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Secret Life -- Why Did They Go The Fake Marriage Route

Updated on July 5, 2012

Ever since The Secret Life returned from hiatus the Amy and Ricky relationship has taken a weird turn. When Ricky proposed to Amy at graduation you'd think they were well on their way to happily ever after, but that hasn't been the case.

When Secret Life returned the charm of her engagement had worn off fast. It seemed like she just wanted an engagement ring but wasn't that anxious to go through with the wedding. She didn't want to set a wedding date. She only seemed to change her tune when rumors were going around school that she was gay and the proof of it was she didn't want to marry Ricky. So she suggested they just run off and elope. which they did, but they didn't go through with the wedding.

Granted, considering the lunatic that was about to marry them, I wouldn't have gone through with the wedding either. After not getting married, they decided to use the money George gave them to have a fake honeymoon. Then when they got back George gave them some sentimental speech of how proud he is of them. Finally, when the golden moment came to reveal if they were married or they weren't, they lied and said they were married. The question is where do they go from here? Do they really get married or do they finally bite the bullet and tell the truth that they're not married?

For Amy this is a win-win situation. She gets to play married without really having to marry Ricky, which it became more and more obvious she didn't want to do. She gets to have her cake and eat it too. And if she decides she doesn't like being married she can just tell everyone they're not really married. The show seems to be justifying what they're doing by saying George and Ann had done the same thing and lied about being married when they weren't. I'm sorry, but do two wrongs make a right?

I'm actually surprised that Ricky is going along with this. He's usually more caring about his parent's feelings. Now he's gone and lied to both his mothers that he's married. He could also get himself in some legal trouble if Leo puts Amy on his health insurance at work and they find out he's not really married. Instead of going to college he might end up doing time.

Then you have the Ben angle. Thinking Amy married Ricky, he went ahead and admitted he loved her, which was pretty obvious to everyone. You can't say that Amy has been happy with Ricky since they became engaged. They seem to be constantly at each other's throats. And without making the final commitment to Ricky in a marriage, she just might be tempted to start things up with Ben. After all, she's not really married to Ricky. Of course, Ben won't know it and think he's messing around with a married woman. Ricky could also get tired of Amy and find himself wanting someone else. What if they both decide they don't want to be Fake Married any longer. What do they do? Tell everyone the truth or get a fake divorce?

And what if everyone finds out they've been lying about being married? Just how much damage are they going to do to all their relationships? People don't like being lied to. Especially about something like pretending you got married when you didn't.

This is just a mess from start to finish. If the show didn't plan to actually have these two get married, maybe they should have not gone there and had them get engaged, yet. Or they could have agreed to a long engagement until both are finished with their school.

This is as stellar of a storyline as the whole malarkey about declaring the Fourth Of July is a gay holiday.


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    • profile image

      lilmama4273 5 years ago

      I know what you mean. This season seems to be a little off. I think Ben is too wishy washy too. He has been jumping from one girl to the other. And this time he really has picked a dozy. As far as Ricky and Amy...I think they both may not be ready for marriage. And they have to decide from there.