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Secret Life -- Jack's Life Hangs In The Balance

Updated on September 1, 2012

The Summer Finale

For weeks Secret Life has been teasing about someone leaving forever. It actually turned out to be Dylan. She told Ben she and her friends have also decided to attend that all-girl private school. She also reveals she doesn't want Henry. That's no problem, as Henry doesn't want her, either. He was only going after her to get back at Ben.

The Amen II stuff was still going on with Creepthan and Kathy. I've got a bad feeling she'll end up keeping her baby just as Creepthan wants. The adoptive dad wants Kathy to stay away from Creepthan and doesn't want to be in the delivery room when the baby is born. After the way Creepthan treated the adoptive parents the first time they met him, I can understand them wanting him out of the picture.

The original Amen seems to still be going strong, too, at least as far as Ben is concerned. He's convinced he's going to get another chance with Amy. Weird thing is, he may be right. This Ricky/Clementine thing is getting a bit out of hand. Ricky is now lying to Amy about spending time with her. He asked Amy not to hurt him, but I've got a bad feeling he'll be the one to hurt and betray her. I think Adrian even said awhile back that when she was with Ricky he just couldn't be faithful to her. Ben also revealed to Amy he knows she isn't really married to Ricky, but he said he'd keep her secret.

The big story of the night was Jack being beaten by the pimp who is still on the loose. News of what happened to Jack spread as everyone began to gather at the hospital. Grace was feeling a lot of guilt for the way she'd treated him. Jack's plight affect everyone.

It appeared that Adrian agreed to marry Omar, as he painted a ring on her finger with a magic marker. Have to say I wasn't thrilled about that. Omar is kind of a jerk 90% of the time. He won't respect Adrian's wishes to not make a commitment and give her time. When she was worried about staying alone in her apartment because the pimp approached her, he tried to use the situation to get her to make a commitment to him. Does he think forcing and pressuring someone to agree to marry him is the recipe for a happy marriage? If he is, the dude is nuts.

Meanwhile Ricky confessed to George that he's not sure he really wants to go through with marrying Amy if she doesn't really want to marry him. He didn't have a problem with that before, since Amy pretty much hasn't wanted to marry him since the ring went on her finger. It's only now his buddy Clementine is back that he suddenly doesn't want to go through with it.

In other news, Nora is not happy that her AA sponsor looks well on her way to becoming Anne's new girlfriend. And Leo and Camille agree to take in the teen hooker that Jack helped. Only question is will she be a new love interest for Ben or will she be the Ricky in Amen II since Creepthan is still on Ben's tail about becoming his mentor.

As for Jack we don't really know if he's alive or dead. His parents came out and said everyone should pray. That could mean either Jack is dead and everyone has to pray for Jack's immortal soul to make it to heaven or that he's in very critical condition and only God's help can save him.


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