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Secret Life -- To Tell The Truth

Updated on July 18, 2012

Once again, this episode seems to point out Amy and Ricky have two completely different value systems. I really don’t see a marriage working between them. Marriage are hard work and when you don’t even share the same set of values your marriage doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in you know what of working.

The episode starts out with Amy wanting Ricky to tell Ann she doesn’t want a wedding; Ricky says he will, on the condition she tells Ann exactly why she doesn’t want one: In other words; because you’re gay, Ann, sweetie. Amy gets lucky when Ann takes off to confront Ashley for conning ten thousand out of her Alzheimer’s inflicted grandmother. Yeah, just when you think Ashley is low, she goes lower. But sister Amy is no better when John comes out playing with money. Yep, the present from her grandmother that she wanted to toss in the trash, is an envelope filled with money. She’s thrilled and delighted and Amy has one of those rare moments when she’s happy, but then Ricky brings her down.

He tells her she has to give the money back. That it’s not right to take money from her grandmother who is mentally incapacitated. That because she has on-going medical bills, she might need that money for herself. You know, stuff any normal decent person would think on such an occasion. Amy, however, doesn’t want to give it back. She says she’ll compromise by putting it in her bank account.

I did get a kick out of Ricky revealing he and Amy don’t share the same bank account, nor will they share the same bank account. Nothing says trust like separate bank accounts. I hate to say it, but Ben seems a better fit for Amy than Ricky. Ben and Amy have the same value system, which isn’t great.

Amy decides to take the money to school with her. When she arrives she gets an unpleasant surprise. Ethan is trying to pick up her protégé, Kathy. Kathy had a weird morning while waiting for Amy to show up. She had a weird encounter with Ben, who had a déjà vu moment when he walked through the door and was reminded of the first time he met Amy. As well as Grace [or the Jesus freak as Kathy called her] pushing religion at her and Kathy responding by telling Grace to go to hell. Amy tells Kathy her life story and says everyone should have the freedom to decide what they want to do whether it’s to keep their baby or give it up.

Madison has a strange morning thanks to Ethan, as well. He basically offers her money to give him sex lessons, since he thinks he needs some experience to date Kathy. Madison also seems to have gotten a renewed interest in Jack, even though I don’t think they’ve even run into each other recently. Amy also tells her she DOES NOT want a wedding.

Dylan tells Ben all their troubles are over. She told the police the truth, which was really a lie. She claimed it was Ben who lit the Bunsten burner when it was really her. She also tells him she wants nothing more to do with him because he’s a psycho. Is this the end of Dylan? One can hope. Both she and her annoying parents won’t be missed.

Alice gets in Ben’s face for trying to make Henry feel guilty about sleeping with Adrian and using that as an excuse for not wanting to be friends when the truth is Ben feels uncomfortable around Henry because he slept with Alice. Later, Alice sends Henry over to Ben, I think so Ben will tell Henry the truth, but Leo comes in and Henry leaves before Ben can tell Henry the truth. Although knowing Ben, he still might not have told the truth.

Leo has decided to ditch the hands-off parenting policy and grounds Ben. He’s even less thrilled with Ben when Ben tells him he had sex with Alice. Leo advises Ben not to tell Henry.

On Ricky’s first day of college he runs into Clementine a girl he knew in foster care. He gives her the brush-off. Then he runs into Adrian and Jack, who he also tries to give the brush-off to. Ricky swears he will tell Amy about meeting Clementine [after Adrian needles him about it], which he does. Jack always on the make wants to meet Clementine, probably so she’ll give him some sex. He tells them the coach is pushing for him to go all Christian as a gimmick.

Adrian has a run-in with Clementine when Adrian hangs out at the place where she works. She accuses Adrian of wanting Ricky and warns her off him because he’s married.

Amy freaks when her purse vanishes from her locker with the $1,000 in it. When she finally admits the truth to Ricky he produces her purse for her.

Grace isn’t a happy camper when she discovers George and Kathleen removing the wallpaper from the kitchen walls. It was the only thing her father contributed to the house. Earlier, Kathleen told George her divorce came through and wanted to know how he sees their relationship. He tells her he never really felt married to Anne. That he wants to be with Kathleen forever. When Grace takes off, George goes to her and suggests she might get Jack to help her redecorate her place. She takes his advice and Jack agrees to try a sexless relationship with Grace after admitting he still loves her.

Margaret drops by to invite Nora to her wedding extravaganza and learns Anne was planning a wedding, too, but didn’t even think to invite Margaret or tell her about it. Margaret intends to get Anne to drop her wedding plans. When Amy learns of Margaret’s wedding plans, which include her riding in on an elephant; she says it sounds fun, but Ricky says no way.

Meanwhile, when Ethan calls her home, Kathy tells her mother that Ethan is her boyfriend. This seems to please her mother.


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