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Sebastian Stan

Updated on June 14, 2017
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Let me introduce....

The Romanian Prince



Sebastian or as co-star Anthony Mackie calls him 'Sexy Seabass' was born in Constanta, Romania! His mother and he moved to austria when he was 8 then to New York at 12. I found out he lived in Rockaland county where some of my own family lives (talk about a small world)

He's an only child, born August 13, 1982 Sebastian went to Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts as well as spent a year at the Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London.

His first project came in 1990 on Law & Order, then had a co-starring role in the 2006 movie The Covenant alongside future Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, and Friday Night Light's Taylor Kitsch. He is still friends with Toby Hemmingway and Chace.

We currently know him best as James 'Bucky' Bucanan or The Winter Soldier in the Captain America films.

Fox NY Winter Soldier Workout

Romanian Interview

Fan made Video tribute


The things I learned from my parents, what was deeply ingrained in their generation, is this idea of opportunity and the freedom to have an opportunity. The way the United States was thought of is as a place you can have this chance to do anything, to say, "This is my idea, and I get to offer it to you, and if you like it, I can profit from it." It's why they were so encouraging of me to act too, because they knew how much easier it was to do here.


Wizard World 2016

80 seconds Filmography

I'm Dying Up here

The Martian

The Bronze

On Broadway ?

Once Upon a Time's Mad Hatter

The Apparition

Gossip Stalker?

Pool and Dressing room scene


2018 Avengers Infinity War

I, Tonya

2017 I'm Dying Up Here (June 4 on Showtime) Plays Clay Appuzzo

2016 Captain America: Civil war

2015 The Martian Chris Beck

Ricki and the Flash Josh

Ant-Man Bucky Barnes 2015

The Bronze Lance

2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier

2012 Labyrinth (TV Mini-Series) Will Franklyn

Once Upon a Time (TV Series) Jefferson / The Mad Hatter-

The ApparitionBen

2012 Political Animals (TV Mini-Series) T.J. Hammond

GOne Billy

2011 Captain America: Super Soldier (Video Game) Bucky Barnes (voice)

Captain America: The First Avenger James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes

2010 Black Swan Andrew / Suitor

2007-2010 Gossip Girl (TV Series) Carter Baizen-

On Gossip Girl he played Carter

and aside from that (from the clip) is all I remember as for me it was too long ago.

I thought that he was also in the last season as a love interest for Blair (some prince or something) I know he & Leighton Meester (Blair) had a relationship off set

2010 Hot Tub Time Machine Blaine

2009 Kings (TV Series) Jack Benjamin-

Spread Harry

2008 Rachel Getting Married Walter / Bowtie Party Guest

2008 Hayden Panettiere: Wake Up Call (Video short) Boyfriend

2007 The Education of Charlie Banks Leo

2006 The Covenant Chase Collins

Chase Collins is the 5th 'son' of the Ipswitch founding families, he killed his adoptive parents on his 18th birthday when he ascended. Not knowing about his addictive powers and that they take away your life force he's in search of gaining the power of the next son to ascend.

Chase becomes good friends with Caleb but the others, mostly Pouge doesn't like the guy.

The Architect Martin Waters

2005 Red Doors Simon

2004Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding Johnny

2003 Law & Order (TV Series) Justin Capshaw

Captain America Civil war on video available in September

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War [Blu-ray]
Marvel's Captain America: Civil War [Blu-ray]

The BEST movie of 2016

There was so much action, I got thirsty just watching!

For the Bucky/Winter soldier fans we get to see quite a bit of him finally (the movie would work as an Avengers movie, there are enough of them in this, plus I think all the characters did get a significant amount of screen time even though Captain America is supposed to be the star.)

Great story arch & yes, our heroes actually fight (unlike in a certain DC movie)

You can find my full review here


Spread Starring Ashton Kutcher

Sebastian Stan 2016 Highlights


What a Flirt

What's your Favorite Sebastian MOVIE project

See results

Facts & Stats

6 feet tall

The Captain America Hair, is not a wig he prefers to grow it out or just change his hair to how its supposed to look for a character.

He's still friends with Covenant Co-stars Chace Crawford & Toby Hemingway

He's a space geek

Played Kent in the Broadway production of "Talk Radio" in 2007

Was originally Considered for the role of Steve Rogers in Captain America

appears in two features nominated for a 'Best Picture' Academy Award 2010s Black Swan and 2015s The Martian.

always wanted to to play Billy Idol, and wants a movie adaptation of the Motley Crue book.

He's right handed

He took writing classes and writes short stories, but nothing for a book

Sebastian learned of The Winter Soldier movie on July 4th 2012 (U.S. Independence day) from a friend congratulating him, on the Captain America sequel being titled "The Winter Soldier"

His favorite movie as a kid was Encino Man

before acting 'all he knew was Astronomy and WWF (now the WWE) wrestling.

Was voted Most likely to become a celebrity in his (Congers) yearbook

Sebastian With Blond hair! looking like Sid Vicious

Quick facts

Facebook Livestream

Captain America movies as Winter Soldier


On his Role

History of the Winter Soldier (comics)

The Winter Soldier aka James 'Bucky' Bucanan

Captain America the First Avenger

Bucky & Steve Rogers grew up together, they're like brothers and after Steve's mother dies, Bucky is basically the only family Steve has left.

A tall handsome ladies man, Bucky was the first to make it into the military, while the short and scrawny Steve kept trying at every recruitment center.

While on a mission with the 107th, Bucky and most of the troop were captured, Bucky was experimented on but was not yet brainwashed into the Winter Soldier yet. On a mission with Cap and the Howling Commandos to seize a train and get Hydra scientist Zola (I think was the name) while taking fire, the side of the train is opened, Bucky uses Cap's Shield and takes a shot off it from enemy fire, knocking him out of the train to hold on to a broken railing for dear life, and falls to his demise.

Bucky- "Don't Do anything Stupid until I get back"

Steve: "I can't, you're taking all the stupid with you"

Winter Soldier

We learn all these years that S.H.I.E.L.D. is compromised and Hydra has been laying in wait to attack from inside. When the Winter Soldier attacks there is not much known about him. Black Widow tells Steve he had 2 dozen kills over 50 years and that it was the Winter Soldier who gave her the scar she has on her left hip "No more bikinis"

During a massive fight scene around a bridge, it is revealed that Bucky is the Winter Soldier and Cap you can see is crushed while being taken into Hydra custody. While in the van he's mumbling to himself (when he rescued Bucky and faced the Red Skull) they must have done something to him for him to survive the fall. You see when Bucky's back in Hydra's hands the hazy flashbacks of him in the snow, bleeding, Hydra cutting what remained of his arm off or putting the mechanical one on, then looking at his new appendage. After they realize he's be compromised, he's in for another round of brainwashing...

Civil War

Bucky is on the run and in Budapest and yes that is Sebastian speaking in his native Romanian tongue.

We learn how the Winter Soldier or as he's called in the previous movie "The asset" is activated. With the words (said in Russian)

Longing Rusted 17 Daybreak Furnace 9 Benegin Homecoming 1 Freight Car

he's ready to comply

So much happens in the movie, I've only seen it once and can't remember it all but you can read my review here

Activating the asset


Film vs Comic

107 Captain America: Winter Soldier Facts

Bucky Featurette

Bucky This is War

Vs Winter Soldier Bucky

Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Official Civil War interview

Fun Interview with Mackie & Sebastian

'Classic' Chris & Stan tribute vid

The Guys talking smack

Capt. America Civil War cast on AOL build

Evanstan- Talk dirty to me


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