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Set Up Your PS3 As A Media Server

Updated on March 30, 2013

Stream Instantly

Watch movies and play music from your computer to your PS3 via Wi-Fi.
Watch movies and play music from your computer to your PS3 via Wi-Fi.

Use a Media Server

Want to stream videos and other downloaded content from your PC to your TV wirelessly? Well, you don’t have to have a smart TV to do it if you have a PS3. Set up your PS3 as a media sever and have access to these files instantly.

Using your PS3 as a media sever can free up lots of space allowing more room for games, demos, and things that HAVE to be stored on your console. I have an 80 GB PS3 with lots of games and demos stored on it. I used to buy movies and back them up on my PS3 and eventually ran out of space. That, with my downloaded music on there as well. But, after setting it up as a media server, I was able to take off all the things that didn't have to be there. Now I have lots of room for additional games and demos.

The Benefits

In addition to freeing space on your console, there are other great benefits from using a wireless media server. Streaming music and videos from your PC, for example.

Watch movies downloaded on your computer on your big screen with ease.

Now you no longer have to spend a fortune on discs in order to burn them and play them from your console or player. Use your computer’s larger hard drive to store the data and have instant access.

Get An App

Seen above is Windows Media Player 11 which is a great choice for getting started.
Seen above is Windows Media Player 11 which is a great choice for getting started.

Here Is What You Do

First thing you need to do is choose a media streaming application that will best suit your needs.

There is a large selection of different types of apps to choose from. There are free streaming apps that should have all the essential functions for an average users. Including one that may already be installed on your computer. Windows Media Player 11 and 12. If you already have this one on your PC then chances are that you are already familiar with it and are using it to manage some of your media now. If this is the case then the setup process will be much simpler. TVersity is another free app and happens to be my favorite. This is the one that I personally use with my media. It has a great looking interface with lots of extras like the ability to add RSS feeds of any kind. TVersity is the Universal Media Server for Home and Internet Content. TVersity can handle almost any media format and streaming protocol whether it is coming from your home network or the Internet including live and on-demand Internet streams. Stream everything directly to your networked TVs, DVDs, Stereo Receivers, Digital Media Adapaters/Receivers, Xbox 360, Mobile Phones, Satellite, Cable set-top-boxes, Mobile Phones, PDAs, Sony PSP, PS3, iTunes/iPod and more. Pro version costs $30, watch premium Internet content on your TV (including full episodes), from sites like Hulu (US only), BBC iPlayer (UK only), Joost, Sling, and many more. You can easily add Youtube, Hulu and Flickr on this app as well. If your willing to dish out a few bucks, you have other options as well. Like Nero Media Home. This is a very elegant looking app and quite user friendly. With Nero MediaHome 4, you can stream all your digital media easily and wirelessly throughout your home! State-of-the-art features ensure music, videos, and photo files are compatible on all your supported devices, regardless of format. Now you can stream your favorite digital media content to compatible devices, including to your Xbox 360 and PS3. Intuitive categorization features within Nero MediaHome 4 make organizing your multimedia files fun and easy.

Now The Technical Stuff

After choosing and installing your preferred streaming app, it is time to turn on your PS3. Have the app open on your PC before turning on your console. If the app is not running your PlayStation will not recognize it. Turn on the PS3.

After booting up, the media sever option may be turned off on the console. To enable it, go to Network Settings, and down to Media Sever Connection and turn it on. After enabling this allow a few minutes for the sever to show up. You will be able to see it under Music, Pictures and Videos. If it does not show up, you will see the option to search for it. Do this if you do not see the media server.

And, that is pretty much it. Organize and edit your media from the media server platform on the PC and keep all your files sorted nicely for easy access. Enjoy!


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