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Sexiest women over 40

Updated on August 28, 2010

This is my list of the 10 sexiest or hottest women in Hollywood in no particular order. This is based on my opinion, so you might agree or disagree with some or all of them but remember it's my list so don't freak out.

Being sexy is not only looking stunning on the outside but also being confident in yourself and standing out from the rest. They say beauty is in the Eye of the beholder but i am sure we can agree on most of the women on this list that they truly redefine the 40 year benchmark, because of their style and ability to stand the taste of time. It's no surprise that Cougarism (a word i just made up) is a hot trend because these sexy ladies give 20 something year old girls a run for their money.

Halle Berry

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful black women, Halle berry seems to get better with age. Her sexy bikini body was the highlight of big movies like Die Another Day and swordfish. Catwoman didn't not do any justice to her career but i am sure most guys didn't mind looking at Halle Berry squeeze her sexy body in tight spandex.

Where we know her from? Swordfish, Die Another Day, Monsters Ball, CatWoman, Xmen trilogy

Formerly married to Eric Benet

Jennifer Aniston

From the charming girl next door in "Friends" Jennifer Aniston recently joined the "40" club but she looks as good as she did 20 years ago and has not missed a beat. Her ability to go from TV Show to the big screen has allowed us to watch her in movies like Marley and Me and The Break Up.

Where we know her from? "Friends" Tv Show, Marley and Me, The Break Up, Rumor Has it, He's Just not that Into You.

Formerly married to Brad Pitt, formerly involved with Vince Vaughn and now dating John Mayer

Jennifer Lopez

The Original best booty before Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez has enjoyed a successful career. She started off as a dancer on the show "In Living Color" and eventually launched her music career, then ventured to movies and now a proud wife and mother. This sultry latina temptress has defied the laws of time and Age because at 41 i say she still has the best rump in Hollywood.

Where we know her from? In Living Color, Maid in Manhattan, "love don't cost a thing" single

Formerly involved with P.Diddy and Ben Affleck and now married to Marc Anthony

Demi Moore

Ah Yes, who can forget Demi Moore, After 2 divorces and 3 kids she seems to be looking better and sexier. This Hollywood cougar dominated as the sexiest woman in her younger days of acting. Famous for Ghost, G.I Jane and other numerous movies, Demi Moore gave us a girl to poster our bedroom walls with as teenagers.

Where we know her from? Ghost, GI Jane, Charlies Angels Full throttle

Most notable cougar in Hollywood, married to Ashton Kutcher

Salma Hayek

I still remember Salma Hayek from the Desperado days, Her name was on the lips of every teenage boy. Once voted as sexiest woman in the world, Salma Hayek is the first Mexican national to be nominated for an Academy Award for best actress. Her looks and body put many 20 year bodies to shame. And who doesn't love the accent?

Where we know her from? Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn, Wild Wild West, Frida

Nicole Kidman

Former wife of Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman is known as one of Australia's top Actors. This sexy redhead doesn't look a day over 40. The Moulin Rouge and Cold Mountain Actress shows many that 40 is the new 20. She looks like the girl next door that everybody lusts over.

Where we know her from? Cold Mountain, Moulin Rouge, Eyes wide Shut, Australia

Formerly involved with Tom Cruise and now married to Keith Urban

Monica Belluci

Monica Bellucci was ranked number 9 on Maxim's 100 sexiest women in 2002. The Italian-French Vixen is known in the United States for her roles in Passion of the Christ and Matrix Reloaded as Mary Magdalene and Persephone respectively. Though she is 45 years young she still makes guys' jaws drop with her hourglass figure and exotic face.

Where we know her from? Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolution, Passion of the Christ, Shoot 'em Up.

Diane Lane

Her role in Unfaithful made us all realize how sexy this older looking women was. Besides being drop dead gorgeous she has a knack for playing human and real characters that set her apart from most actors. Her career shot to stardom with the 2000 movie "The Perfect Storm". She is definitely rocking her age with pride and grace.

Where we know her from? Unfaithful, The perfect Storm, The Glass House, Untraceable

Cindy Crawford

Famously known for her mole on her upper lip Cindy Crawford still makes the list of sexiest women in the world. The beautiful All American former model has not aged a bit since her days as a super model. Now a proud mother, Cindy still continues to work as a spokes person for Guthy Renker products and also has a line of furniture with Raymour & Flanigan.

Where we know her from? Modeling, has also made appearances in tv shows like 3rd Rock From The Sun, Cindy Crawford Collection at Raymour & Flanigan

Julianne Moore

The sexy redhead is known for playing a porn actress in Boogie Nights along side Mark Wahlberg. At 49 Julianne Moore is still the loveable sexy milf that we all dream about. She is truly a Benjamin Button because she is now sexier than ever.

Where we know her from? Boogie Nights, Blindness, Children of Men, The forgotten, FreedomLand, Chloe


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    • profile image

      Tom 18 months ago

      If Monica doesn't get you up, you must be dead LOL

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 22 months ago

      Gorgeous. Love Halle Berry!

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Elle Macpherson

      Would be interesting to see their 2012 pics too :)

      Voted up

    • profile image

      rinnie 6 years ago

      If you actually research these women you'll see that everyone on your list except Cindy has had their nose redone at the very least, even Diane Lane has a fake nose.

    • OCallegari profile image

      OCallegari 7 years ago from Glen Ridge

      Definitely wouldn't be my list but Monica Belucci and Salma Hayek are easily in the top 5!