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Secrets and Lies: The Truth Revealed

Updated on May 5, 2015

Finally Over

The episode begins with Ben pounding on Jess's door. He is positive that she has taken Abby, so he breaks into the house and ends up getting himself arrested. As the cops are searching the home, they find the blue jacket covered in Tom's blood soaking in the sink. Cornell seems to think that Jess is being framed.

At the police station, Cornell informs Ben that she knows he is innocent and that he is free to go. She also tells him that Abby is safe at her uncle's house. When Ben calls to verify, Abby gives him a lame excuse that she went for a walk because she was upset. Seems to me she was gone for a long time to be on a walk.

Family Celebration

Once Ben is officially cleared, there is a bit of celebrating to do. Before the family sits down to dinner, Ben goes to put away a ladder. He notices the vent cover of the guest house is off, so he goes to replace it and finds Abby's sneakers, which are covered in blood.

He races into the house and asks Abby if that is blood on her sneakers and she confessed to murdering Tom. She tells a little story about running away together so that Tom's dad would come home and their family would stay together. Tom dropped his toy tank and decided he wanted to go home, but Abby hit him with the flashlight. When she got back to get help, Ben had already left.

Ben Confesses

With the tragic reality upon the family, they have to make a decision. Ben takes the sneakers out in the woods to burn them and protect his daughter from her mistake. Natalie wants to tell the police, but Ben and Christy seem to disagree. Abby and her mom get in the car to relocate, but Natalie refuses to go because she feels that covering it up is wrong.

Ben turns himself in and confesses to the murder that his daughter committed. Cornell knows the truth and tries to convince him that he is doing more harm to Abby than good. She informs him that Tom was hit six times on the head, not just once as Abby implied. The murder was not an accident and it is at that point Ben realizes his daughter meant to kill Tom. He continues to deny that Abby had any involvement, fires his attorney, and takes the wrap.

This will not help Abby at all, she is sick and she needs help. The state of her mind is even more clear at the end of the episode when Christy and her are driving in the car and she says "None of this would have happened if I’d just gotten Tom to the river" under her breath. Keep a close eye on this girl Christy, you are in for a bumpy ride.


In the Cornell Confidential clip, we meet up with Natalie and Dave 14 months later. Cornell walks into the diner and talks to Natalie about the case now that she is 18. Natalie reveals that she wants to clear her father's name and that she is willing to testify. Abby killed Tom and without help she may do so again. The clip ends with Cornell confronting Abby and Christy on the street.

What Happened to Ben?

During the final four minute clip, Dave and Natalie keep talking about Ben in past tense. Dave says to Cornell “If you weren’t so hellbent on putting Ben away, he still might be here. You know that right?” Is he alive or did something happen to him in prison? I hope nothing happened to him, since he is covering for Abby, but the way they were talking makes me think he is dead.

Should Abby pay for her crime?

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Did they do the right thing covering for Abby? At first I did not like the way the season closed. Abby just seemed like the easy way out, making it an accident, but when you discover that the murder was premeditated, it is a whole lot juicier. She is a teenager with a demented mind who needs a lot of help. She seemed like this weak child throughout the season, but it turns out that she was setting her father up for the murder of her brother the entire time. Returning the flashlight and the jacket shows that she was completely aware of her actions.

We always protect our children from harm, but how far would you go to help them? The decision Ben and Christy made tore the family apart. Is keeping the secret and telling lies worth all of the hurt and pain of Ben being convicted of murder? What are your thoughts on the final episode of the season?


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