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Secret Life -- George Needs A Live-In Nanny

Updated on May 8, 2012

Amy's worst fears are realized

George's attempts to woe Kathleen are thwarted by the fact he has young Robbie to take care of while Ann is off on her European Vacation. He tries to leave Robbie with Nora so he can go to the police station with Kathleen to support her while she goes to get Tom and Jacob, but Nora reminds George that Ann doesn't want her looking after Robbie and if she finds out she'll never leave him alone with Robbie, again. So he calls up Amy wanting her to come over in the middle of the night and she tells him no. It's also makes her warning bells about him sniffing around Kathleen again ring loudly. Kathleen ends up handling it without George, although he tries talking to Tom like he's already the man of the house.

Tom, for his part, doesn't seem to think he did anything wrong. He isn't happy that Rachel is moving out of the guest house. He wants her to stay because she has a car. He also isn't happy when Kathleen tells him he's moving back into the house. He wants to live out in the guest house. Kathleen, however, has told Grace she can live out in the gate house, if she'll finally talk to Jacob. She's going to let Jacob have Grace's room.

Tom's desire to be able to drive brings up an interesting question. Can someone with Down's Syndrome drive. Could they take driving lessons and past the driving test and get a driver's license. Tom claims he has one, but he won't show it to anyone, so it could be a lie. He's not above lying to get what he wants since he doesn't seem to have very good judgment.

Grace and Jacob have an instant sibling rivalry when they try to outdo each other for things they did with their father, but otherwise they seem to get on pretty well. Jacob reveals something to Grace that Kathleen isn't aware of. Their father met his mother while they were both in med school and fell in love long before he met Kathleen.

When Amy goes home to do her laundry, George takes off, dumping Robbie on her. I'm not usually Team Amy, but I was on her side for once. Especially when George wanted her to quit her job all so she could look after his kid so he could pursue a romantic relationship with his ex-wife. And unless he's blind, deaf and dumb, he has to know Amy doesn't like Kathleen. Dude, put a freaking ad in the paper and hire a nanny.

Anyway, when Nora got back, Amy finally found the answers she was looking for, but didn't like them when she got them. She pretended that she was okay with George getting together with Kathleen and said if her father was happy, she'd be happy. Yeah, right. Believing her, Nora says she think George has always been in love with Kathleen and never really got over her. Hearing this devastates Amy and she breaks down crying.

Adrienne drops by the butcher shop to say an official goodbye to Ben, but he has no clue what she's talking about. Leo never gave him his divorce papers. Afterwards he feels bad about how he acted towards Adrienne. When he blows off a date with Dylan to go and see Adrienne, she shows up at Adrienne's. Omar isn't too please that Adrienne tried to get rid of him so she could be alone with Ben. Needless to say when Ben shows up it's a very awkward foursome. He agrees to go out and get a pizza so they can all have dinner together.

The ex Dylan should worry about isn't Adrienne. Ben and Amy run into each other while both are ordering take-out pizza. He asks her if she'd like him to wait with her until her pizza arrives, even though he already has his own. Earlier, Ben was giving Ricky a hard time about Amy not setting a date. He says Ricky will really look like a fool if Amy dumps him after proposing to her in front of the entire high school at graduation.

George calls Ann to want to make sure that it's really over between them. She says they're not getting back together. This makes him feel better about pursuing Kathleen, but if Ann is anything like Amy something tells me she'll be changing her mind if she finds out he's sniffing around Kathleen. George is even happier when Kathleen informs him she talked to Jeff and they're going to get a divorce. George, in his usual crass manner, asks Kathleen if they can have sex and she says not for a couple of months after her divorce is final.

The show is still pursuing this Ann is gay thing. A shop girl asks Ann out on a date, but Ann turns her down.

Meanwhile George decides to take advantage of Nora living with him. He takes off and has her look after Robbie. So that's two things that will upset Ann's apple cart when she finally returns from Europe.

The real big thing to happen this episode is Ben and Amy reconnecting. Like George with Kathleen, I don't think Ben has really gotten over Amy.


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