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Secret Life -- The Wedding Gown

Updated on March 21, 2013

Original Airing: March 18, 2013

Secret Life was back for its final episodes and I found myself in a strange place. I actually was simpatico to Amy, who I’m usually bashing and trashing because she annoys me so much. I could actually see what she saw in the wedding gown and I liked it. I watch Say Yes To The Dress and I got sick to death of all the cookie cutter strapless gowns. This dress had character and personality. I could see how unique and beautiful it could be when it was cleaned, mended and altered to fit her. I was proud that Amy stood up for herself and her choice against all the people trashing her gown. I’ve seen too many brides on Say Yes cave under the pressure of criticism over a dress they love and instead pick a dress everyone else loves. Like Amy said, this is her day and she’ll wear what she wants. Good for her.

After Ricky demanded Amy buy a new dress, which reminded me of this groom on Say Yes who shot down every dress his bride liked until he saw one he liked [like he was the one who was going to wear in instead of the bride], Amy went from person to person trying to get someone to see what she sees in the dress. She even went to Adrian, who wanted Amy to wear the dress she wore to marry Ben, instead. Can you say ick? The only one who could see the potential was Omar. For some reason Amy even texted a picture of her in her dress to Ben, which she didn’t tell Ricky. Although Amy swore to Ben she will and says she hopes he finds someone of his own. Amy also admitted to him that sometimes she gets tired of doing what’s expected of her and she just wants to run away.

Ben’s new foster sister or whatever she is also figured out that Amy and Ricky aren’t really married. She let it slip to Leo and it sent him into panic mode. He tried to convince Ben to go off to Europe after he graduates instead of staying around town as the clock ticks down to Ricky and Amy’s July 4th wedding day. He, however, refused.

We also had more of the Ethan and Kathy drama. She was heading back to Texas, but didn’t want to go. Ethan wanted to go to Texas and convince her parents to let her stay. He got no satisfaction until he talked to Ben, who is still pining for Amy. He drove Ethan to the airport and arranged for him and Kathy to sit in first class together as they flew off to Texas.

George’s big mouth caused trouble. In the season finale he noticed David had twins and [if memory serves] he made some crack about maybe Robie was really David’s son. So now David has come back and he’s demanding Anne have a DNA test and if Robie is his son, he wants to play a major role in his life. He also made remarks to Anne’s girlfriend and Nora’s AA sponsor similar to ones he did to Anne when he suggested she was gay. He suggested Nora either had a thing for Anne or Willowdine. From the way Nora acted when she saw Anne and Willowdine together, George could be right, again.

The gown wasn’t the only issue Ricky and Amy tackled. She was bothered that Clementine had kept a trophy of Ricky’s for years and believed that proved she’s in love with Ricky. Ricky eventually gave the trophy back to Clementine and seemed to make it clear he wouldn’t be dropping by the coffee shop and seeing Clementine much in the future.


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