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The Sentar Wired Connected Selfie Stick

Updated on July 11, 2015

Taking a selfie...

I must confess that I like taking selfies with my friends and family. And when I’m on holidays it’s the best time of all. However my past experience was very different especially when I was on my last vacation, I didn't have a selfie stick that l could use. On several occasions, I had to ask a complete stranger to take my photo. They did a real nice job; however without their assistance I wouldn't have been able to capture the wonderful time I had.

For some time I always thought that using a selfie stick was just a silly tourist gimmick. Seeing so many people using them I thought it was just a fad; but I soon realized that when used the right way, it allows you take great self-portraits and group photos. Using a selfie stick can position your smartphone farther away than arm’s length, so you avoid the “head filling the shot”. This helps to provide more control over how much background there is in your image. Furthermore, on just about every occasion, an extended arm is definitely going to be visible in your shot. Conversely with a properly positioned selfie stick it won't be. So with a little practice, I started get the kinds of great shots that might otherwise involve handing your phone to a stranger—an action that many of us are wary of.

So how do you choose the right selfie stick?

Using the following criteria to help me evaluate my choices I compared this to the selfie stick that was recommended to me. The criteria for reviewing the product was found at

Here are the criteria for my choice and how the selfie stick solved these issues.

1) The selfie stick must provide a way to trigger photos remotely—in other words, without having to tap the screen or press a button on the phone itself—whether via a wired connection or Bluetooth.

This selfie stick has a built-in shutter button for single hand use so there no concern about a remote button getting lost.

2) While a third-party app can enhance a selfie stick’s functionality, it must not be necessary. Similarly, the selfie stick shouldn't rely on a timed-shutter-release function or a separate hardware purchase to trigger the shutter.

It comes as one item which makes it very convenient and easy to use; I never have to worry about losing remote control button and other accessories. Just plug-in the connected wire to your phone’s audio jack and I’m ready to go!

3) The selfie stick must be compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, and it must accommodate phones of various sizes, including large-screen handsets.

This monopod can support all new smartphones available on the market, such as the popular Apple IPHONES and SAMSUNG Galaxy series. As long as your smartphone has an audio jack, you're good to go!

4) In addition to holding a smartphone, the stick must also provide a standard tripod-mount method for connecting to other devices, such as point-and-shoot and action cameras.

This monopod has 5 segments that extend length from 23cm to 97cm for use in various situations and conditions. It is very strong, flexible and durable, and it also comes with its very own portable tripod. It also features a 270° rotatable phone holder which allows photos to be taken from all angles. The mini tripod can be used for your camera as well as smartphone.

However, before I purchased this selfie stick I wanted to find out more, in particular what were some of the common annoyances or problems, if any, the cheaper monopods experienced because the product which was recommended was more expensive than most and I wanted to be sure that l was getting what I paid for!

This is what l found from my research.

  • Most poles collapses down to about 8.5 inches, which may be cumbersome to carry.
  • A too-heavy camera can bend the pole when it has been extended fully, so they aren't strong enough.
  • Only works with certain apps, not on their own.
  • Limited warranty
  • Could be more rugged and durable.
  • Limited colour options
  • Stick has water-resistant elements, but is not fully waterproof
  • Not waterproof (may rust if you get it wet)
  • Does not work with certain smartphones or apps.
  • Requires additional accessories to work at its peak
  • Not all versions come with a mount
  • Some users have reported mount can be unstable and not secure
  • Somewhat bulky
  • May not fit all phones
  • No remote, requires app or camera with a timer
  • Lacks waterproofing
  • Smallest size when compact is 11 inches
  • Head is not adjustable past 180 degrees
  • Limited warranty

There were a lot of concerns so when compared to the Sentar product I discovered they had covered these rather well. I found that the Sentar's design and attention to detail had many good features.

Features such as:

  • No need to connect to Bluetooth, therefore no problems with availability or pairing or device interference. Simply plug the wire into the 3.5mm Audio jack on the mobile phone and take your photo with the built-in shutter button. Plug and play without fixing any settings.
  • No battery inside…Never worry about running out of battery when you are travelling.
  • Long and strong wire… Makes it readily adaptable to a variety of existing smartphones
  • Extremely lightweight…For easy handling and carrying.
  • Aluminium Alloy material…Hard anodized finish to prevent rusting.
  • Non-slip streamline handle…Is ergonomically designed with special attention paid to comfort and control.
  • 270° rotatable phone holder…Allows photos to taken from all angles.
  • Compatible with both IOS and ANDROID systems… Our selfie stick supports most sizes of smartphones.
  • Portable feature and extendable size…Our monopod has 5 segments that extend length from 23cm to 97cm for using in various situations and conditions.

So for the savvy traveller who wants to capture every moment on holiday or with family and friends, as l did, the SENTAR wired connected selfie stick is a very good smartphone accessory. Furthermore, it doesn't matter whether you are travelling, or on the beach with a loved one, hiking in the mountains, camping under the stars, rock climbing, on a cruise, at a concert, or just lazing around the house with family. I have found this selfie stick to be dependable, durable, uncomplicated and won’t ever let you down unlike some of the other products that may cause disappointment and frustration due to poor design. The Sentar monopod may cost a little more than most but it definitely works.

More information, specifications and details on this product can found on this page.

Brand New 2015 Sentar Wired Connected Selfie Stick and Tripod


How to use the 2015 Sentar Selfie Stick


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