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Secret Life -- Sex Talk

Updated on August 7, 2012

Sex talks seemed to be on the menu, tonight, as we got treated to several sex talks. It was mostly some of the girls worrying if they were giving good sex and if their man would cheat on them. We also got another Repulsive Ben scene tossed in at the start of the show.

The show started out with Amy worrying that Clementine left her sweater at the apartment to pay Ricky a visit while she's gone and getting it on. Not sure if Amy came up with that on her own or if Adrian put the idea in her head. As it turns out, the only guy Clementine pays a visit to is Jack. Apparently, Jack claimed he was falling in love with her and that's why she put out for him. She says she's a nice girl; although that wasn't my impression of her. She tells some sob story about how her life was ruined because of her cheating daddy. After she leaves, Jack calls up Grace promising not to cheat and to become a Christian again for her.

Bamy II aka Ethan and Kathy are treading down Bamy territory as Ethan starts to get a little too involved in Kathy's pregnancy. Kathy asks him to meet the adoptive parents, but after talking with Amy retracts the offer, so Ethan doesn't get too involved in her pregnancy. Seems it's already too late because Ethan asks Margaret if she'll adopt Kathy's baby, but Margaret tells him no. Ethan also makes the mistake of asking Ben to mentor him in his relationship with Kathy since he's been down that road, and Repulsive Ben takes the opportunity to tell all the freshmen within hearing distance that high school isn't the best years of their lives, it's the worse. That they'll all leave high school damaged.

It didn't help that Ethan made his request right after Dylan told Ben that Henry kissed her and that she thinks it would be a good idea if she dated Henry for real until Leo allows Ben to date her.

Counselor Caitlin hears Ben and Leo gets called. When Caitlin suggests that maybe Leo should let Ben see Dylan, he tells her she doesn't know what's really going on her. Ben is obsessed with Amy and is blaming Ricky for stealing his life from him. Leo realizes that he helped Ben to become obsessed with Amy by not trying to stop him from dating her. Amy is listening at the door and hearing all of this. Leo decides to talk to Ben, again.

He could have saved his breath. Ben points out Leo wasn't that encouraging of his relationship with Amy. Leo in turn suggests that Henry's going after Dylan because he knows Ben slept with Alice.

Amy has a girls' night with Adrian and Grace and talk quickly turns to sex. Adrian gets into the whole rating different sex partners. Adrian says Ben was good and Jack was timid. She also gives Omar high marks. This makes Amy uncomfortable, so she leaves early. As she's leaving, she runs into George, who cancels his evening with Kathleen to go out with Amy and have a sex talk with her. Have a feeling that will be George's new function, since Amy isn't going to feel comfortable talking about sex with Suddenly Gay Anne.

Amy confesses that one of the reasons she wanted to marry Ricky was because she was afraid if she didn't do it in a hurry she'd wake-up gay like Anne. George assures Amy she isn't gay and that Anne was always gay and Amy has nothing to worry about. George also assures Amy that Ricky isn't going to cheat on her, because he loves her.

Meanwhile, Grace and Kathleen are having a similar talk. Grace tells Kathleen about Jack cheating and that she's worried that even if she does sleep with Jack he still might cheat on her. Kathleen tells her that if that happens she needs to dump Jack and not put up with that kind of behavior. They also get into being good in bed and Kathleen tries to tell her that sex is more than sex and what makes it good has to do with more than just sex.

George called Ricky before Amy got home and told him to act jealous and to reassure Amy, which he does. Ricky tells her because he loves her that sex with her is the best he's ever had.

Off-topic, has anyone else noticed that every week the promo is suggesting it's the end of Ricky and Amy's relationship? Do they think people want to see them break-up and by doing promos that that's going to happen will make more people watch? Just a thought.


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