMC has been on hiatus since October 2010 and fans of the show are rattling with excitement as the days get closer to the airing of the new season. Mad Men season Five will premier on AMC on March 25, 2012 with a two hour premier! If you didn't realize yet, it's been 16 1/2 months since the last new episode of Mad Men! It will reach 17 months the week before the season 5 premier. For a while the news on a 5th season was hard to come by as i explain in Do You Have Mad Men Withdrawal?, but now that we're less than a month away posters and promos are showing up everyday! The latest poster came out today 2/27/12 and is to the right. The poster has the typical colors and of course Don Draper in it as every season poster does but the mannequins in the window are strange... It's hard to figure if the window display has a meaning or is it just a distraction? Does the naked woman mannequin have to do with women's liberation/feminism in the late 1960's or doe it mean sexual revolution of the late 1960's? or perhaps does it signify women's oppression, since the male mannequin is still dressed? What would this have to do with Don? Then there is the plaement of Don's reflection inbetween the mannequins, does he come inbetween a couple? perhaps Betty and Or maybe the whole window display is just one big distraction and what we should focus on is the fact that Don is looking in a reflection of himself...


Original Season 5 Mad Men Poster

To the right is the first season 5 Mad Men poster! This simplistic poster came out in early January and has Don Draper's silhouette falling against a pure white background with March 25 on the bottom in red and black. This is a variation to the opening sequence of the show where the same black silhouette falls from building. I love the simplicity of this poster so much I even have it as my background on my phone! You can also see this promotion on billboards and subway lines across the country (or probably mostly in NYC and LA). Maybe it symbolizes getting back to the basics of Mad Men or perhaps its just a image thrown out to say "Remember Us" considering the show has been off the air for so long.

Mad Men Season 5 Promo!

Mad Men Season 5 Video Promos!

Another cool promotion for season 5 of Mad Men have been a number of videos put out by AMC. The video to the right was the first one featuring Don Draper. There are a number of other ones on AMC's website featuring Roger, Betty, Joan, Peggy, and Pete. Mad Men is Back! Each video uses shots from earlier episodes to show the characters but also throws in some descriptions of the show like jealousy is back! Although all the videos have some similar words, each one has different words/actions/emotions that are back in relation to the character. This shows how the characters although similar are also different and facing different issues in the show! If your a fan of Mad Men you need to check these out!

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    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      Thanks bizzymom! Thanks for your thoughts as well, I think your on to something but I guess we'll have to wait and find out!

    • bizzymom profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      Another nicely written hub! I think the poster with the mannequins is indicative of Don having to make a choice in Season 5. Could it be whether or not to get married or something business related? Also, I think Season 5 will be similar to Season 1 with Don going back to heavy drinking and cheating....but who knows? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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