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Sequels That Should Never Have Happened

Updated on March 6, 2013

Since I’m without cable, I’ve been rewatching all my old videos, and I have a lot of them. It was while I was rewatching the North And South mini-series, that I thought about sequels that should have never happened.

There were actually three mini-series for North And South, but as far as I’m concerned there was only two. The third mini-series should have never happened. In the first two mini-series Orry and George’s friendship and Orry’s romance with Madeline were two of the major stories. In the third mini-series, Orry was shot in the back and George and Madeline got together romantically.

Even though Orry and George were billed as the two main characters, Orry was really the protagonist of the mini-series. George never suffered or had to go through the trials and tribulations that Orry went through. Elkanah Bent had a something against both Orry and George, but Orry was the one who Bent focused his vengeful eye on. George met Constance and married her without any trouble. Orry and Madeline were kept apart and had to overcome a lot of obstacles before they were finally able to get together, and even then they got separated again. And before North And South: Book 2 ended Orry came home to find his mother dead and his beloved Mount Royal burned to the ground.

In Book 2, Elkanah Bent met his much-deserved end by blowing up in a building, but in Book 3 he suddenly survived the explosion and finally achieved his goal to destroy Orry by shooting him in the back. Having the villain finally succeed in killing the hero and destroying everything the original two mini-series were based on is not the way to build a successful mini-series.

Another mini-series that did an unnecessary sequel was The Thorn Birds. They claimed there was a section of the book that didn’t make the original mini-series and their goal was to put the entire thing together as one whole cohesive mini-series. Only problem is Rachel Ward, who played Meggie, refused to reprise her role. So putting the entire mini-series together would be a little hard with two different actresses playing Meggie. Also ABC was the network that originally did The Thorn Birds mini-series and they took a pass on the sequel. It may have been one of the few good decisions ABC has made.

Sex And The City had what I considered the perfect ending to the series, but the lure of money seemed to lure them into making a movie sequel to the series. I haven’t seen either movie nor do I intend to. From what I’ve heard about them they pretty much ruined the perfect ending of the series.

Gone With The Wind also fell victim to a sequel. It supposedly was what happened after Rhett walked out on Scarlett. All the roles had to be recast and the two new leads failed to create the magic together that Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh did. What made Gone With The Wind a classic is that it didn’t have a happy ending. It’s a terrible thing but people remember the movies that don’t have happy endings more than they do the ones that do have happy endings.

In a lot of the above cases it’s the lure of making more money that leads to these sequels that should have never happened. Both North And South mini-series were so successful the makers couldn’t resist making another one wanting to cash in on some more money. Unfortunately, they guaranteed a disaster when they destroyed everything that made North And South a success. And continuing on The Thorn Birds sequel with a different actress in the part was a sign that the whole idea should have been scrapped in the planning stage.


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