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Season Three

Updated on May 5, 2013

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

of what?

The Sarah Connor Chronicles of course.  Duh.  Look at the big image below.

Season Three

about Season Three

Season Three is a fan fiction attempt to create a virtual third season for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a TV series that fans feel was canceled by FOX prematurely. It is arguably the best TV series ever aired and broadcast.

This hub can tell you how to get to get the show back in production. In fact, I'll tell you right now: Follow the links to a Sarah Connor Chronicles site. I have some links included in the next section of this hub.

These sites tell you up front some things fans have done and can try. Another thing to do is attend Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan Conventions or organize one. If all else fails, then use one of my SCC (Sarah Connor Chronicles) short stories as a shooting script and get your friends to be actors and play the characters on the show. Video it and let me know so that I can give you a free plug and promote your SCC video.

The following are links to a fan attempts to simulate a third season --

Booksie chopped off the chapter/episode endings.

Squidoo"s "The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Season Three" was the illustrations for the Booksie chapters/episodes because Booksie does not do PDF files very well.

Scribd was the beginnings of my attempts to combine text and illustration into a graphic novel but Scribd does not keep chapters in numerical order and, after a while, I tired of all the work involved in orchestrating this, the lack of pay, the lack of Scribd keeping the chapters in order, and the lack of feedback from readers.

I have other Sarah Connor lenses at Squidoo which you can visit if so inclined.

Sarah Connor Chronicles

TSCC Trailer Season 3 (fanmade)

Season Three

Season Three

  • the sequel to Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Two

  • action! Higher body count, more gore

  • pictures! Experience it

  • food for thought!

  • SCC was doing alternative universes before Fringe and Lost.

  • Stuff you always wondered about!

  • Producers planned a Season 3 without John Connor! (Thomas Dekker confirmed it.)

For more information go to my Booksie hyperlink.

Season Three

Should I write a Season Four?

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TSCC Season 3 Trailer 2

Bear McCreary

Quiz: Find out if you are a fan of Sarah Connor Chronilces

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in the works

  • pdf version of Season Three
  • news
  • a video (yep you read right)

TSCC Season 3 Trailer (Fan Made)

SCC on SyFy

Sarah Connor Chronicles on the Science Fiction Channel
Sarah Connor Chronicles on the Science Fiction Channel

TSCC - Fight for season 3

What's the chance of the Sarah Connor Chronicles going back into production?

Well before they started re-running the series on the SyFy channel, I would have said zero. Maybe renewed fan interest and the fan convention will change that.

Then the SyFy Channel decided to drop Chronicles in order to run exactly what another network was running: Star Trek re-runs. What The F*ck? Is SyFy morphing into Fox?

Postscript -- The SyFy Channel got its highest ratings with Dune and a Dune sequel and they have never bothered with the other books in the Dune series. I guess they can't stand the idea of getting great ratings by giving their viewers what they want to see.


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