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Sex And The City Girls: Samantha Jones

Updated on October 3, 2008

By far the most sexual of the four friends, Samantha is always up for a good roll in the hay... literally. Beneath that sex-only exterior, however, is a heart capable of great love.

Samantha's Career

A Public Relations genius, Samantha has a talent for putting together a great party and getting people involved. She owns her own business and isn't afraid of taking risks to get ahead.

Sometimes her sexual escapades got in the way of her career, but Samantha was quick to point out that a man in her position would be celebrated, while a woman is just called a whore. Despite a few setbacks, Samantha is very successful in her public relations career because she refuses to back down to anyone.

When she meets Jerry Jerrod, Samantha decides to use her PR experience to help him in his acting career, changing his name to Smith Jerrod and helping to promote him around town. In the movie, we find out that Smith has become a famous television star and Samantha has taken a full-time job as his manager.

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Samantha's Style

Samantha's fearless attitude towards life is reflected by her bright and fun wardrobe. She is always sexy and almost always matching. Unlike Carrie, whose style is eclectic and hodge-podge, Samantha is coordinated from head to toe. She wears expensive clothes that are often bright and attention-grabbers.

It is a very rare occurance to see Samantha in casual clothes. Even when she is sick in her apartment, she is still decked out in a satin slip and gorgeous silk robe. Lingerie is important to Samantha also, and she isn't afraid to show it. She has an amazing figure that she works hard to maintain and when it's time to go out on the weekends, she isn't afraid to put on her sexiest, raciest dresses.

Samantha even lets her style shine through when she gets breast cancer and loses her hair from the chemotherapy. Instead of trying to look like herself in a wig, she embraces the challenge before her and decides to turn it into a fun opportunity to try new looks.

A perfect sample of Samantha's personality!

Samantha and Maria
Samantha and Maria
Samantha and Richard Wright
Samantha and Richard Wright
Smith Jerrod and Sam
Smith Jerrod and Sam
Sam and her new puppy
Sam and her new puppy

Samantha's Men (and women)

Samantha is proud of her ability to have "sex like a man", not showing the same regret and emotional attachment that most women feel. It would be impossible to go through every one of Samantha's sexual exploits. As Carrie said, "Hello, Toto? I don't think we're in single digits anymore."

When Samantha walks into a room, she is the most beautiful and confident woman in the room. If she sets her sights on someone, she usually gets them. She is uninhibited and always looking for a good sexual adventure or experience. not being one for intimacy, Samantha rarely let her heart get involved. The first time she does, with James, she waits to have sex with him, only to find out later that his dick is like a "gherkin". Of course, Carrie lady calls her "Goldicocks" because she complains when a guy she tries to bed turns out to be way too big. She responds, "I'm looking for one that just right!"

At one point, she begins a relationship with a lesbian artist from Charlotte's gallery named Maria. When Maria wants more intimacy, Samantha can't handle it and breaks it off. Right around the corner, however, was her relationship with millionaire hotel magnate Richard Wright. She starts doing the PR for his hotel, and their relationship starts off purely sexual, then progresses into real feelings. Samantha is reluctant to give her heart to him, but he insists that he is trustworthy, and she confesses her love. Unfortunately, he completely breaks her heart when she catches him cheating on her.

After many more sexual conquests, Samantha meets the actor, Smith Jerrod. While they start out as nothing more than fun sexual partners, their relationship begins to take on deeper tones as well, eventually leading to true love. When Samantha is diagnose with breast cancer, Smith is right there with her, always giving his support. One of the sweetest scenes is when he shaves his head for her. In the movie, they have moved to California, but Samantha realizes that even though she gave it her best try, long term monogamy is just not for her. They part ways and Samantha moves back to NYC to start over.

Samantha Quotes

Here are a few of my favorite Samantha quotes:

♥ "Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it's good, you don't have it anymore; if it's bad, you just had sex with an ex."

♥ "I am dating a guy with the funkiest tasting spunk."

♥ "The good ones screw you, the bad ones screw you, and the rest don't know how to screw you."

♥ "I'm a tri-sexual. I'll try anything once."

♥ "Normal is the halfway point between what you want and what you can get."

♥ "I love the stock market. A room full of screaming, sweaty men, all trying to get it up!"

♥ "Last night, I could not stop thinking about a Big Mac. I finally had to get dressed, go out, and pick up a guy."

♥ "I really don't believe in marriage... now botox on the otherhand, that works every time!"

♥ "Yes, I love you. But I love me more."


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    • klyaksa profile image


      6 years ago

      I absolutely love this show!!! Great hub!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      8 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Samantha Jones is the modern, sexual woman in her 40s. She is also the most confident woman. Her character represents the more positive image of a woman in her 40s. No longer is the woman in her 40s jealous of her younger counterparts. She can outlast them in every arena. Go on, Samantha!


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