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Sesame Street Elmo

Updated on September 19, 2012


What you do you guys really think about Elmo? For me he was a very helpful character because as I was growing up learning the English language was not an easy thing. My mother bless her heart she just wanted the best for me and my Two brothers to learn English was like a dream for her but growing in Mexico was hard. So she made it her life goal that we should learn English. I had a hard time cause I repeated 1st grade which I thought was an easy thing but boy was I wrong. As I went through things my mother found it easy to sit us in front of the TV and of all things she would put it on Sesame Street and as I remember those days I thank my mother for Putting it on Sesame Street because I believe that it helped me learn how to speak English. Now that Sesame Street is going into it's 42th Season I wish them the best of luck and I hope you all feel the same. Let me know how you guys feel about Sesame Street?


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