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Secret Life -- Was Last Week's Episode Just A Dream?

Updated on August 21, 2012

I felt like my brain was the brain on drugs

While I was watching this episode of Secret Life, I kept thinking of that old PSA about the guy holding up the uncracked egg saying, "This is a brain," then he cracked the egg, "And this a brain on drugs." Watching this episode my brain felt like the cracked egg. I was left sputtering, "But what about last week?"

Flashback to last week's AmEn scene where Ben tells Amy he was letting her go and they couldn't be friends. Then flash forward to this week and he's telling Caitlin when she tells him he got accepted to Hudson University that he planned to go to whatever college Amy was going to go to and he was just waiting for his turn with Amy again, and he knew he'd get another turn with her. And I'm like, "But what about last week? What about letting Amy go?" It was like it never happened.

With also got treated to the horrific Amen II. Kathy dumped Ethan because she didn't want him to become a nutjob like Ben, but Ethan blamed the adoptive parents for it. Gee, after the way this punk acted towards them who could blame them? Then after a chat with Leo, Kathy decided to take Ethan back. He said no thanks when the Faux Friends told him Kathy wanted him back, and then they told him that since he doesn't want Kathy back he could pick one of them as his new girlfriend. He turned them down and told Kathy he wanted to talk to the adoptive parents, again. Kathy said no and it was best they stayed broken up.

Okay, remember all the times Alice wanted to get back with Henry and he told her he wasn't interested in her in that way? Well, forget all that, because he now wants her back. He admits to Ben he's only been trying to get with Dylan to pay Alice and Ben back for having sex. See why this episode gave me a cracked brain?

Apparently, Dylan's friend Wendy [I honestly can't tell them apart, but since the Asian one wasn't around, I'm guessing she must be Wendy] has been pulled from school and put in a private all-girls school. After the whole school fire thing, guess her father doesn't want her around bad influences. Dylan [wearing her little bow tie and looking like a giant clown] is afraid her father might do the same and if he does she won't be able to date Ben. Wasn't it last week she didn't want to date Ben and turned him down when he asked her out? Just go with the flow, Kathryn.

Leo and Camille get married, only we don't even get to see the vows. I would have enjoyed watching the wedding. We see the aftermath. Henry, who I seriously wanted to punch, suggested Ben call Amy up to tell her that Leo and Camille got married. He did just that while Amy was in bed with Ricky. Last week Amy treated Ben like dirt beneath her feet and a nuisance she didn't even want to talk to, this week she answers Ben's call and doesn't just ignore it. He also reveals that he got accepted at Hudson University.

This pisses Ricky off, who was pissed off when he found out Amy also got accepted at Hudson U. She assured him she didn't want to go and applied before they became engaged. I also think Ricky lied to her about being at the library. He seemed to be hanging out at the coffee shop with his precious Clementine smiling his little face off after being his usual dick self to Adrian. But he swore he was telling the truth about being at the library, so maybe I just imagined him sitting in the coffee shop, just like I imagined Ben telling Amy last week he was letting her go.

Speaking of Adrian, Omar changes his mind about moving in with Adrian when she texts Ben who texted her about Leo and Camille. He now says he's going to hang on to his apartment and just leave a few things there. He then pushes his marriage agenda and says he doesn't want to move in with her unless they have a commitment. Does this dude have a problem with his hearing? I don't know how many times Adrian has told him she doesn't want to get married. She just got divorced. But he keeps trying to pressure her to agree to marry him. Does this doofus really think forcing someone to marry you will lead to a happy marriage when he knows she doesn't want to get married? She really needs to kick him and his little mind games to the curb.

George topped Ben and Henry in the, "Oh, no he didn't just say that." award. He basically tells Kathleen that he wishes he had never gotten together with Anne and had three kids with her. Granted, I can understand him wanting to write-off the gruesome twosome of Amy and Ashley, but the toddler could turn out right. I thought it was a really tacky thing to say.

And in another mind-bending moment, all this time I thought Nora played a cop on Numbers, only for them to cast her sponsor with the actress who really did play the part. There's a real similarity between both actresses. Anyway, it seems Nora's sponsor is going to be Anne's potential new girlfriend. I guess the show thought Ramy's mom's getting together would be too icky, so they cast an actress that looks similar to Nora.

Anne is planning Ramy's wedding with the help of a gay wedding planner, who suggested she bring a date to the wedding. Amy's going to love that, as that was the reason she didn't want to have a big wedding. Anne's Alzheimer's stricken mom, Mimsy, is texting everyone about Anne being gay and trying to find a date for her. When Anne comes home to find Nora's all-female AA group there, she thinks they're all there to try and get a date with her.

Finally, Grace has a cow because Jack admits that he and Grace had sex. This doesn't sit well with the faux-Christian image Grace is trying to exude. She also gets trouble from Grant at school. Grace wants to call it quits with Jack and get back together with Daniel. Kathleen suggest Grant, but Grant is smarter than her, so she puts a nix on that. Meanwhile, the pimp from last week shows up with a bat in Jack's room wanting revenge for him ruining the sweet deal he had.


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