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Secret Life -- Ben and Dylan's First Date

Updated on May 1, 2012

Amy Gets A Whiff Of George And Kathleen And She's Not Happy; But Then When Is She Ever?

Before I get into this recap, I've got to ask: Who has such super neat drawers and closet like Ben does? Seeing that drawer full of super neatly folded shirts creeped me out. I fold my clothes neatly but when I search for a particular top, my drawers get messed up. They don't stay that obsessively-compulsively perfect. It's just not natural. His closet was just as bad. I'm like, doesn't this kid have any T-shirts or casual clothes? Even the jeans were pristine. That's just not normal.

Anyway, it's Ben and Dylan's first date. For Dylan it's her first date, ever. Her mother is taking so many pictures you'd think she was going to the prom or something. Even though it's her first date, for some reason Ben comes off as the innocent one. He takes her to a restaurant he's been with Adrienne before. Dylan gets him to sneak her into his father's closed butcher shop. They make so much noise, they wake a sleeping Ricky and Amy. Let's just say, it isn't a pleasant encounter, especially when Ricky asks how Amy and Ben picked a date when they got married. That's something Ben neglected to mention to Dylan. He says it's because it was never legal. And his comment when Dylan asks if he ever slept with Amy that that would be basically something he'd never forget doesn't sound good, either.

I'm usually not on Team Amy's side, but I was kind of on her side on one issue. Amy apparently went up to Grace and mentioned Jacob so Grace called Kathleen, who called George demanding Amy apologize to Grace. Really? I don't think what Amy did was any big deal and certainly not owing an apology. Does Graceless apologize for all her nasty behavior, especially towards Jack? Heck, no! Anyway, this gives Amy a whiff that something might be going on between George and Katherine and Amy no likey. She asks George why he can't just get back together with Ann.

First of all, let me say, I told you so. Little Amy would have a fit about this, and she's on the right track. Amy tries to get Ricky to go over and find out what's going on between George and Kathleen. He's not interested and wants Amy to set a wedding date, and that's something she's not interested in doing. She says she doesn't want to get married while in high school after having a baby in high school. Anyway, if you want something done, do it yourself, so she calls up Graceless to apologize and ask her what's going on between George and Kathleen. Graceless slams the phone down in her ear, but needless to say, she's no more in favor of George and Kathleen than Amy is.

George is repulsive. I can't believe I liked him. Not only is he trying to convince Ann she's gay to explain why she doesn't want to get back together with him. He's now putting nasty little thoughts in Kathleen's head that her husband is cheating on her. When Kathleen probes Jacob for info on Jeff and if he's cheating, Jacob wisely suggests she's looking for an excuse to end her marriage. She finally admits to George she doesn't want to be married to Jeff, which makes George inordinately happy. Nora makes him even happier by telling him Ann is happy, since he doesn't feel he can be happy, unless Ann is happy. George confesses to Kathleen he'd like a do-over with his life. Don't tell your kids that, George, or they might get the wrong or perhaps right idea. Kathleen gets the message and seems to be on the same train of thought.

Add Camille to the characters I don't like on the show. Leo and Camille were having dinner together when Betty showed up. Leo tried to give her the bum's rush, but Betty is not a person that can take a hint. Anyway, Camille enters and gets her nose out of joint and takes off. Leo goes running after her, and she wants to know how he could have married Betty. I'm guessing what she meant was someone like Betty. Frankly, I think Betty is more likable that stuck-up Camille. She doesn't take it well when Leo says he's going to remain friends with Betty. That was a shocker since the way he's treated her the last few eppies. I don't think that sits well with Miss Camille. She tells Leo she wants children and slams the door in her face. What does him being friends with Betty have to do with them having kids together? Frankly, Camille better get on the having kids thing because she looks like her child bearing years are almost over.

Adrienne was reacting to receiving her divorce papers. Me, I was cheering she was finally free of Ben. He treated her horribly after she had her miscarriage and was going through hell. She keeps putting them out on the recycle bin so she doesn't have to look at them, while someone keeps bringing them back to her. Omar finally gets Adrienne to discuss her feelings about her divorce.

Graceless hangs out at Jack's house in Jack's room still wanting to be just friends and it seems putting up with all her nasty behavior is paying off, as they enjoy a necking session when he brings her home. Omar even catches them swapping spit. Can't feel sorry for Jack, because he knows what Graceless is. It's not like she's hiding her ugly personality from him, so he definitely knows what he's getting.

Finally, I've got to hand it to this show to make you want to smack a Downs Syndrome character. Tom wants to drive Jacob over to see Graceless. Not a good idea. He claims he has a driver's license, which is news to Kathleen. When she won't let him have her car, he goes and steals Rachel's keys and gets Jacob to go with him. They get lost and the cops come up behind them. Jacob's afraid he's going to get deported. The cops want to see Tom's license, but he won't hand it over, instead he gives them a fishing license. Anyone want to bet Jacob will get the blame for this? You know, Jacob, I don't think getting deported back to Africa would be the worst thing for you. Do you really want to hang out with this group of people? I know I wouldn't.


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