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Secret Life -- Summer School

Updated on April 3, 2012

Since Pretty Little Liars is on hiatus and I'm watching this show, I thought I'd start doing recaps on it. It's actually an interesting show in regards to the fact that most of the characters on this show are totally unlikable.

When I first started watching this show I couldn't tell the characters of Ben and Ricky apart. Are the actors brother's in real life? I swear, they've even got the same weird looking ears. A longer hairstyle that covered them up a bit wouldn't be a bad idea. Or are they just cookie cutter clones of a certain type the show believes is popular at present? Anyway, I finally figured out a way to tell them apart. Ben is the creepier whinier one, but Ricky can be a real punk at times, too. Although if one was to make a choice, then Ben has the uglier personality.

Speaking of ugly personalities, little Amy is a real pill to swallow. Is this chick ever happy about anything? She's such a mope. She could be the role model for Debbie Downer. Last season she kept going on and on about wanting Ricky to propose. Well, he proposed during his high school graduation. And guess what? She doesn't want to get married now. She just wanted the ring. It's sort of like me not wanting to get married, but wanting to go try on wedding gowns.

Anyway, Amy and Ricky were fighting because she wanted to go to summer school instead of working and earning money. They're not even married and Ricky is already a henpecked husband. Let me tell you something, we already know who is going to be wearing the pants in that marriage and it sure isn't Ricky. She basically told him she didn't care what he wanted, she was going to summer school. From what I've seen it's Amy's way or no way at all. And this fool asked her to marry him. Frankly, I thought Ricky was better off with Adrienne.

They also had another to-do over Ethan, who I haven't been able to figure out if he's really Ricky or if he's his brother because they have the same foster parents. He was telling Amy she had to ride Ethan hard and keep an eye on him, and she was all talk to the hand, I aint doing that, brother. Anyway, as a result, she got called to the principal's office when Ethan got caught stealing condoms from the school. He was planning to have sex with Madison, who may not have known he was like 14 or 15 and could have gotten in trouble with the law if that happened.

Ethan comes from the same cookie cutter factory as Ben and Ricky, but thankfully he doesn't look as much like Ricky as Ben does, so it's a lot easier to tell them apart.

I'm not sure where Madison fits in the hierarchy of friendships. Amy and Lauren seem to be besties and so are Grace and Adrienne, but Madison seems to be the odd one out. She also seems to be a bit of a flake. I remember when Jack asked her out and she blew him off because he was still in love with Grace. Yet, she had sex with Lauren's boyfriend Jessie, which makes her a pariah in the social landscape. Amy's all, "I smell something bad. Oh, it's Madison."

Madison seems to have developed some kind of support system with Henry, because he's also being treated like a pariah for sleeping with Adrienne. Henry is supposed to be Ben's best bud, but Ben wants nothing to do with him because he slept with Adrienne, who Ben has been trying to dump since the moment she had a miscarriage. Yeah, Ben's a real prince. But for some reason he's having a cow that Henry slept with Adrienne. Adrienne even tried to speak to the little bitch on Henry's behalf but he's having none of it.

Speaking of Ben, he seems to have replaced his obsession with Amy with this new chick he met named Dylan. She brought pot to his house but he claimed it was his. Ben's father is making him go to summer school, too. Ben was talking on the phone with Dylan that he was going to skip summer school and his pops would be none-the-wiser, only pops was standing right behind him when he said it. Got a kick out of the little punk being escorted to school by a security guard his father hired to make sure he goes to school and stays away from Dylan who is trouble. Ben admitted to his father the pot wasn't his, but vowed he must be with Dylan. Me rolling my eyes.

Finally, Adrienne wanted Grace to live with her for the summer and go to summer school with her. That was until she bagged Omar into the sack. Meanwhile, Grace lied to her mother, Kathleen, she was going to go to med camp, but secretly moved in with Adrienne. Then she changed her mind and tried to go to med camp and got thrown out so she went to summer school as planned. Jack showed up to tell her Kathleen knows she lied because she called up her ex-boyfriend Daniel. He also asked her for another chance, but she said no. That she plans to be boy-free for the summer. Jack still hopes Grace will give him a shot when she's ready to get back into the dating pool.

The first class in summer school was a free for all. Amy got catty about Madison sleeping with Lauren's boyfriend. Then Madison hit below the belt calling Amy's kid, John, the mistake she drags with her everywhere. And Adrienne's day was made when Ben told Amy to shut up. This was broken up by the principal arriving to talk to Amy about Ethan's condom theft.

Later at home, Amy copped to the fact that Ricky was right about Ethan. So peace was restored between them for the moment. And that's the way things stand for the moment.

You know, if you aren't feeling great about your life, watching this show will cheer you up. You'll immediately feel better you don't know any of these people and they're not in your life to make you miserable. With a few exceptions, these are very miserable individuals that you wouldn't want to know or associate with in real life.


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