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Seth Rogen and Anna Faris should have an early retirement

Updated on December 30, 2012
Mike and Rusty's
Mike and Rusty's

After dozens of lame movies from 2 of Hollywood's apparently most forgiven "actors", it's time to give it up guys.

Seth Rogen

I remember Seth in the cult classic Donnie Darko and he was a douche in it. Little did I know that his range didn't go any higher than an overweight, lame, untalented SNL reject that somehow is trusted in writing feature length motion pictures!

His first official film co written by Evan Goldberg was Superbad. The film worked out great and was a hit with critics and film goers alike. It made 3 times the budget in gross at the box office so it seems he is now entrusted with making more.

Now, my main issue with Seth is that he is simply a very narrow minded, old fashioned one liner comedy writer that really is making the audience dumber with his writing. The amount of complete arrogance and disrespect for women he has it is a wonder he managed to get married. He tries too hard to be Kevin Smith and that is a bad mistake. You know that kid that gets in trouble in class and he slowly becomes cool as everyone wishes they could be so rebellious and reckless? Well, in that instance, Seth is trying to be Kevin and there rightfully should only be one of them making lame jokes. Because anymore than one, it's just a gang of copy cats and neither are cool. And besides, Kevin has built up a fan base around his humor and is genuinely clever humor. Seth seems to be missing the point.

I guess I'm not a fan of his live action acting. Personally I prefer his animated voice acting which for some reason, given that this style is said to be harder, he is actually better and I enjoy the film. The Green Hornet was terrible and not deserving of the $100 million they made for it as if people would listen to reviews before seeing these kinds of movies, they wouldn't waste their money.

Seth has been in more movies I have disliked since Russell Brand was thrown scripts just because he's "cooky". Please stop making dumb, immature movies filled with poor one liners that are only funny if your wasted. Either quit and focus on music or something, or learn to write funny in a smart way. Comedy unfortunately is evolving vastly due to the amount of comedies that are churned out every year. So get with the movement and start making a difference.

Mike and Rusty's
Mike and Rusty's

Anna Faris

Anna is better known for her mildly funny character from Scary Movie in 2000 where she actually won an MTV movie award for best breakthrough actress. And now she seems to be the same character in....well everything. It's such a shame Anna can't shake the only acting ability she has, which isn't much, as she somehow keeps getting work when there are hundreds of great actors out there not being cast in films they would be great in.

When I look at Anna, I see a genuinely good looking girl and a little hot to be honest, sometimes, but when I see her act the same character from 4 Scary Movies to Just Friends and What's Your Number, I see no talent. And I am sorry to be so cruel, but how can someone think it's ok to act the same in everything? I know she was different in Waiting and Brokeback Mountain. But she is still the same in Friends and My Super Ex Girlfriend.

Like Seth, Anna is also much better doing just the voice in great little movies such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. So why act so blonde, dumb and dull Anna? This type of pointless waste of time acting is really what's wrong with movies now and should be changed. We may never get a film like Goodfellas or Schindler's List again the way things are going. We should simply make a stand about this and make things right or the film culture will be filled with type casted, no talent actors and writers. Please, think about it.


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