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Sexiest Sitcom Lady Costars

Updated on May 25, 2015

Priorities Not Withstanding

The first order of any comedy is to bring the laughs (talk about a no-brainer).

From lead performers down to the extras, a sitcom worth needs to be funny if it plans to survive.

Recent sitcoms, in addition to bringing the chuckles, seem to have added quite a bit of sexy to their lineup, especially in the supporting casts.

It’s hardly by design, because –as mentioned-it’s all for comedic purposes first and foremost. On the other hand, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Here is a look at 2015’s sexiest sitcom lady costars (in no ranked order):

Melissa Rauch

The Big Bang Theory

Actress: Melissa Rauch Character: Dr. Bernadette Wolowitz Show: The Big Bang Theory

As Bernadette, Melissa Rauch was originally a recurring character who was promoted to the regular cast by the fourth season.

While Kayley Cuoco-Sweeting gets the lion’s share of attention as the show’s sexy girl but the curvy, diminutive Rauch more than holds her attention in that department.

While Bernadette is usually covered up by way of a sweater and dress buttoned up to her throat, you can check out her racy photo shoot for Maxim magazine to see what Big Bang Theory viewers are missing.

One of the more distinctive things Ms. Rauch brings to Bernadette is her ultra-squeaky voice, which is so high on the octave range that dogs allegedly howl when she speaks.

Despite the voice and being covered up, she goes straight for the laughs and is still very attractive.

Check Out The Red Dress

Megan Ferguson

The Comedians

Actress: Megan Ferguson Character: Esme Show: The Comedians

A newcomer, Ms. Ferguson plays Esme, a disconnected millennial who is far more interested in her smartphone than her work as a production assistant.

Even with her hair pulled back and dressed more for a day at the mall than office work, Esme doesn’t appear dialed in to her duties.

Esme is object of a massive crush by Mitch, the show-within-a-show’s head writer, and she could care less.

One wonders whether or not she realizes the power she has over men. If she is aware then chances are it doesn’t matter to her and that, in and of itself, is very sexy.

Gillian Jacobs


Actress: Gillian Jacobs Character: Mimi Rose-Howard Show: Girls

Time Magazine called Jacobs’ portrayal of Mimi as being “fiercely independent,” adding further that she quickly garnered a cult following in the role.

She says that her favorite aspect of Mimi is that a serious relationship isn’t too important in her scheme of things.

The actress herself is fiercely independent having been accepted to both Harvard and Northwestern University; instead, she pursued acting studies at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City.

Her wit is as considerable as her looks. She effortlessly proves that smart is sexy.

Katy Mixon

Mike and Molly

Actress: Katy Mixon Character: Victoria Flynn Show: Mike and Molly

With a number of guest runs on shows such as Two and a Half Men and Eastbound and Down, Katy Mixon has built a resume as an actress who is naturally “hot.”

As funeral home beautician, Victoria Flynn, she has easily built upon that past success though her role on Mike and Molly is more of a low-wattage bulb with a dependence on weed.

Don’t let the curves and party girl image fool you. Ms. Mixon is a classically-trained actress, hailing from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama.

She is no ditz.

Eye Contact

Jaime Pressley

Pressley, right, with Allison Janey.
Pressley, right, with Allison Janey.


Actress: Jaime Pressley Character: Jill Show: Mom

Jaime Pressley is an established actress and former gymnast who, as Jill, plays a recently sober trophy wife and friend of Bonnie (played by Allison Janey).

In addition to being gorgeous as all get out, she specializes in hitting the harsh, in-your-face punchline and looks fantastic doing so.

Her background as an athlete seems to given her a great physical presence and confidence.

Of course, having her appearance would give a boost to anyone’s confidence.

Hannah Simone

New Girl

Actress: Hannah Simone Character: Cece Parek Show: The New Girl

The wildly gorgeous model best friend of Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel), Hannah Simone is a near scene stealer who makes awkward moments look like a fashion statement.

London born Simone was a former fashion model and VJ in Canada, where she spent much of her formative years.

Somewhat new to acting, she only has done, to date, a few roles. That will soon change for the better.

Don't Go Away Mad...

Yvette Nicole Brown

The Odd Couple

Actress: Yvette Nicole Brown Character: Dani Show: The Odd Couple

As Dani, the assistant of Oscar Madison (played by the chronically glib Matthew Perry), Ms. Brown plays a strong, assertive woman who doesn’t suffer foolishness from her impish boss.

Bright and vivacious, her recent considerable weight loss has enhanced her attractiveness; however, it was for health reasons with her having been diagnosed with diabetes.

She reports that her health has improved. Her results were as inspirational as they were pleasing to the eye.

Jennifer Robertson

Schitt's Creek

Actress: Jennifer Robertson Character: Jocelyn Schitt Show: Schitt’s Creek

Robertson started her career in Canada. She is both an actress and writer. As Jocelyn Schitt, she plays the breezy, easy-come-easy-go wife of Roland Schitt, opposite terminal doofus, Chris Elliott.

For the most part, she is not terribly well known, and sadly, since Schitt’s Creek runs on the little known Pop Network in the US and the Canadian Broadcasting Network in the Great White North.

It’s a shame because she is a breath of fresh air opposite the scenery chewing antics of Elliott and show leads Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

She deserves more face time and hopefully will get it in the show’s second season.

Sara Chase

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Actress: Sara Chase Character: Cyndee Pokorny Show: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It’s hard to imagine that someone who plays “a mole woman” would be sexy but Sara Chase fits the bill. Sure, there is nothing glamorous about being dressed in Amish Couture and trapped in a subterranean tank for years, but as the latter episodes of the show’s first season plays out, it shows that Ms. Chase and her character cleans up quite nicely.

The show has a crowded field of formidable actresses who make it difficult to stand out but Sara Chase easily holds her own.

The Pressure of Being a Mole Woman

Anna Chlumsky


Actress: Anna Chlumsky Character: Amy Brookheimer Show: Veep

Starting with My Girl in 1991, she’s grown up before film and TV audiences and brings brains as well as looks to any role she plays.

As Amy Brookheimer, she is people-skill challenged and brings the blunt remarks with the in-your-face intensity of a home run slugger.

It’s hard to tell if Amy’s a twit or just too self-absorbed.

Either way, there is no questioning that she’s easy on the eyes.



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