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Selfie Sticks Have Become a Cultural Phenomenon

Updated on July 11, 2015

Wired Connected Selfie Stick

The New 2015 SENTAR Wired Connected Selfie Stick
The New 2015 SENTAR Wired Connected Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks have become a cultural phenomenon since 2014 and have sold like a wildfire following their release in the United States in around 2011. The philosophy behind the selfie was that you didn't need to rely on anyone else to take a photo - you could take a picture of yourself whenever and wherever you liked. The selfie stick enables you to position your smartphone beyond arms reach to get greater photo angles.

Go anywhere remotely touristic and you'll observe groups of stick-brandishing, laughing nervously and happy individuals gathering with each other for a group photo. Called "the most controversial gift of 2014" by New York City Times and, as a matter of fact, the product was listed in Time magazine's 25 best inventions of 2014". The selfie stick has been criticized for its association with the perceived narcissism of contemporary society, with pundits in 2015 saying that "we are way too into ourselves" and naming it the "Narcisstick or Wand of Narcissus".

If 2014 was the year of the selfie, 2015 is looking increasingly more profitable year of the selfie accessory. So therefore those who learn to accept selfies for what they are, being humorous, a bit silly but universally harmless. Then they can let those who enjoy the activity get on with taking pictures of themselves

Selfie sticks are extremely popular among photography lovers and travelers these days. In fact the Selfie Stick has become a wild craze for that matter, because it’s so new and everyone loves to take great photos of themselves with friends and family.

Selfie sticks are portable enough to carry in a handbag or a coat pocket and are very simple to use. Most are fully adjustable to a desired angle, length; you don’t even need an instruction manual. Attach it to the monopod mount; it is ideal for travel, camping, concerts and a variety of sports.

We cannot imagine our lives without such inventions and usually tend to forget about the umpteen generations which have survived without the need to click a selfie and then post it on Twitter immediately or have had the need to hang their gadgets a few feet away and listened to music or watched a prank video.

Before you purchase a selfie stick here are some common disadvantages of the cheaper less well made selfie sticks!

  • Pole collapses down to about 8.5 inches, which may be cumbersome to carry. A too-heavy camera can bend the pole when it has been extended fully
  • Only works with certain apps
  • Limited warranty
  • Could be more rugged
  • Limited color options
  • Stick has water-resistant elements, but is not fully waterproof
  • Not waterproof (may rust if you get it wet)
  • Does not work with phone or apps
  • Requires additional accessories to work at its peak
  • Not all versions come with a mount
  • Some users have reported mount can be unstable
  • Somewhat bulky
  • May not fit all phones
  • No remote, requires app or camera with a timer
  • Lacks waterproofing
  • Smallest size when compact is 11 inches
  • Head is not adjustable past 180 degrees
  • Limited warranty
  • This particular model does not come with remote shutter

2015 SENTAR Wired Connected Selfie Stick

Continuing on with this trend the brand new 2015 SENTAR Wired Connected Selfie Stick is an innovative and advanced monopod for straightforward use in personal photography. The SENTAR is an essential travel accessory. It doesn’t matter whether you're lazing on the beach with a loved one, hiking through the mountains, sleeping under the stars, mountain climbing, on a cruise, in a concert, or just around the house with the family. Now you can be in the picture or video diaries too. Just spin around with the handheld monopod and you’ll get an awesome 3D like video. Take a picture anywhere without asking a stranger, capture full background and scenery.

What is a Wired Connected Monopod?

Wired Connected Monopod is an improved version of the selfie stick to make your autodyne far easier to use and more comfortable. Just insert the cable for mobile remote control. The wired connected monopod is charge free. There is no need to connect to Bluetooth. Along with a built in shutter button so there’s no hassle with carrying a remote. Furthermore, you won’t experience any interference with other devices that may be in close vicinity.

Why do you need a Wired Monopod?

If you consider connecting to Bluetooth to be complex, then our Wired Connected Monopod is definitely just the solution you are looking for!

2015 SENTAR Wired Connected Selfie Stick is suitable for smartphones such as the IPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6plus and SAMSUNG GALAXY S Series

The main advantages of the SENTAR Wire connected selfie stick lay in its ability to supply

• Rechargeable Monopod Selfie Stick with Headphone Cable Control

• Extremely lightweight for easy carrying, high strength and stable in use.

• Aluminium Alloy material with hard anodized finish to prevent rusting

• Foldable phone holder without assemble and disassemble for quickly using

• Non-slip handle design with particular attention to ergonomics

• Built-in springs and hook designed to prevent the phone from falling

• 270° rotatable phone holder to take photos from all angles

• Compatible with both IOS and ANDROID system, support most sizes of smart phones

• Portable size with 5 segments extends length from 23cm to 97cm for using in various situations.

The 2015 SENTAR Wired Connected Selfie Stick has an all in one design which is unique & stylish. It is made from the highest quality aluminium alloy making it extremely lightweight and flexible. And offers great stability in handling and due to the material it is made from has long lasting durability. The built in shutter button and wired connection, provides for easy uncomplicated selfies.

No need to connect to Bluetooth…
No need to connect to Bluetooth…
Compatible with both IOS and ANDROID systems…
Compatible with both IOS and ANDROID systems…
Extremely lightweight…
Extremely lightweight…
Aluminium Alloy material… 270° rotatable phone holder…
Aluminium Alloy material… 270° rotatable phone holder…
Portable feature and extendable size…
Portable feature and extendable size…
Unique design…Makes it special from other comparable products on the market
Unique design…Makes it special from other comparable products on the market


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