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Selena Garcia - A music artist

Updated on February 18, 2014

Selena Garcia (Take 1)

Selena Garcia
Selena Garcia

Appreciation of Music and new talent

My love of music goes back to my early childhood when I first saw the Beatles on television on the Ed Sullivan show with my parents. I also enjoyed Sonny and Cher as I remember watching them as well. My absolute favorite artist of my childhood was Michael Jackson and his brothers called the Jackson 5.

I've been listening to music since I was young and I find it helps when you feel alone or just want to enjoy a good song. I have always been a fan of good music and today still enjoy discovering new artists and opening my horizons with their music.

I find the more I allow music to be a part of me the better I become as a person and I have come to learn of new artists like Casadee Pope who is now performing solo but was with the band Hey Monday which I wrote about in an earlier hub.

I am a subscriber to many music related sites and one I just recently started to become involved with is Reverbnation and that is where I discovered Selena Garcia and when I heard her song Eternal Sunshine I was hooked and I read her biography and was so inspired I just wanted to share her music with others because I feel she is one artist who has a gift and since I love to write I asked her if I could do a little writing of her and share her music and she was flattered and I was so excited.

Writing for me comes from the heart so for me to write I have to be inspired and when I read Selena's biography I was touched, I was emotional and I was inspired in such a way I felt that I could put a sentimental piece together and share her links so you can read her story and appreciate her music and come to know her as an up and coming music artist. I am so proud to write of others such as Selena and Casadee who are young talent music artists that I feel a connection to. I don't have to write to honor someone I admire. I choose to and when I made that promise to Selena Garcia I was not going to disappoint her as I am true to my word.

I am in awe of music and the musician in how they can touch our heart or inspire us. I find that very powerful and I am only glad to share my feeling of Selena Garcia and let others know her. I see Selena in a youtube video and I can see she is very sweet and also very humble as she mentions her appreciation for her fans and the behind the scenes support. I have really become a fan and want to share her talents and lovely music with you here and since I have a presence here on Hubpages which I feel privileged for I now share this story as my newest hub which is my way of letting Selena Garcia know that I think she is pretty cool and I am certainly a fan and proud to share her story which you can read for your self on my links in tribute to her.

She is front and center but like every musician there are many supporters and staff working behind the scenes and it seems Selena has a really good team behind her and deserves to be recognized as an up and coming artist and I feel she will touch us with her beautiful music.

Written with love by a fan.

Emily Iannielli

Selena Garcia (Take 2)

Selena Garcia
Selena Garcia

Emily's introduction of Ms. Selena Garcia

I am introducing a young and very talented singer and writer who has really touched me with her story and her music. She also replied kindly to my question as I illustrate my question and her reply and once I read it and saw her approval I wanted to do my very best as a fan and friend.

Excerpt from Reverbnation with permission from Ms. Selena Garcia

Q: I like your music. I posted your music on some of my social media sites. Is it ok to share your story in my blog in my words . I admire your desire & talent. (Emily Iannielli)

A: Hi Emily! Thank-you for taking the time to listen and even more so for the support! I look forward to checking out your blog, and yes, absolutely... have at it! ;) I am humbled by your interest... (Selena Garcia)

Selena Garcia (Music Artist)

I feature Selena Garcia's songs, her website and some of her recent pictures as a fan. I love to write and I was inspired to reach out to Selena on Reverbnation after reading her story and listening to Eternal Sunshine. She was gracious to my request and I am now staying true to my word and am happy for the opportunity to share her story and her her music through her links and my words. I am truly touched by her courage and desire as a musician and a young woman with a dream and a vision. She has the gift as a music artist and I am proud to share a part of her incredible story.

When I heard her voice I really felt the power and energy of a new artist on the rise who deserves the spotlight and press because she has the gift of singing and touching her audience and fans and has some similarities to Fiona Apple and Norah Jones who I am fan of too.

I look forward to hearing more from Selena.

Now I will share a link of mine in a separate capsule to share a little bit about me..

Best of Luck!


Selena Garcia's Eternal Sunshine

Selena Garcia Don't Worry... It's Not Love

Selina Garcia's Settle Down

Selena Garcia Eternal Sunshine

20 Questions For Selena Garcia

Dear Selena,Garcia

I am glad I met you. You are an angel.
I am a major fan and friend.

My 20 questions to Selena Garcia

01. What musical influences inspired you to want to be a singer/writer and musician?

02 How instrumental were your parents in supporting you with your love of music and being a performing artist?

03 What age did you know music was your destiny?

04 If I asked you to show me your music collections of various bands and solo artists who would be in your top 5?

05 What does music mean to you and how did you learn that was your source of inspiration?

06 Do you think Lollapalooza would be a good way to showcase your music?

07 I was on cloud 9 when I saw you perform and in person. I love you and you beautiful music very much I want you to introduce me and if I can share a tribute on stage too if ok?

08 When is your next performance and can I meet after the show?

09 How do you write a song. I love to write and see if I can come up with a song and hopefully you can sing it for me.

10 Selena, I wish to share my story with you.

11 Do you like Trans-siberian Orchestra and can I treat you to see the concert with me, Emily (girlfriends)

12 Do you perform in New York only at this point.

13 What genre of music do you consider your work?

14 What kind of music do you like?

15 Are you working in a non music job like other musicians paying their dues with big dreams?

16 I admire you. What is your observation of me? boy or girl?

17 I am trying to form a rock band called T-girl Angel, could you give me some insight?

18 I also want to create my own record label called T-girl Angel Music and Expressions Label

19 What is your "well" of inspiration:when writing your own music?

20 Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night inspired to write lyrics from your dreams?


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    • Elias Zanetti profile image

      Elias Zanetti 

      4 years ago from Athens, Greece

      Nice introduction to an interesting artist. Thanks!


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