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Secret Life -- Going To The Chapel

Updated on June 12, 2012

But did they really get married?

That's what I keep wondering. They showed Ricky and Amy coming out of the chapel of love but they never actually showed the two of them getting married and taking wedding vows. And you'd think they'd show them getting married, if they'd actually gotten married. So even though it appears they got married, I wouldn't be surprised if next week it's revealed they decided not to actually go through with it.

Ann wants to spend time with her girls now she's come out of the closet and she's upset when Amy isn't answering her phone calls. She's also not happy when George gives her a vague answer about Ricky and Amy deciding to go away for the weekend. As it turns out George knows exactly what they've gone off to do and even gave them money to honeymoon in a hotel.

When Nora drops by and wonders if the kids could have gone off to get married, she freaks at the thought of not being there to see them marry. He worries since Nora and Ann are talking that she'll impart her suspicions on to Ann and worries what kind of deep doo-doo he's going to be in if Ann finds out he knew and kept it a secret and even helped them to do it.

George gets his own unpleasant shock when he walks into Ashley's bedroom and find her sleeping with Toby in it. She tells him coldly that they were just sleeping but they have been having sex. Ashley's the type of kid that would make a parent want to run away from home. She's totally unmoved when George cries about it and it's actually Toby who goes to talk to George. I swear this character comes off as a total sociopath.

Biggest Douche Bag Award has to go to Ben who tries to make Henry feel all guilty about having sex with Adrian for why he doesn't want to hang with Henry when the truth is he feels too guilty about having sex with Alice. Later, Leo overhears Ben on the phone with Dylan talking about them burning down her school. He comes to Ben and asks him pointblank if he had anything to do with the fire at Dylan's school and he looks Leo in the eye and lies about it. Much later Ben hears Leo talking to Camille about Ben lying to him about the school fire and that he believes Dylan is evil and about all the mistakes Ben has made. After that, Ben tries to breaks things off with Dylan and she threatens him that Pudding Pop won't protect him about the school fire if they're not together, but then claims she's just joking. However, Ben backs down from breaking up with her.

You know, Leo has been going on about how bad Dylan is from the start and now Adrian's telling her father she thinks Dylan is crazy. I really don't see it. I think Ashley fits that description more. Yes, Dylan is manipulative and she's getting Ben to lie to his father and it's getting a little Glenn Close about the way she tried to befriend Ben's exes, but that doesn't make her evil. But since the show is having all these characters say this about her, that's obviously where they're going with this character. Wouldn't be surprised if it's revealed Dylan went back to the school and set the school on fire on purpose so she could go to school with Ben.

Adrian's not having a good day. She gets handed her diploma without any pomp and circumstance and this major milestone becomes a big nothing for her. As she's cleaning out her school locker, she finds three pictures: Omar, Ben and Ricky's. She leaves Ben and Omar's pictures behind and takes Ricky's picture saying she'll be seeing him soon when they start going to school together. Can you say trouble?

When she gets home Grace is there to tell her she's moving out and also to tell Adrian she doesn't want to be friends with her any longer because of the two kisses. Thankfully, her father shows up with flowers to congratulate her on graduating and she confides in him that she's not ready to be involved with anyone, while Omar is ready to get serious.

Grace spreads the magic when she gives George a hard time for going out with Kathleen. When she goes back to her cottage she drops to her knees and prays and beats herself up as she vows to God she will never have sex again. When Jack shows up, she tells him she won't be having sex with him, and he takes it pretty well. As it turns out, Jack appears to have finally grown tired of her games and he's going to date Daniel's ex, I think. The way he said it, it was hard to tell if he meant Daniel's ex or a friend of Daniel's ex. Needless to say that wasn't music to Grace's ears as she looked like she was sucking on a lemon as he walked out the door.

It was a rare episode, this week. Amy was happy and that happens as often as Halley's Comet comes around. I still have my doubts they actually got married though. If they'd gotten married, why wouldn't they show them taking vows? That's why I think it's going to come out that they didn't actually get married, after all.


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    • hbentleymom profile image

      hbentleymom 5 years ago from Alabama

      I love this show and was so glad to actually see Amy smile again! I hope they really did get married but I do wish they would have showed the wedding.

      I wish they would do something new with Ashley, if she is going to be on the show I really don't want to watch her look like she is in pain all the time no matter who she is around.