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Sempai Did Not Notice You: A Single Otaku Girl's Guide

Updated on March 19, 2017

It's Okay Your Sempai Will Come

My first anime as I can remember is Dragon Ball Z. From there, I graduated to Sailor Moon all the way to High School DXD. If there's one thing for certain it's this, many men have gone through my life, but none has stay to fight with me. So, I must continue traveling through this thing we call life and hold out hope for a sempai of my own.

Note: The Advice I give is based off of various animes and shouldn't be construed as an actual lifestyle, this is purely for your entertainment.

Sempai Notice's You but He's just not that into you

Okay, so like most women in their early twenties, I've crossed paths with many men, and none of them are worthy of being my sempai as of today. I learned the hard way that rejection sucks, it makes your stomach ache and even if you're super nice to your alleged sempai, he probably won't love you at the end of the day.

My favorite anime of all time is Bleach. Orihime and Ichigo would've been the perfect couple. For one thing their kids would have orange hair..., maybe. Anyway, Orihime is a proud single woman with super abilities, and while she cares for Ichigo and maybe there's a deeper side to her caring, she kept her mouth shut, her feelings bottled in, and you know what? Ichigo saved her life. So, maybe he's a real sempai, they're just in the friend zone.

The day before I turned eighteen, I admitted to one of my brother's friends I liked him. I did everything for this guy, drove him back and forth to work when he was walking home, made him dinner and breakfast, made him laugh, let him sleep over at my place. Yes, I did everything but make him hot dog octopi for bento. Where did it get me when I admitted how much I liked him? Uh nowhere, that's why I watch anime instead of dating.

Anyway, maybe sempai knows you exist, he sees you, uses you, and even makes you giggle until you pee. But, he's not into you. You've either been friend-zoned, or maybe you're just not his type. I'm black and chubby. He's white and skinny. Maybe, he's got something against Otaku women.

Unbreak my heart. Say you love me, her, and them again!
Unbreak my heart. Say you love me, her, and them again!

A Love Polygon: Is he in a harem?

Sometimes, Sempai might have many women in the wing. So, it's okay to be on the outside, you don't need to be his main lady, you just need to be in his presence. But, it's hard to do when Sempai doesn't notice you, and you're pleading him to, and then all of a sudden, a busty red head falls out of the sky and snatches him up.

Everyone knows that the President Rias and the Breast Dragon Emperor have been caught snuggling up. But, Mr. BDE just can't seem to keep his hands off the other ladies. He's gone through a slew of women, all of them genuine, loving, some evil and others a bit holier-than-thou, but the point is he can't choose one. There will never be one, especially when is goal in life is to become a Harem King. Really Yuuto? You can't just be a high schooler with cool abilities.

Here's the point, be glad you're single. Love will come with a lot less drama (and women). Don't waste your times with BDEs or players. Just enjoy your own company and focus on building your abilities so that you can become a Harem Queen.

$empai you have a butler?

You want someone who will cherish you. Someone who will love and care for you the way that Sebastian cares for Ciel. He can pour my tea anytime, that butler is so hot. Just because you may be surrounded by affluent men, or guys who act affluent, you must remember that even if you're a Butler like Sebastian or a brat like Ciel, no one owns you when you're single.

You can scream to Panic at the Disco's Victorious while driving to work. You can go to that anime-con and dress like a plus-sized Yoruichi from Bleach. People will probably judge you, especially if you can't pull off her ponytail. But, you're your own boss, at least until it's time for you to turn off your laptop and get a full time job or go to that one job that's making you waste valuable time you could be spending catching up on anime.

Best Anime for When You're Feeling Lonely

Single Otaku what do you do on a Friday home alone?

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Real women carry katanas!
Real women carry katanas!

All the Single Otakus Put Your Swords Up

You don't need a Sempai to fight your own battles. All you need is your katana and a dash of confidence. Pull up your big girl panties and be the single otaku you are destined to be. Remember that if no one loves you there will always be anime, manga, cosplay, conventions, JPOP, KPOP, posters, and life-sized replicas of your favorite anime baes on a pillow.


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