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Sex And The City Girls: Miranda Hobbes

Updated on October 3, 2008

The ultimate cynic, Miranda Hobbes is a smart, tough, confident lawyer who never settles for less than who she knows she can be.

Miranda's Career

A graduate at the top of her class at Harvard Law, Miranda is tough and dedicated. She sometimes works up to 70 hours a week (or more), and almost always takes her work home with her. She is the type of person who sets a career goal for herself and does all that she can to achieve it. There is even a point where she pretends to be a lesbian just to get "in" with her boss's crowd.

Enormously successful, Miranda made it a goal to become a partner in her law firm. After she achieved that milestone, however, she began to realize that being a successful single woman is more complicated than she thought it would be. When she goes to buy her own pre-war apartment on the Upper West Side, everyone involved in the transaction assumes that her father or another man is paying for it. She is humiliated as she has to keep saying, "Nope. Just me."

Miranda somehow manages to stay on track with her career and make it work even when she is a struggling single mother and later, a wife and mother in Brooklyn.

Miranda's Style

Miranda's no-nonsense attitude also shows in her fashion choices. During her day hours, she dresses just as you would expect a lawyer to dress... tailored suits. She always stays feminine, however, despite her business style. In her free time at home, she is quick to change into overalls or sweatshirts, sweatpants and other comfortable casual attire.

When she goes out with her girlfriends, Miranda often opts for dresses in wine colors and oranges and browns. Of course, her signature color is black, which is to be expected! Miranda's style is often funky and fun, but still reserved most of the time.

Steve and Miranda
Steve and Miranda
Miranda and her son, Brady
Miranda and her son, Brady

Miranda's Men

Miranda has never been one to open her heart easily or to get obsessed with men. In fact, she often chides her girlfriends for being so obsessed with their relationships.

Early on, Miranda dated Carrie's friend Skipper, a 20-something computer geek who thinks she is "luminous". Skipper's constant optimism turns Miranda off, however, because she just can't believe that he actually means what he is saying. her other relationships include an overeating Donut addict, a sex-in-public addict, a closet porn watcher, a phone sex friend, and even a guy who dies the night they are supposed to have their first date.

No relationship impacted Miranda's life, however, as much as Steve Brady. A bartender, Steve is an intelligent, sexy man that tries to get Miranda to open her heart to him. They break up at first because Miranda is rich and successful, while Steve is just a bartender who struggles financially. They can't stay apart for long though, and truly fall in love. After they move in together, reality sets in as Steve continues to be a playful guy and Miranda is stressed by work and responsibility. Even though they break up, they always come back together, as friends and lovers. After Steve gets testicular cancer, Miranda sleeps with him to boost his confidence, which results in an unplanned pregnancy.

After many twists and turns and other relationships, they finally realize that they love each other too much to be without each other. Miranda was dating Robert, a handsome black doctor in her building, who tells her he loves her. Miranda never meant to break his heart, but when she sees Steve at Brady's party, they can't resist their love any longer. Miranda and Steve get married and move to Brooklyn to raise their family.

Their dramatic ups and downs continue in the movie when Steve confesses that he cheatedd on Miranda. After some time apart, they are able to forgive and move on, cherishing the love that they share.

Miranda Quotes

Here are some of my favorite Miranda Quotes:

♥ "Your good friend Miranda Hobbes has just taken a piece of cake out of the garbage can and eaten it. You will probably need this information when you check me into the Betty Crocker Clinic."

♥ "Sex is not a time to chat. In fact, it's one of the few instances in my overly articulate, exceedingly verbal life where it is perfectly appropriate - if not preferrable - to shut up. And now suddenly I have to worry about being stumped for conversation? No thank you!"

♥ "How does it happen that four such smart women have nothing to talk about but boyfriends? It's like seventh grade with bank accounts."

♥ "No, in fact, I'm dating a bunch of un-special people right now. Do any of you have a completely unremarkable friend or maybe a houseplant I could go to dinner with on Saturday night?"

♥ "He has one ball and I have a lazy ovary. In what twisted world does that make a baby? It's the special olympics of conception."


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