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Seduced by Lies Film Review

Updated on September 21, 2017

Film Information

Director: George Erschbamer

Producer: Wendy McKernan

Running time: 1 hr 27 mins

Genre: Drama

Production Company: Daro Film Distribution

Josie Davis
Laura Colton
Marc Menard
Brad Sterling
Bruce Dawson
Charles Colton
Chelan Simmons
Johannah Newmarch
Catherine Colton
Lochlyn Munro
Jonathan Lawson
Sarah Edmonson

About the film

Lauren is a successful businesswoman, but moves back home with her family after selling her Internet business. Things can be a touch difficult at home as she doesn't always see eye to eye with her step mother. And she can sometimes have a difficult relationship with her father. He is a very successful businessman, and he can sometimes put work before family which leans to a strained relationship at times.

One night when she goes to a bar with her friend Ava she meets Marc. He buys her a drink, and they become closer. It's not long before she falls in love with him. On taking him home to meet her family, it's not too long before he moves into the guest house in the grounds of her family home after impressing her family. Marc and Charles even play a round of golf together after Charles learns he knows Marcs uncle. They say that love is blind and it seems to be true in this case. Her friend Ava tells her to be careful of Brad as she's rushing into things too quickly and doesn't really know him. And her ex, Jonathan, also warns her. But Laura turns a deaf ear to them, telling them they should be happy for her. Jonathan still holds a torch for her, so she tells him to back off.

But circumstances quickly take a turn when Laura spots Brad flirting with her stepmum. She also spots Brad being a little bit too cosy with her sister. He claims he was helping her with her homework. But Lauren starts digging into who Brad really is when she notices him acting suspiciously in her home, along with other things that makes her wonder who he really is. She researches the boat he claimed he owned. When she finds out that Marc isn't all he claims to be, she is put in a difficult position. As the film progresses, we see how manipulative and evil he can be and the things he has done to fulfil his greedy lifestyle.


My thoughts and opinions

I found this an interesting film to watch. Although the film started a bit slow at the beginning, I found it did pick up pace. Although I found her ex boyfriend, Jonathan to be a little be over protective of her, bordering on stalking, I did think his intentions were in the right place. We learn that her biological mother has died, though we don't find out how. But her father is a highly motivated business man who often puts his work before family. But, we do see how he has a change of heart towards the end of the film. I found the last part of the film especially was high in drama and I wanted to finish watching the film to see what happened.

This isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. Yes, the storyline could be seen as a little weak, but the acting was good - especially from the main 2 characters, Josie Davis and Marc Menard. I thought the 2 worked well on screen. Although it takes a little while to get going, I found the film ends well and on a high. The very last scene in the film isn't one I wasn't expecting either as I thought the outcome was pretty certain in my mind. I thought that was a good little twist to end on.


© 2017 Louise Powles


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      16 months ago from USA

      I like psychological themes in movies so this seems like something I'd enjoy. Thanks for sharing this!

    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 

      16 months ago from Bangalore

      Nice review. Will try to watch it. Thanks.

      - hari


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