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Secret Life -- Second Thoughts

Updated on March 27, 2013

Original Airing: March 25, 2013

Okay, just why are we supposed to care about Ethan and Kathy? She showed up one day and obnoxious Ethan attached himself to her like a leech. Granted, they’re both annoying, but she’s less so than he is. Nothing he said to Kathy’s father Edward got him to agree to her come back with him. Considering he alternated between trying to lay a guilt trip on the man for sending his daughter away and copping a nasty attitude with him, it’s no wonder. If you don’t want someone to agree to something, send this obnoxious jerk in to try to talk them into it. He’ll end up insulting the person he’s trying to convince to do something. Kathy got to go back with Ethan, but only because the impassioned speech she gave her parents of how she’d built a new life for herself while living with her grandmother.

The only good thing Creepthan did was to make Ben see the light that Amy isn’t his first love or the great love of his life. He recalled he was first smitten with Grace, but Alice said he’d never have a shot with her and suggested he give Amy a try. Ben also questioned if he felt more sympathy because Amy was pregnant than true love for her. Leo, however, is unaware of Ben’s epiphany and sets Ben up on a blind date. Leo’s so desperate to get Ben free of Amy he actually sets him up with dastardly Dylan. Later, Ben tells Leo his epiphany about Amy and says he might be willing to give Dylan another go now he’s free from his Amy Love Virus.

Ben’s epiphany comes at very ironic time. Ricky has a session with Dr. Fields and nothing he says about Amy bodes well to happily ever after for them. He says he doesn’t like her and he’s still bitching about the wedding gown she picked out. He admits he’s thought about cheating on her a few times. He says his relationship with Adrian was better and Adrian acted like she really loved him while Amy doesn’t. He also admits he doesn’t want to marry her and feels he should love her because they have a child together, basically.

Kathleen also seems to be having a bit of buyer’s remorse, as well. She’s questioning why she’s with George. Is it because she truly loves him or because he’s her first love? It doesn’t help when they try to have sex together, George can’t get it up.

George has a lot on his mind. He admitted to David he had a paternity test on Robie a long time ago and knows he’s not Robie’s bio father, but he insists that he’s Robie’s real father, since he’s been the one to raise and nurture him. David, however, subscribes to the sperm makes you a father, not taking care of a child and raising him. He makes it clear to George he intends to totally phase George out of Robie’s life. The sad and ironic thing is George brought the whole thing on himself. If he hadn’t made the remark he did to this Doofus David at the hospital this wouldn’t be happening. Because he did he may lose his son.

Ricky may not be the only one who needs to book some time on Dr. Field’s couch. For some insane reason Jack has got it in his head that God has miraculously healed him and he doesn’t need to wear his arm and leg cast any longer. Sounds more like that pimp hit him a little too hard in the head. He even declares it’s inspired him to become a minister. Even Grace, head of the local God Squad branch, thinks he’s flipped his noodle. She refuses to cut off his casts. She, however, takes him to the hospital so someone will tell him he hasn’t been miraculously healed and needs to wait the proper amount of time for his bones to heal. I don’t know if the hospital took any x-rays through his casts to prove to him his bones are still knitting, but a staff psychiatrist came to talk to Jack and suggested he book an appointment with him. Personally, I think this insane belief he’s got in his head that’s he’s been healed is coming from his desperation to get back on the football team.

Ben makes peace with Omar and wishes him and Adrian a happy future together. Omar, meanwhile, goes and gets his grandmother’s engagement ring and proposes to Adrian again and she accepts. He seems to have finally come to terms with Adrian wanting a long engagement, since she’s not ready to get married, yet. Omar also reveals he pitched his idea for making educational DVD’s that could be played on public television so people who can’t afford school could get an education. He was given a big check to make his dream a reality.

As all this madness is going on around her, Amy remains oblivious. She has no clue that Ben has decided he may have never really been in love with her and Ricky doesn’t want to marry her.

As the episodes dwindle down to the show’s series finale, I think some of the stories may have been rewritten to fast track them. Like George always knowing he wasn’t Robie’s bio father. If he really knew David was Robie’s father, he wouldn’t have made the remarks to him at the hospital that he did. Even George wouldn’t be that crazy. If he knew he wasn’t Robie’s bio father the last thing he’d want to do was to make David suspect he was Robie’s father. Adrian and Omar are another story. Last we heard from Omar he was pressuring Adrian to marry him right now and couldn’t get why she wanted to wait until she finished her education. And the Ben suddenly realizing he never really loved Amy seems like yet another.

The whole thing of Leo trying to get Ben and Dylan back together was beyond crazy. Leo hated Ben’s relationship with her. She got Ben in nothing but trouble. As bad as Amy might be for Ben in Leo’s mind, I doubt she ever came close to getting Ben put in prison for burning down a school or had people thinking Ben was a pothead. I guess since Adrian is taken and trying to push Alice and Ben together would be just too creepy, he scraped the bottom of the barrel with Dylan. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

My personal prediction is the show will play this will Ricky and Amy really marry or won’t they game, until they finally do marry. As for Ricky’s hatred of Amy’s wedding gown, he’ll be stunned by how beautiful it becomes, proving the fact a groom should not see his bride’s gown before the wedding. I don’t see George and Anne getting back together by the end of the series, unless they suddenly make her un-gay. However, with this show, that’s not entirely beyond the realm of possibilities. Kathleen questioning why she really got back together with George and them not being able to be intimate doesn’t seem to bode well for their future as a couple. Although, perversely I hope they stay together, because I like them together. She fits George better than that group of harridans Anne gave birth to.

One last word. No more Ethan and Kathy. It’s ridiculous how much airtime has been devoted to this insta-couple.


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