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See The Top 5 Classiest Dressed Red Carpet Women

Updated on February 28, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence

88th Academy Awards - Jennifer Lawrence
88th Academy Awards - Jennifer Lawrence | Source

Jennifer Lawrence

We have all seen Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, but this year she is nominated for best actress in Joy, a movie about the woman who invented the mop. It may sound boring, but trust me, it was absolutely amazing, almost as amazing as the beautiful black lace dress that she wore down the red carpet as she walked to take her seat among the other nominees.

More About The Movie

Scoring a surprising 6.6/10 on IMDb, many J-Law fans argue that while the movie may not have been wonderful, Jennifer's performance made it wonderful. The movie focused on Joy, a young gate agent who lived with her mom, ex-husband, anger-prone dad, grandma, and her two kids. The movie shows that just because her life wasn't too amazing, she could create amazing things, like the common household mop (which is really important!).

The J-Law of Oscars Past

Lawrence has won one Oscar before for best actress in Silver Linings Playbook, which excited her so much that she tripped on her way up the stairs to accept the award. Luckily Hugh Jackman was there to save the day, and Jennifer played off her accident with her charming humor.

Jennifer Garner

88th Academy Awards -  Jennifer Garner
88th Academy Awards - Jennifer Garner | Source

Jennifer Garner

The Jennifers are killing it tonight in their gorgeous black dresses! Jennifer Garner rocks a gorgeous sparkly Valentino dress, and while she is not nominated for an Oscar, that does not stop all eyes from being on her during this starstruck event.

No Oscar, No Beuno

Sadly Jennifer Garner has never been nominated for an Academy Award before, but she has won several of the Teen Choice Awards, and has attended The Oscars many times. Surely she is working very hard on being an Oscar owner someday, and she'll wear an even more gorgeous dress that day.

Daisy Ridley

88th Academy Awards - Daisy Ridley
88th Academy Awards - Daisy Ridley | Source

Daisy Ridley

Wowza! The Force is definitely with Daisy as she wears this beautiful gray Chanel dress, paired with her slicked back black hair and bright lipstick. The Star Wars star is not nominated for an award, sadly, but she hopefully will someday, especially so we can see more of her stunning fashion choices.

Chrissy Teigen

88th Academy Awards - Chrissy Teigen
88th Academy Awards - Chrissy Teigen | Source

Chrissy Teigen

Some of you may not know who Chrissy is, but John Legend sure does (Hint: she's his wife!). Chrissy was sporting a baby bump and gorgeous Marchesa dress that paired perfectly with her tan skin. John Legend couldn't keep his eyes off of her the whole time, which is very "awww" worthy!

Saoirse Ronan

88th Academy Awards - Saoirse Ronan
88th Academy Awards - Saoirse Ronan | Source

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse is awing people in her green Calvin Klein Dress that is complimented by her dark eyeshadow and light hair, ready to win the Best Actress Oscar for Brooklyn, a movie about a young Irish girl and an Italian boy. While she does have some competition for best actress, she certainly stunned people in her role, Eilis.


Brooklyn, a movie that takes place in Brooklyn (obviously), is a 1950s story about immigrants who traveled to America in hopes of a better future. Aside from immigrants struggles, Brooklyn focuses on the love story of Eilis and her dream Italian boy, Tony.

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