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Servamp: Thoughts and Information

Updated on July 14, 2016

Main Idea

Servamp revolves around a mid-teens life as he picks up a literal stray.

This story does not seem to be giving the viewers anything they have not seen before. However, the characters are likable, and thus far so is the plot.

We got info dumped the first episode with this -- we have a group of vampires called “Servamps” as they are “Servant Vampires” who bond to a human and drink the blood of only that human. Per typical anime style, our protagonist meets and bonds with one of these vampires.

Character - Mahiru Shirota

Our protagonist in this series. He is someone who likes to ‘keep it simple’ and to do so he takes on many jobs. This comes from his past, as when he was young no one could take him on except for his uncle who said, “Speaking simply, it’s got to be me.” This was referring to the way that people where talking about ‘Someone’ else needing to do something.

Mahiru has taken on that trait of his guardian, and takes on jobs that ‘Somebody’ would do. This trait is given time to flourish throughout the first episode

Mahiru has a circle of friends who warn him about vampires. Mahiru soon realizes he has met one of these vampires, and his adventure in the supernatural begins.

Mahiru Shirota


Character - Kuro or Sleepy Ash

When we first met Kuro he was a cat that Shirota picked up. He is soon shown in his true vampire shut-in form, eating his ‘owners’ ramen. Eventually he explains what he is, a vampire who can’t stand the light, as when he meets the sun, he turns into the cat that Shirota picked up.

Kuro is, quite correctly, named “Sleepy Ash” as we find out latter. He has a hate for troublesome things and is extremely lazy. He wants to run from fights and stay as static as possible. A few times he says to his Eve that he doesn’t want to be dragged into what Shirota is sticking his nose into.

However quite the different side to him is shown when he fights. He seems almost bloodthirsty, going as far to say to Shirota that what he did from that point on wasn’t “His responsibility” anymore. After which he rather brutally beat the opponent he was fighting.

Kuro is at this point know to be one of seven brothers.

Kuro or Sleepy Ash


Character - Belukia

A vampire who is crazy about being noticed. He attacked one of Mahiru’s friends simply because they did not notice him, or happened to be rude to him. (This of course in conjunction to them being associated to Mahiru and Sleep Ash.)

Belkai hates Sleepy Ash, or Kuro as it were. He wants to kill him! Yet when it comes down to it, he was nowhere near a match for his chosen opponent. He is a vampire that is under the rule of another named Tsubaki.

He also happens to be the hardest character thus far to find a decent picture of! It took me damn near a hour to find something!



Chracter - Tsubaki

He is the leader of Belukia. He seems to condone violence and wants to start a war. He considers himself the eighth and unknown brother of the seven Servamps. He represents the emotion Melancholy.

The fact that his brothers don’t know him makes him angry.

He seems to use a weapon as a sword, and laugh a lot. His laughter seems to end abruptly as he says something like, “I’m bored” showing his ‘Melancholy’ trait extremely well.




Below their is a AMV type video that will showcase some of the interactions with characters we have explained thus far. It will give an idea of the camera angles, animation, and a bigger picture on how the traits of the various characters is shown.

AMV by Zenbai

Character - Snow Lily or All of Love

A Servamp of Misono Alicein. Lily seems to have quite the habit of attempting to strip. He is shown to use a weapon, but he himself said that he dislikes fighting. His other form is that of a butterfly. This is of course fitting for his traits as representing love and lust and perhaps beauty. Not too much has been revealed about his character yet.

Snow Lily or All of Love


Character - Misono Alicein

A weak eve of Snow Lily. Although Misono seems rather strong willed, he without a doubt is the weakest person physically we have seen in this anime thus far. Every five minutes of walking, he needs to sit down. Although there does not seem to be anything wrong with his blood, as Lily took no issue in drinking it.

Misono lives in a mansion that has taken in many lesser vampires. They are the vampires that Tsubaki is after, and therefore finds the Servamp of Melancholy to be his enemy. That is why he met and later became friends with Mahiru.

Misono Alicein


So I'm curious! Please let me know -

Who's your favourite character thus far?

See results

Important Lore

So far, we have gotten a bit of the bones that make up this series. Although there is much that is still a mystery, some things need pointing out.

  • Eve, this is what the Servamps call their partners. These eve’s are able to call upon a weapon to use from their Servamps power. This is as of this moment in the anime only a mentioned fact, although it is expanded upon in the manga already.
  • Servamps are ‘brothers’ and there are widely considered to be seven of them.
  • Thus far each Servamp has represented a trait, lust, melancholy, sloth, and more of them yet to be introduced.
  • There are lesser vampires that are not ‘Servamps’ are thus far it is understood that they don’t have a human contractour, and most likely partake of human blood from sources that are around them. (To my knowledge this hasn’t been confirmed either way, although implied.)

Please Support Official Releases!

Servamp Vol. 1
Servamp Vol. 1

Servamp Volume One -- This particular link will bring you to the product sold by the actual author of the series. From here you can find several other volumes of the manga. The manga itself is very close to the anime thus far in the information it provides. Although you WILL! get spoilers should you read as it IS ahead of the anime. I've read all the volumes that are currently out and do suggest getting the novels.


Thoughts and Critical Information on the Anime

We thus far we have had two episodes of this anime. It's good, although there have been some complaints. Not about the characters, but more about some of the content and camera angles. I found some of these complaints on a video I will post below, and in various other places and reviews people have given. Still, people are giving the anime a chance! At the very least people will most likely give it three episodes before making the choice to go on or not.

This is something very typical for anime watchers to do.

Farther more - I've found a lot of comments and people saying that they enjoyed the characters. Although they seem to differ on the ones that they like compared to me. (They seem to like Mahiru more than they like Kuro, which is BEYOND my comprehension.)

Also worth mentioning, as was pointed out to me in the video below, that the OST and opening song for this anime are amazing. They aren't something you hear very often. In fact, in some ways the opening reminded me of Death Notes openings. Something I am very pleased with. I am also a fan of the ending, which I thought was really cool looking and well done. Never before have I found myself wanting to watch the CLOSING of an anime.

So, give me your thoughts in the comments, support official releases, and share this with anyone you think might be interested!

Chibi Reviews -- Servamp


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