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Secret Life -- Four Wedding Receptions And No Wedding

Updated on July 11, 2012

As to be expected, Ricky doesn't like lying to everyone about their fake marriage, but Amy loves it and wants to keep on lying. She thinks since her parents did it, there's no reason why they can't do it, too. Ricky doesn't want to be her parents. When he wants to discuss this further, since Amy says she has to be off to school, she tells him the discussion is closed. She likes being faked married and what Amy likes Amy has no intention of changing. And this here is why I don't believe these two will ever make a long-term relationship go. They're fundamentally different and at some point Ricky's going to get sick of it's Amy's way or no way at all.

George discovers that Ashley has run-off to Italy and thinks Ann gave her the money. Turns out she didn't. Nor did boyfriend Toby who got left a Dear Toby letter along with George and Ann. It turns out Ashley got the money form her Alzheimer's stricken granny. She also sends an envelope to Amy, but since Amy absolutely stinks at the family thing, she doesn't open it. She thinks it's just a letter from granny. Bet there's money in there, too. I honestly don't know why anyone would want Ashley around. The girls is such an unpleasant little rodent.

Grace has become persona non grata as far as Adrian and Jack are concerned. After blowing off both, she's trying to come around and pushing her religion at them. Jack tells Grace not to show up at his football practice again and Adrian can't wait to get away from Grace when she runs into her at the college bookstore. Before Grace departs she reveals that Ben accused Omar of being a pervert and since Omar demanded an investigation to prove that he isn't it could backfire on him. Adrian drops by the school to see Omar and he's told she has to leave the door open. Caitlin shows up and gets Omar to walk away from Adrian. I really find her attitude to Adrian annoying. I have to say the actress is as annoying on this show as she was on 7th Heaven.

Ben goes to see Ruben and since Leo has been telling Ben to handle this situation like an adult, he decides to confess to his part in the school fire. Ruben suggests he get an attorney, but his attorney walks off when he won't take her advice. Ben covers for Dylan by saying he doesn't remember who lit the buntsen burner when he clearly remembers it's Dylan. When Leo finds out what Ben did he's appalled. He just wanted to teach Ben a lesson; he never thought Ben would go to the police and spill his guts.

Madison and Lauren tells Amy they want to throw her a wedding reception but she nixes the idea. However, they decide to do it anyway and call and ask Ann if she'd mind. Ann would very much mind and decides she's going to throw one instead. When she tells Amy what she wants to do, Amy says Ricky won't allow it and Ricky says is the way it goes.

At this point, you want to slip a few "How dumb is Ann" jokes in. How dumb is Ann? Her ex-husband had to tell her she was gay. How dumb is Ann? She actually believed this Ricky is the boss nonsense. I actually thought she was getting suspicious of Amy's fake marriage, but no, she bought what Amy said and goes to bug Ricky at the butcher shop to get him agree to go along with the wedding reception. He does when Dumb Ann tells him the what Ricky says goes nonsense Amy used to try and get out of it. Dumb Ann is relieved since she was afraid Amy didn't want her at her wedding.

Turns out Dumb Ann is right. Amy admits to Ricky she doesn't want her mother at her wedding, that's why she wanted to run-off to get married. She isn't comfortable about her mother being gay.

Ann's little reception isn't the only one Ricky and Amy have to worry about. Madison and Lauren are still planning to hold one for Amy and Ricky, too. Margaret also plans a dinner for them. Even Nora is planning something at a restaurant until she discovers how much it'll cost.

It seems since the show has finished it's atrocity of all the gay stereotypes now it's about to do a number on teacher's being accused of improper behavior. Oh, joy!


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