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Sex And The City Girls: Carrie Bradshaw

Updated on October 2, 2008

Carrie Bradshaw will forever be a fashion icon. Her fearless approach to fashion and uncharacterized style has inspired a generation of women to try new things and set their own trends. Here is just a brief look at who Carrie Bradshaw is and what she's really all about.

Carrie's Vintage Style
Carrie's Vintage Style
When Carrie went to work at Vogue, she cut her hair and dressed the part.
When Carrie went to work at Vogue, she cut her hair and dressed the part.

Carrie's Career

Carrie Bradshaw is New York City's "Sexpert". She writes a weekly column for the New York Star called... "Sex and the City" (duh). She calls herself a social anthropologist and uses her own experiences and relationships, as well as those of her best friends, as material for her column.

Throughout the series, Carrie's column serves as a sort of narrator. Each episode reflects what happened in their lives and ended up in the Star. Every single girl in and around NYC reads Carrie's column religiously, searching for answers just like she is. Some people have even called her column their "Bible" and their "Survival Guide."

Eventually, a publishing company approached Carrie with the idea of combining her favorite columns into a book, which they did. Even though there was talk of a movie deal with Matthew McConaughey, that just didn't work out. What did work out, however, was Carrie's career as a bestselling novelist. Not only did her first book make it big in the US and several other countries, by the time the movie picks up with her life five years later, she has published two additional books about relationships. (With a fourth book in the words about love.)

Carrie's other big accomplishment in her career was working as a writer at Vogue magazine. After her last breakup with Aidan, Carrie had to buy back her own apartment, but she didn't really have the money to swing it. In her determination to make more money so she wouldn't have to move, she ends up with a great job at Vogue, making more per word than almost any other staff writer.

Carrie's signature flower
Carrie's signature flower
Who else could look this good in a candystriper uniform?
Who else could look this good in a candystriper uniform?

Carrie's Style

Carrie's outrageous style sometimes has you screaming, "Oh my God, I LOVE that outfit", and other times thinking, "What the hell is she wearing?" What I love most about Carrie is that she's not afraid to put haute couture right next to vintage or a pair of faded jeans. She never shies away from bright colors or bold statements.

Carrie is, without a doubt, a trendsetter. And the moment something becomes a trend in the normal world, Carrie has already moved on to something new. A lover of both Vintage treasures and Monolo Blahnik's, she tries out crazy combinations, and always comes out looking fabulous.

One thing you will notice about Carrie is that she always dresses for the occasion. I would almost call her an "emotional" dresser, in a way. When she's dating a politician, her look becomes very "Jackie O." Her job at Vogue prompted a whole new style with business sense. When she was dating the sexually confused twenty-something, she wore pleather and a giant flower, looking young and hip and fun. And what did she wear when Big was sick? A candystriper uniform, of course! The point is that no matter where she's going, Carrie always gives careful thought to her look, and for her, fashion is a tool of self-expression.

Carrie's True Love
Carrie's True Love
Aidan always had a heart of gold
Aidan always had a heart of gold
Aleksandr was not what Carrie was looking for.
Aleksandr was not what Carrie was looking for.

Carrie's Men

From the first episode to the last scene of the movie, Carrie's one lasting love is Big, aka John James Preston. They had incredible chemistry and were obviously in love, but Big could never factor her into his life the way she needed him to. Their on-again, off-again romance was the source of her most tragic heartbreaks and her most complete happiness. Whenever Carrie was on the verge of happiness, her thoughts would always turn to Big. He was just the one love she couldn't let go of. Happily, he finally did come around and they were finally married.

Carrie's story wouldn't be complete without Aidan, though. Just writing his name makes my heart go out to him! A creative woodworker and furniture designer, Aidan has a heart of gold and is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. He was everything Carrie thought she wanted, but as they got closer, she became more doubtful. The first time around, she landed in bed with Big and confessed her cheating to Aidan on the day of Charlotte's wedding.

Some time later, seeing him again brought those feelings to the surface and they gave it another try. After getting engaged, however, Carrie began to feel more and more smothered, and the truth finally came out that Aidan felt he would never really trust her. The last time we see Aidan is when Carrie sees him on the street and he turns around, revealing his new baby bouncing against his chest. It was great to see him married and happy after all that he and Carrie had been through.

Another of her great loves was Aleksandr Petrovsky, a famous Russian artist who is much older than Carrie, but very sexy. At that point in her life, Carrie was feeling the need to truly move on and grow up, find a life with someone and start living it. When Alex asked her to move to Paris with him, she did it, thinking that it was the beginning of a new life for herself. Once in Paris, however, Alex was all about Alex and Carrie was left alone to fend for herself most of the time. Big, thankfully, came to rescue her just as she was realizing that he was the only one she could really think about.

Of course, we can't forget her many flings as well. There was the Jazz club owner that "plays" her, the crazy guy she meets at her shrink's office, the AA guy that got addicted to sex with her, and even her first boyfriend who is only in New York for therapy at the local looney farm. There are many others, also, like the twenty-something great kisser and even Berger... who she was in a steady relationship with, but who could never really get over his own feelings of inadequacy.

I guess if we're talking about men, we have to mention her best gay friend, Stanford Blatch. He and Carrie have been friends since she first moved to New York, and she knows that she can always count on him to come over and smoke and bitch with while looking at fashion magazines. Overall, though, no one claimed Carrie's heart like Big, and in the end, the both open themselves up to the love they have always known they shared.

Carrie's Big Love

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Carrie's Quotes

Here are just a few of my favorite Carrie quotes:

♥ "When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more."

♥ "Shopping is my cardio."

♥ "I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!"

♥ "You can't be friends with a squirrel!! A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!"

♥ "I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it."

♥ "No, I took a $5 cab ride six blocks! These shoes pinch my feet, but I love them. I'm in a financial cul de sac!"

and my personal favorite:

♥ "I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, Inconvenient, Consuming, Can't live without each other Love."


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    • profile image

      Jill 6 years ago

      I was a fan of Sex and The City from begining til the end. I would still be watching it if it was still on. The show inspired me to create this website:

    • profile image

      Lin 7 years ago

      I so love the suit she is wearing when Carrie goes to vogue for her column..*sigh*

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 7 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      I love Sex and the City. I have the series and the movie. Carrie Bradshaw has style and fierceness. I too love to shop and shopping is my high and religion. I love shoes-Cole Haan, Taryn Rose, Nine West, and Peter Kaiser. I have over 200 pairs of shoes and God knows how many clothes! I love it! Right on, Carrie Bradshaw!

    • Doll Heart Candy profile image

      Doll Heart Candy 7 years ago from Belfast

      Great hub. I have just published my first. I make and sell jewellery and the article I have features a Sex and the City Charm bracelet, featuring charms inspired by the movie.

    • Super Hub Star profile image

      Super Hub Star 8 years ago

      As a guy, I use to hate sex in the city. Then my girlfriend bought the whole box set and - because we have 1 TV - made me watch the whole series. Now, secretly, I kinda of like it but I'd never tell her! :) Mr Big is my favorite character; didn't like Hayden(?) though or that Russian guy at the end.