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Secret Life... -- Bad Daddy Day

Updated on April 10, 2012

Actually, none of the dad's seemed bad, but the teens were acting like they were horrible monsters because they had to have dinner with them. I actually thought I was a bit harsh saying that most of the characters on the show were unlikable, but they really are.

Amy is still freezing former friend Madison out, even though she did nothing to her. She says unless Lauren forgives Madison, which Amy knows she won't, she will never be friends with her again. In short, Madison's got a bad odor and one she doesn't want to smell. She rushes to call Lauren to tell her that Madison wanted her to be friends with her, again. As if...Dr. Fields walks in and wants to know why Lauren doesn't want to be friends with Madison anymore. In return, she cops a whole lot of attitude with him and lies about why she doesn't want to be friends with her. Me to Lauren: Beeyotch, please! If your father didn't fork out the money for all those little luxuries you enjoy you'd be nowhere. Show some respect!

It turns out the Principal of students attending summer school sent notes to the fathers about having dinner with their kids. George is the next one to invite a thankless child to dinner. Little Amy is glad Ricky's mom will be there, since Nora makes having to spend time with her father more tolerable. Me to Amy: Unfortunately, nothing can make you more tolerable.

Little Ricky has a better idea. Why don't he and Nora have dinner together instead of with George and Amy. Nora will tell George, says Nora, and Ricky can tell Amy. You should see the look of abject fear on the boy's face at the thought of having to tell her that. Dude's already stomped on and beaten and they're not even married. Anyway, Ricky never summons up the guts to tell her and Little Amy gets blindsided when she shows up at dinner with George.

Ricky, however, has enough of his waning manhood left to give Benji Boy a hard time about being a pothead and dating a pothead and maybe he should do what Leo says. Ben is madly in love after knowing Dylan for two seconds and vows nothing will keep him from seeing her.

Dr. Fields finds out what Madison really did to Lauren when Leo is having a counseling session with him. He tells him Madison screwed on Lauren's boyfriend Jesse. Meanwhile, Madison tells an even more watered down version of what she supposedly did to make Amy and Lauren turn on her to her father Morgan. Morgan has a brilliant idea which isn't really terrible. He calls Dr. Fields up and suggests they have dinner with all three girls to try and patch their differences up. So when Amy shows up for dinner that's what she's greeted with. She didn't want to have dinner alone with her Daddy. Well, guess what, honey, you're not.

The dinner was actually the highlight of the episode. Funniest part was when a clueless George was curious about what Madison did and Little Amy whipped out her phone and texted George about just what he did and George's reaction was so freaking hilarious. Morgan finally found out what Madison really did when it came out at the dinner table.

After Madison and Lauren and their respective daddy's left, George and Amy had a father-daughter moment that explains why she finds him so intolerable. See Daddy isn't afraid of Ames and tells her things she doesn't want to hear. He tries to get Amy to forgive Madison and then points out Amy isn't any better than Madison. I wanted to kiss him for saying that to her, because she thinks she's better than everyone else. Needless to say, she gets out of their like a bat out of hell.

Adrienne also has dinner with her father, where she gives him a carefully edited version of what's going on. He's not thrilled she slept with Omar. He'd be even less if he knew what happened between her and Henry. When he starts spouting in Spanish, I didn't get much of it except telenovella. From that I'm guessing he was complaining that it was like a freaking soap opera.

Leo invites Dylan and her parents to his house for drinks and tells them about Ben's life. He even gets Dylan to admit to her parents the pot wasn't Ben's. It gives Ben hope he'll be allowed to eventually date Dylan. Meanwhile, Leo is sent pictures of him and Camille out together. I can't recall what Leo's soon-to-be ex's name played by the divine Jennifer Coolidge but I'm guessing the pics came from that sleazy guy she hooked up with at the airport.

Ricky in his submissive way tries to get Amy to forgive Madison, at which point, I [as a new viewer] learn one of those gems I wasn't aware of. Seems George and Kathleen were married before George married Ann and had the Double A's [Amy and Ashley]. And get this, she still hasn't forgive her father for it. Excuse me, he didn't cheat on your mother. Get over yourself. Let's hope her son doesn't turn out to be the self-righteous and judgmental prig that she is.

Jack is still trying to get back with Grace, but I don't know why he's even bothering. She claims her life went downhill from the moment they slept together. He can't leave her company soon enough. Then Kathleen calls to rock Grace's world about the news her father had a girlfriend. And said girlfriend had their love child. Jacob, that child, wants Kathleen to bring him home with her, and she's not that anxious to do it, still reeling from what she just found out.

Lauren cops more tude with her father, but Dr. Fields perseveres and Lauren admits she's got a dog-in-the-manger attitude about Madison doing Jesse, because at the point Madison did him, Lauren didn't even like Jesse. It seems like Lauren will eventually forgive Madison, but what will Little Miss Unforgiving Amy do, since she's smug in the assurance Lauren won't forgive Madison? Will she suddenly be friends again with Madison or will she continue to treat her like a smelly diaper she wants nothing to do with?

Madison and Morgan have a father/daughter powwow, as well. Madison cops that part of the reason she did what she did was she was annoyed at how perfect Lauren is. Her father suggests she write Lauren a letter telling her why she did what she did and that she's sorry for it.

From the previews for next week, it looks like little Amy is afraid she might be pregnant. Doesn't the girl know how to use birth control or a condom?


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